Understanding of directories in Linux files

In the Linux file System tree, the directory is just the middle node of the path or the branch fork point, the file is the final leafThe directory in Linux is also a file, comparing special files. Can be seen as a node or a station in a path,As a

Linux Compression Archive Tool

Compression Tools :1 "zip,unzipFormat: #zip compressed file name original file name1. Recursively compress files in a directory and directory:#zip-R Var-log-dir/var/log2. Compress multiple files in the directory:#zip var-log-files/var/log/* This

Troubleshooting and remediation techniques for Linux systems

Troubleshooting and remediation techniques for Linux systemsAny operating system has a failure, the Linux system is no exception, during the boot process may have some problems, resulting in the system does not start properly. This article from the

The method of performance tuning for Linux operating system

The method of performance tuning for Linux operating system 2013-03-18 15:35 Honestqiao Chinaunixfont Size:T | T Linux is a free-to-use and free-to-propagate Unix-like operating system, with different Linux distributions and different kernels

UDP programming based on Linux

I. Linux under the UDP programming frameworkProgramming with UDP can be divided into two parts: client and server side.1. Server-side programs include:Ø set up socketsØ bind the socket address structureØ Read and write dataØ Close Socket2. The

Programming implementation of the Linux daemon

Programming methods for the Linux daemonA daemon (Daemon) is a special process that executes in the background. It is independent of the control terminal and periodically performs some sort of task or waits for some event to occur. Daemons are a

30 Linux face questions

1.linux How to hang a shared directory under Windows Mount.cifs// user=administrator,pass=123456 Linux server needs to manually build a later user and pass is the Windows Host account and password note

Linux system shutdown commands timed shutdown details

The shutdown command under the Linux system is used to safely shut down/Restart the computer, it can not only conveniently implement the timer shutdown, but also can be determined by the user when the relevant parameters of the shutdown. When

SSH non-interactive remote execute command script under Linux---SSH login with no password

the remote execution of commands via the SSH command first requires establishing a trust relationship between the relevant hosts. Otherwise, the SSH command prompts you to enter the password for the remote host before executing the command. The

File compression and decompression operation under Linux

For those who have just come into contact with Linux, it will definitely give Linux a bunch of different filenames to stun. Don't say it. For example, for compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most


Setfacl (1)                                                          Access Control lists                                                        Setfacl (1) NAME        setfacl-set file access control Lists Synopsis        Setfacl

Linux file System (iii)---The file condition after the DUP and fork functions are executed

For the DUP and fork functions, the former copies a file descriptor, which is the copy process, and the associated file information is copied.First, for the DUPAs already known, for a process, there is a files_struct to manage all the relevant files,

A picture wins thousands of words-linux directory tree Overview and description

Dedicated to knowing Mono, knowing Jexus, and interested in . NET mashup technology .The Linux directory tree is as follows:Detailed:/bin: The system has a lot of directories to place the execution files, but the/bin is quite special. Because

Linux Comprehensive pending modification

First, the Linux classificationTypical branches of redhat such as: Redhat, CentOS, Fedora,mandrake,mandriva, domestic red X, etc.Debian branches such as: Debian,ubuntu, etc.Slackware branches such as SUSE, etc.Yum can be used to operate RPM packages,

Linux-based V4L2 video architecture driver Authoring (reprint)

Transferred from: http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2011-03/33022.htmIn fact, I have just started to do not know how to write the driver, what do not understand, only know I need to do the project in the process of learning, so, I found myself a about

Linux-big-endian and Little-endian Conversions

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/aklixiaoyao/article/details/7548860In various computer architectures, the storage mechanism of byte, word and so on is different, which leads to a very important problem in the field of communication, that is,

TCP/IP capture/analysis tools in Unix/linux

There was some useful tools in unix/linux to check out how the system was going on.Here are a short summery of them:This comes from a link below.=======8x-----------start-of-quotation------------x8=======Linux Performance Diagnostic

Interesting historical overview of Linux

In 1965, Bell, MIT and GE launched the Multics program, with the goal of implementing an operating system that allows large hosts to connect to 300 endpoints. (The time-sharing operating system is not as now ... )In 1969, the Multics program lagged

Memcache under Windows install memcache installation under Linux

Memcache installation under Linux:1. Download the Linux version of Memcache, note that Memcached uses Libevent for event-driven, so it is necessary to install Libevent first.Official website: http://memcached.org/2. Install the Pecl::memcache.To

Linux or window is the default port for modifying SNMP

SNMP default port communication using UDP 161, in the process of installing some monitoring software, often prompted the port is occupied, and so on how to modify the system's default SNMP portWindows modifies SNMP ports1 Opening a Services filePath:

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