Linux File Operations Summary

Files are an important concept in Linux. In Linux, everything (almost everything) is a file. Simply put, the basic printf () function in C, the scanf () function, actually belongs to the file operation.For file operations, although they are

Basics of Linux first section

User interface: A unique application that provides a mechanism for users to launch other applications CLI: Command prompt, the user enters the command to execute, Shell: Shell SH, csh, ksh, bash, zsh, tcsh Gui: Launch the application by clicking the

Environment variables in Linux path

First of all, each command in Linux is essentially an executable file, with the LS command as an example. by command: $:whereis LS can view the location of the LS command under the/bin/directory. When you use the $:ls-l/bin/ls command to view the

A Linux system Recovery case due to NAS storage failure

I. Description of fault phenomenaNAS OS kernel for Linux, with the storage of 16 hard disks, a total of two groups, each set of Raid5,linux operating system does not start normally, in the service boot to cups there is stopped, the key CTRL + C

Programming for Linux server CPU, memory, and disk utilization

Proc File System IntroductionThe/proc file system is a pseudo-file system that only exists in memory and does not occupy external memory space. It provides the interface for the kernel to communicate with the process in a file system manner. Users

Configuration of the Linux network card rate and duplex mode

Configuration of the Linux network card rate and duplex mode(2012-09-06 14:39:57)reproduced Tags: technology network Interface Negotiation Network card tool it Category: Linux tools to change the speed of network

Linux Learning Notes--Example makefile Add macro definition

0. PrefaceFrom the beginning of learning C language began to contact Makefile, consulted a lot of makefile information but always feel no real master makefile, if you write a makefile always feel very laborious.    So deliberately using the blog to

How to display and set host names in Linux

Original linkAs the number of computers connected to the network grows, each computer needs to have a property that distinguishes it from other computers. Like people in the real world, computers also have a property called hostname (host name).What

Programming implementation of the Linux daemon

Programming methods for the Linux daemonA daemon (Daemon) is a special process that executes in the background. It is independent of the control terminal and periodically performs some sort of task or waits for some event to occur. Daemons are a

Linux command: Setting hardware clock--hwclock

Function Description: Displays and sets the hardware clock.Syntax: Hwclock [--adjust][--debug][--directisa][--hctosys][--show][--systohc][--test][--UTC] [--version] [--set--date=Added: There are two clocks such as hardware clock and system clock in

Cobbler Batch installation of Linux (centos6.5)

1. Installing Cobbler(1). Packages required to install third-party repositories#cd/tmp#wget epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm(2). Install DHCP#yum-y Install DHCP(3).

Statistics code execution time under Linux

Reprinted from: run time of a statistical function or a piece of code is often encountered in software development. The running time can be used to analyze the operation efficiency and performance of the

Time of the Linux command

I used the Linux command time-to determine the resource usage of a commandThis article link: (reproduced please specify the source)Description of UseThe time command is often used to measure the runtime

The Type,whatis,whereis,which,locate,find of Linux commands

First: type--Query the type of a command-Query a command for internal or external commands;-linux commands include internal commands and external commands, you can use the type command to query whether a command is an internal command or an external

View Linux disk space size

One, DF command; DF is from the Coreutils software package, the system is installed, it comes with, we can use this command to see the disk usage and the location of the file system is mounted; Example: [Email protected] beinan]# DF-LH Filesystem

(reproduced) Linux that point (middle)

Original address: article is only reproduced for the purpose of their own study2012-03-22 13:31 by Zerg, 2343 Read, 5 reviews, Favorites, compilation today is the first day after the

The Linux timestamp and the standard time of the mutual turn

In Linux systems, there are many occasions where timestamps are used to represent time, that is, the number of days or seconds from January 1, 1970 onwards. such as the password change date and expiration date in/etc/shadow, as well as the access

Linux sendmail Mail Server Setup (Fedora 8)

linux sendmail Mail Server Setup (Fedora 8)2009-01-22 17:27 3316 People read Comments (2) favorite reports Mail server linuxprotocolscaching Test loginRecently has been learning Linux, my blog in the previous period of time have written to set up

"Turn" Linux's self-built Yum repository

Original link: use the Yum method to install the update software, you can build a Yum source, synchronize the official update source, so that if there is a local machine to upgrade, you can directly

About Linux and Windows pass file garbled problem

Linux is generally encoded with utf-8, and when we edit a file on Windows it is gb2312 encoding. So the Chinese encoding will be garbled. It's really easy to correct the problem by simply converting the file into UTF-8 encoded format and then

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