Linux tips: Use screen to manage your remote sessions

Do you often need SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server? Do you often have headaches for long-running tasks such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks because they take too

Process management for the Linux kernel

Introduction:In the five major components of the Linux kernel, the Process Management module is a very important part of it, although it is not as complex as memory management, virtual file systems and other modules, and not as coherent as the

60 commands that Linux must learn

Linux system information is stored in a file, and the file is similar to ordinary official documents. Each file has its own name, content, storage address, and other administrative information, such as the user of the file, the size of the file, and

The time of the Linux concept

Linux Tuning system time zone:Locate the appropriate time zone file/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghaiReplace the current/etc/localtime file with this fileIt's time for a date to be CST.If not, change the value of the TZ environment variable.Many

Several Linux system monitoring tools required by the administrator

Need to monitor Linux server system performance? Try these tools built in or attached to the system below. Most Linux distributions are equipped with a large number of monitoring tools. These tools provide metrics that can be used to obtain relevant

Linux Start-up process

NanyiSix months ago, I wrote, "How does a computer start?" To explore the role of BIOS and master boot records.The article does not cover the operating system and is only relevant to the Board's onboard program. Today, I would like to write down and

Special usage, continue and break usage of the while loop of the Linux learning path

In previous studies, we learned that the while loop shape is:while expression;Statement...DoneThis grammatical structure loops as long as the expression meets the criteria to execute the statement in the loop body, or the loop is rolled out.Two

A detailed description of the Linux root file system

A detailed description of the Linux root file systemMost Linux versions use the FHS file organization structure, FHS is an abbreviation for Filesystem Hierarchy standard (file system directory standards), which organizes files in a tree-shaped

Linux and the storage ecosystem

Linux is the Swiss Army knife of file systems, and it also offers a wide variety of storage technologies for both desktops and servers. Beyond the file system, Linux incorporates world-class NAS and SAN technologies, data protection, storage

Linux finds files by time

Linux finds files by timeRequires a script that is processed according to the last modification time.Here's a basic use of find, depending on the size of the file, the type, or the time.  linux file three time (in the case of Find):  atime Last

A brief analysis of Linux fork function

#include #include /* features: Replication process parameters: No return Value: Success: Parent process: Return child process ID subprocess: return 0 Failure: Returns -1*/pid_t fork (void);A new process created by Fork is called a subprocess (child

Escape sequences escape sequences and Linux echo command multiple color display

Read a lot of Chinese blog posts, most of the article is about the use of echo color, I really do not love to die, trace back, really look at the escape sequence is what?Escape characters, children who have studied C are aware that some control

Linux Common Command Daquan

System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Using KVM in Linux

From: Listen Xen will soon be removed from the Linux kernel, Redhat and Ubuntu are also aggressively promoting KVM, So under Ubuntu, the KVM is quite easy to use, basically more easily than

Linux nohup command: The program continues to run in the background after exiting the terminal

Transferred from: Simple and useful nohup command in Unix/linux, the normal process is placed in the background with the & symbol, and if you start the program's console logout, the

Settings for Linux time

The following code can be used for reference:static void _sleep_response_timeout (modbus_t *ctx) {#ifdef _WIN32/ * Usleep doesn ' t exist on Windows */ sleep ( Ctx->response_timeout.tv_sec * + (ctx->response_timeout.tv_usec/1000));

Linux System Management (i)

Linux UsersLinux is a multi-user task system. Each user account can belong to one or more groups. In the/etc/passwd. Store user account information[Email protected] ~]#

Linux Learning Resources (constantly updated)

1.,linux Kernel (source code) download2.,"Linux kernel 0.11 (0.95) Full comment"3. List of books:101-In-depth understanding of the Linux Kernel (third edition English version)-1030 pages. PDF

Pretending to be a Windows system for a Linux server

Computers on the network can easily be scanned by hackers using tools or other means to find vulnerabilities in the system, and then attack the vulnerabilities.By disguising the Linux system and setting the illusion of the system, the hacker can

Win/linux using Psutil to get process Cpu/memory/io occupancy information

PSUTIL-A cross-platform process and System utilities module for Python1. InstallationPIP can be installed.Need to install vs2008 under Windows, otherwise error: unable to find Vcvarsall.batIf you have already installed vs2010/vs2012, you need to set

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