How to quickly analyze a Linux server that is having performance problems

Brendan Gregg once shared the experience of a system performance problem, how to use the first 60 seconds of login to the performance of the system to do a quick tour and analysis, mainly including the following 10 tools, which is a very useful and

System processes for Linux

Linux Process ManagementIn a Linux system, triggering any event, the system will define it as a process, and give the process an ID, called PID. At the same time, based on the relationship between the user triggering this process and the related

Some thoughts on Linux initial learning

After a period of contact with Linux, from the first touch of the Deepin to my favorite kalilinux, I felt the unique charm of the operating system I did not know. I came to the university to know Linux this system, but in childhood do not know

ZYNQ Linux Linaro System image making SD card boot

ZYNQ Linux Linaro System image made SD card boot 0. OverviewZynq generated uboot and normal arm device is not the same, Zynq belongs to two secondary boot uboot and then by the Uboot boot the kernel, probably means that there is a mechanism inside

Linux Common commands

1. Command Prompt[email protected] ~]#         Root: User namelocalhost: host name~: Represents the path, which represents the home path of the current userHome path for Super admin:/root/home path for normal users:/home/user name/#: Identity, Super

A detailed description of the grep command under Linux

Parameters : -A or--text : Do not omit binary data. -a or--after-context= : In addition to displaying the column that conforms to the template style, the contents after that line are displayed. - B or--byte-offset : Indicates the number of

Linux common knowledge and fault handling

Linux common knowledge and fault handling 1, modify the current system language For example, the current language is en_US. UTF-8, because the environment needs to be modified to ZH_CN. UTF-8, first switch to root, append a line of content.

One Linux command per day (3)-Set time zone (Tzselect)

Set up Beijing time zone, Asia-China[Email protected]:~$Tzselectplease Identify a location so this time zone rules can be set correctly. Please select a continent, ocean,"coord", or"TZ". 1) Africa2) Americas3) Antarctica4) Asia5) Atlantic Ocean6)

Linux du command

The Linux du command also looks at the use of space, but unlike the DF command, the Linux du command is to see whether the currently specified file or directory (recursively displaying subdirectories) consumes disk space or is somewhat different

sed command in Linux

SedSed means the stream editor, which is commonly used as a filter in shell scripts and makefile, which introduces the output of the previous program to the input of SED, which is converted to another format output through a series of editing

View CPU, memory, and disk information under Linux

1. View CPU Information# total number of cores = number of physical CPUs X number of cores per physical CPU# Total Logical CPUs = number of physical CPUs x number of cores per physical CPU X number of hyper-threads# View the number of physical

Linux cache memory (caching) mechanism

Ext: 79177036PS: Why does the Linux system not run many programs, showing so little available memory? In fact, Linux and win memory management is different, will try to cache memory to improve read and write performance, usually called cache

The Linux command I used

DeleteRM-RF Directory name RM filename (delete file directly)-R: Recursive down, no matter how many levels of directory, delete-F: Directly forcibly delete, do not do any hint View Instructions HelpMan instruction NameFor example: Man RM chmod:

Linux Permissions command

Tag: User password indicates dir groupadd lock useradd Ash bash the1 The new user natasha,uid is 1000,gid to 555 and the note information is "master"  Groupadd-g 555 NatashaUseradd-u 1000-g 555-c "Master" Natasha2. Modify the Natasha user's home

Linux View log file Contents command tail, Cat, TAC, head, Echo detailed

Linux View log file Contents command tail, Cat, TAC, head, EchoTail-f Test.logYou will see that the screen is constantly being printed out. This time interrupts the first process ctrl-c,---------------------------How Linux displays a few lines of a

Linux Find File Lookup command with grep file Content Lookup command

Source: Find command with the grep file content Lookup command under LinuxWhen using Linux, file lookups are often required. The commands you find are primarily find and grep. Two commands are of a district.  The Difference : (1) The Find command is

Linux Virtual network Interface---bonding configuration

in daily life, everyone will encounter this situation, in the home can automatically get IP address, work when the company may be banned network, so will provide a private network address for everyone to use, but need everyone to connect the network,

I. Linux application Fundamentals 1, Application-to-system command relationship file location main purpose

First, the Linux application Foundation1. The relationship between application and system commandsFile locationMain purposeUse environmentRun format2, Linxu the type of packageRpmDebSource Code PackagePackages with installation programsInstall-Free

FTP Service in Linux

FTP ServiceFile Transfer ProtocolFtpfile Transfer Protocol One of the early three application-level protocolsBased on C/s structureDual-channel protocol: Data and command connectionsData transfer format: binary (default) and textTwo modes: Server

Install the Iotop command in a Linux environment to resolve-bash:iotop:command not found issues

Requirements Description :In the test environment today, prepare to view the IO used by each thread of MySQL, ready to use the Iotop command to view it, and find that there is no such command[email protected] packages]# iotop-bash:iotop:command not

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