Implementation and debugging of Linux network File system

NFS Protocol NFS (Network File system) is not a file system in the traditional sense, but rather a network protocol that accesses a remote file system. As shown in the TCP/IP protocol stack for the entire NFS service, NFS is the application layer

User Switching in Linux systems (the difference between SU User and Su-user)

1,su command (su is switch user, which is shorthand for switching users)Format: Su-l USERNAME (-L is login, which is the shorthand for landing, where l can be omitted)If you do not specify username (user name), the default is root, so the command to

0xC0000005; Access violation (the stack space is very valuable, Linux on the stack space default to 8M,VC6 under the default stack space size of 1M)

Write-C + + programs are most afraid of the emergence of such a hint, fortunately, in the debugging environment displayed, in the non-debug state of the direct crash exit.From the above assembly code found in the memory address eax+38h the value of

Linux Ugo Permissions

The UGO permission of files in Linux system is the basic way for Linux to manage rights. This article describes the basic concepts of UGO permissions.Description: The demo environment for this article is Ubuntu 16.04. the owner and group of the file

Linux Bulk management tool PSSH usage record

Pssh is an open source software, using Python implementation, for bulk SSH operation of large-volume machines, PSSH is a tool that can execute commands on multiple servers, while supporting the copying of files, is excellent in the same kind of tool,

Linux does not show Chinese

Original: Attribution to the original author!!!View the character sets that are currently used by default in the system:# localeIn the Redhat/centos system, the recording system default language

Linux command explanation-text editor

1. VI Editor Three modes:Command mode VI filename (1.) Positioning: H: Move one character to the left J: Move down one character K: move one character up L: Move right one character $: moves to end of line 0: moves to the beginning of

Linux Programming 1 (File system path description, directory structure description)

A. linux File system path descriptionFamiliar with Windows systems, all know the file path representation, such as C:\User\rich\Documnets\test.doc.In Linux, a directory called the virtual directory root directory is root, and directories and files

printf implementations in the Linux kernel

1 #ifndef __print_h_ 2 #define __print_h_ 3 4 void PRINT (char* fmt, ...); 5 void printch (char ch); 6 V OID printdec (int dec), 7 void Printflt (double flt), 8 void printbin (int bin), 9 void printhex (int hex);

Linux Common Command Daquan

System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

System processes for Linux

Linux Process ManagementIn a Linux system, triggering any event, the system will define it as a process, and give the process an ID, called PID. At the same time, based on the relationship between the user triggering this process and the related

Linux Modify IP

Modify IP Address View IP Address: ifconfig-See address Open configuration file: Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 input command: Service network restart Meaning of the Bootproto parameter: None (disable DHCP),

ZYNQ Linux Linaro System image making SD card boot

ZYNQ Linux Linaro System image made SD card boot 0. OverviewZynq generated uboot and normal arm device is not the same, Zynq belongs to two secondary boot uboot and then by the Uboot boot the kernel, probably means that there is a mechanism inside

Linux common knowledge and fault handling

Linux common knowledge and fault handling 1, modify the current system language For example, the current language is en_US. UTF-8, because the environment needs to be modified to ZH_CN. UTF-8, first switch to root, append a line of content.

One Linux command per day (3)-Set time zone (Tzselect)

Set up Beijing time zone, Asia-China[Email protected]:~$Tzselectplease Identify a location so this time zone rules can be set correctly. Please select a continent, ocean,"coord", or"TZ". 1) Africa2) Americas3) Antarctica4) Asia5) Atlantic Ocean6)

Linux du command

The Linux du command also looks at the use of space, but unlike the DF command, the Linux du command is to see whether the currently specified file or directory (recursively displaying subdirectories) consumes disk space or is somewhat different

Linux cache memory (caching) mechanism

Ext: 79177036PS: Why does the Linux system not run many programs, showing so little available memory? In fact, Linux and win memory management is different, will try to cache memory to improve read and write performance, usually called cache

Linux installation Zabbix Agent (active mode, passive mode)

Environment:System: CentOS 7.4Platform: Zabbix 3.2Installation package: Zabbix-3.2.11.tarCompile installation path:/usr/local/zabbix_agentd/Active mode, Passive mode introductionIf you need to refer to this article for configuration, please read

Troubleshooting Kali Linux Upgrade after installing W3AF issues

1, the installation of W3AF under Kali Linux will have many problems, because the new version of the Kalilinux, as well as the configuration of the Python environment and library installation problems will be a lot of errorKali Linux environments

Linux kernel scheduling algorithm (1)--quickly find the highest priority process

Why should we understand the scheduling strategy of the kernel? Hehe, because it is worthy of our study, not a nonsense. The kernel scheduler is very advanced and powerful, managing a large number of messy processes running on your Linux, while

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