Linux system files have three main time attributes, CTime (change times), Atime (Access Time), Mtime (Modify)

CTime refers to the change time.Mtime refers to modify time.The difference between Mtime and CTime is that only if the contents of the file are modified, the mtime of the file will be updated, and the renaming of the file and the owner of the

Linux file permissions enforcement bit and adventure bit detailed

Linux, file permissions in addition to read, write, execute, there is a mandatory bit and the special privilege of the adventure bitThe permissions for the files in Linux are as follows (the directory in Linux is also a file):Force/Adventure |

Linux wget Download the entire FTP directory (including subdirectories)

Wget-nh-m--ftp-user=your_username--ftp-password=your_password ftp://your_ftp_host/* Explain:-NH: Do not create a directory named after the host name.–cut-dirs: Want to remove the original directory layer, starting from the root directory to

There is a lack of ' ncurses-devel ' library support when using ' make Menuconfig ' to configure the Linux kernel with Ubuntu.

Unable to find the ncurses libraries or theRequired header files.' Make Menuconfig ' requires the ncurses libraries.***Install ncurses (Ncurses-devel) and try again.*** 1. Problem statusIn general, using the system's own software manager

The difference between hard links and soft links in Linux

1. In principle:Hard link: A is a hard link to B (both A and b are filenames), the Inode node number in A's directory entry is the same as the Inode node number in the directory entry for B, that is, an inode node corresponds to two different file

Mac SVN command Linux also works

1. Checkout files to a local directorySVN checkout Path (path is a directory on the server)Example: SVN checkout Svn:// SVN Co2. Add a new file to the repositorySVN Add FileExample: SVN add test.php (add test.php)SVN

A little experience with Minecraft (MC) server on Debian Linux

I like Minecraft this game, used to do mclauncher own server to play, and now want to play with the small partners, just I also have a fanless low-power small server (Http://, About this small server will be in what is worth

Linux Disk quota Application

Disk quotas The site service will generally set quota limits for the site service domain name space; The Mail service sets the disk quota limit for each mailbox user in the mail service; The file service sets a quota limit for

Platform bus Architecture (RPM) driven by Linux

Platform is a virtual address bus, which is primarily used to describe on-chip resources on the SOC compared to PCI, USB.    such as the integrated controller on the s3c2410 (LCD, Watchdog, RTC, etc.), the resources described by platform have one

View modify file Read and write execute permissions under Linux

To view file permission statements:In Terminal input:Ls-l ( is the file name)Then there will be similar messages, mostly these:-rw-rw-r--A total of 10 digitsWhich: the front one-represents the typeThe middle three rw-represents the

Linux command detailed-printf

The printf command formats and outputs the results to standard output.1 . Command format:printf (options) (parameters)2 . Command function:Echo will send the input string to standard output. The output strings are separated by white space

ETC Directory name meaning---Digging old abbreviations in Linux

UNIX has been a 35-year history. Many people think it began in the Middle Ages, the Middle Ages is relative to the generation and development of computer technology. Over the past time, UNIX and its sub-branches of Linux have collected many

Linux Rookie Road [4]-cal,date,bc,echo $LANG, man

Since the first four days have been looking at Bird's Linux books computer some basic knowledge, today only touch the basic commands, from today on a daily record of their own Linux learning process.Cal: CalendarCalCal 2015: List all calendars for 20

Linux command: chmod command to change file or directory Access mode

chmod is a command (a combination of change mode word prefixes) and functions used in UNIX systems to control user permissions on files.Only file owners and Superuser can modify the permissions of a file or directory. You can use the absolute mode,

Introduction to Linux rsync parameters and commands

I. Introduction of RSYNCrsync (remote Synchronize) is a long-distance data synchronization tool that can synchronize multiple hosts with Lan/wan quickly, and Rsync uses the "Rsync algorithm" for synchronization between the local host and the remote

Understanding of the Inode of Linux

Device block, inode, file nameTurn from:Http://, what is the inode?To understand the inode, start

Performance comparison of mutex and atomic under Linux

One is to use boost::atomic; a direct lock; The code is simple:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include static int loop_num = 10000;boost::atomic A (0); static Boost::mutex mtx_;static void* test_atomic ( void*

An SCP explanation of common Linux commands

Prerequisites for using SCP:1, the service side started the SSHD service2, both local and remote systems must have the SCP this command, that is, the openssh-clients Package"Installation Method"[Email protected]5201351yuminstall /usr/bin/SCP -y

Linux decompression Command Daquan unzip tar bz2 zip tar.gz gz

. TarUnpacking: Tar xvf Filename.tarPackage: Tar cvf filename.tar DirName(Note: Tar is packaged, not compressed!) )———————————————. GZDecompression 1:gunzip filename.gzDecompression 2:gzip-d filename.gzCompression: gzip FileName. tar.gz and.

Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 windows/linux 1CD

Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 windows/linux 1CDLibrary builder Pas Library builder can automatically generate a complete PDK of the developed GTE data, which means that library Builder runs all of the above GTE generators to

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