LINUX 11G RAC ASM Disk Group increases disk capacity online

Linux 11g rac asm Disk group increases disk capacity online 1. Operating system version  OEL 6.1[[email protected] ~]#  more /etc/redhat-release red hat enterprise linux server release 6.1   (Santiago) 2. Database Version  oracle 11g racSQL> select *

Linux System Programming Learning Note (10) signal

1. Signals are soft interrupts that provide a mechanism for handling asynchronous eventsAn asynchronous event can originate from outside the system (for example, user input ctrl-c) or from within the system (for example, except 0) the kernel uses

ORA-09925 linux-x86_64 error:2: No such file or directory

After dbca*** all instances of the database, I wanted to clone the DB in rman duplicate mode, so I created the relevant directory under the $oracle_base directory Admin/dupl/adump ,admin/dupl/dpump    in use sqlplus normal connection idle instance,

Installation of Chinese input method under Linux

Today, the Chinese input method is installed on the LinuxSLC5.3 and the process is as follows:Original from the "Bit network", reproduced please keep the original link: Install the Chinese font

Linux LN command (reprint)

Ln is another very important command in Linux, its function is to create a file in another location with a non-link, the most common parameter of this command is-s, the specific use is: Ln–s source file Destination file. when we need to use the same

Linux inter-process communication-Using shared memory

One, what is shared memoryshared memory, as the name implies, allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory. Shared memory is a very efficient way to share and pass data between two running processes. Memory that is shared between

Deploying SVN server under Linux

System Linux Debian 2.6.32-5-686Install the SVN tool First: Apt-get install subversion and wait patiently for the installation to complete. The SVN client and server are available after the installation is complete.Build SVN repository directory

How Linux allows the program to perform in the background

$ (./ &)$ setsid ./ &$ nohup ./ &Specific transfer from: Linux, if you want the process to run in the background, in general, we'll add & after the command, in fact, this is putting

Linux installation Xamp

Before a long time with the Ubuntu, want to toss the nest, lazy to install PHP ah, Apache and other things, just use xampp, direct point, and so on later to involve deep again, temporarily first use XAMPP. Also good, very good, here simple to

Linux Command background run

There are two ways of doing this:1. Command &: Background run, you shut down the terminal will stop running2. Nohup Command &: Run in the background, you will continue to run the terminalFirst, IntroductionLinux/unix The biggest advantage that

Linux pipeline and IO redirection little exercise

1. Count the number of files in the/usr/bin directory [Email protected] ~]# Ls/usr/bin | Wc-l1306[[email protected] ~]# 2. Remove the shell of all users on the current system, requiring that each shell be displayed only

Manual release of Linux memory--/proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

--Manual release of Linux memory--/proc/sys/vm/drop_cachesThere are always a lot of friends in the memory management of Linux have doubts, the previous log does not seem to be able to clear everyone's doubts. In the new version of the core, it seems

Linux systems use Arp-scan to check for IP address conflicts

Linux systems use Arp-scan to check for IP address conflictsIf the IP address planning is not good, even if there is a unified IP address will make mistakes! Recommended server IP address use to register details, the last computer room batch

Linux system architecture and Linux kernel basic architecture

The basic architecture of Linux is summarized by the following two graphs (two graphs are the same, but the focus is slightly different)From the knowledge, Linux is composed of two parts: User space and kernel space. Kernel space and user space are

Mail server under Linux

Now that you summarize the mail server under Windows, the mail server under Linux also summarizes it.In the vocational skill competition, the mail server is the same as the Linux and Windows principles, but the way of implementation is different,

Unzip, how does the Linux system unzip the zip file?

The unzip is usually available when using Linux, but it may not be available in the system after a minimal installation.Yum List unzip see if the installationIf not installed, continue yum install unzipAfter installation, you can use the zip and

Linux/unix Socket Connection

Socket connectionsSocket is a communication machine, with this mechanism, the client/server system development work can be carried out on the local stand-alone, can also boast network. The creation and use of sockets differs from the pipeline

Programming implementation of the Linux daemon

programming methods for the Linux daemona daemon (Daemon) is a special process that runs in the background. It is independent of the control terminal and periodically performs some sort of task or waits to handle certain occurrences. Daemons are a

"Linux" Split command split

If you have the file too big, cause some portable device can't copy the problem, hey! It's right to find split! He can help you. You can divide a large file into small files by dividing it by file size or number of rows. Fast and effective! Really

Windows platform is on the sublime edit files on the remote Linux platform

Sublime is a powerful cross-platform code editing tool, not much to say.Want to use sublime to complete the code editing work for the Django site under the Linux platform to improve efficiency (originally using Vim under Linux is less efficient and

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