"Issue 1th" Install Linux Server (DB host and ETL host)

1. Introduction to LinuxLinux such an operating system should not be unfamiliar to everyone, because it is the current background server is one of the mainstream operating system. Linux originates from POSIX and UNIX-based multi-user, multitasking,

[Linux] Proc File System

Reprinted from: http://linux.chinaunix.net/doc/2004-10-05/16.shtml#324lfindex0Directory : /proc---A virtual file system Loading the proc file system View/proc's Files Get useful system/kernel information Information about

Installation of packages under Linux

There are two ways to install software packages under Linux: source file compilation, installation (source) , and rpm installation .1. Common methods for installing source packages.General installation of the source code program you have to look at

Date of Linux

Recent learning needs to be based on different date data, do the same operation, if the manual operation over and over, too cumbersome, some of the taste of the foolish. So just think about the time as a variable under the shell, and then repeat the

linux-network operation related commands--route;rlogin

Route1. Rolethe route represents the manual generation, modification, and viewing of the routing table. 2. Format#route [-add][-net|-host] targetaddress [-netmask nm][dev]if]#route [-delete][-net|-host] targetaddress [GW GW] [-netmask Nm] [dev]if]3.

Abnormal signals under Linux

We describe the names of some standard signals and the events they represent. Each signal name is a macro that represents a positive integer, but you do not attempt to speculate on the exact value represented by the macro, but instead use the name

Linux system directory structure detailed

One of the notable differences between Linux and Windows systems is that the directory structure is different, and the directory structure of Linux follows the file system hierarchy standard. The directory structure of Linux is more complex, but the

Lamp Environment Build LINUX/SSH/FTP server

Lamp:linux + Apache +mysql+php attached: ssh/ftp server1. Install Ubuntu ServerPlease refer to the official documentation Http://www.ubuntu.org.cn/download/server2, modify the root account password "Su/sudo"Open terminal input: sudo passwd

Linux executable file format detailed

Under Linux, the target file, the shared object file, and the executable file are stored using the elf file format. After compiling, the program outputs the target file, which is then linked to produce the executable file or the shared object file.

Linux command collation (self-used)

Linux Common Commands1. There are two types of users under Linux: Superuser (root), normal user.A) Super users: You can do anything under the Linux system without restrictions.b) Ordinary users: do a limited amount of things under Linux.The command

Linux Device driver Notes (i) Introduction to device drivers

From one point of view, the role of a device driver is to provide a mechanism, not a policy. When writing drivers, programmers should pay particular attention to the following basic concept: When writing kernel code to access hardware, do not impose

Linux Environment compilation Apache+awstats analysis + Access restrictions

I. Install apache1.1 compile and install Apache Web Services650) this.width=650; "style=" border-bottom:0px;border-left:0px;border-top:0px;border-right:0px; "title=" image " Border= "0" alt= "image" Src= "Http://img1.51cto.com/attachment/201408/19/88

One Linux command per day

2014-08-19REDIRECT Symbol greater than sign: a command execution result (standard output, or error output, which would otherwise have been printed to the screen) instance of redirecting other output devices (files, open file operators, or printers,

The Syslog+loganalyzer of Linux

Log, it is well-known that the log is to record some historical events, in a sense, our primary school is written diary is also a log. However, there are also logs for computers. The computer's logging is also a historical event, except that it

Linux File Operation learning Summary "reprint"

This article was reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/xiaoweibeibei/article/details/6556951file Type: Normal file (text file, binary file), catalog file, link file, device file, pipeline file.    Permissions for files: Read, write,

One linux command directory per day

Http://www.cnblogs.com/peida/archive/2012/12/05/2803591.htmlStarting with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1. "Brother

Partition method of Fdisk hard disk in Linux

Fdsik can partition the disk into several zones, but also can specify partitions for each partition of the file system, such as Linux, FAT32, Linux, Linux swap, FAT16 and in fact, Unix-like operating system of the file system, etc., of course, when

The SSH protocol for the Linux learning path

SSH protocolSSH English full name secure Sshell is a secure protocol that is also used to remotely log in.SSH compared to Telenet, with higher security, using Telent remote login to a host, there are the following two hidden dangers:1, the user

Siege Lion on the Way (iii) Linux (12)---directory and path to Linux

One, relative path and absolute path:A, Absolute path: The path that is written by the root directory/start, for example/usr/share/docB, relative path: a path that is not written by the root directory/start.Second, the relevant operation of the

Use Remote Tools under Windows to log on to Linux on a virtual machine, access services on a virtual machine, port forwarding, Win7 telnet to a virtual machine

The first thing you need to know about virtual box is how to set port forwarding:An article:How to use VirtualBox for port forwardingBecause the default approach is to use NAT for virtual machine networking , it can be annoying if you want to access

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