Linux file descriptor

In the Linux general-purpose I/O model,I/OThe Action series function (System call) is expanded around an integer called a file descriptor. This begs the question: what does this integer mean? Does a value represent a file? Just pass an integer in

Linux Regular expressions

1th. What is a regular expression Regular expressions are a set of rules and methods that are defined to handle a large number of text | strings By defining the assistance of these special symbols, the system administrator can quickly

Linux Basics (Linux commands)

Before introducing the Linux system, let us introduce the 5 major components of the computer: Calculator, register, CONTROLLER, IO output/input device.First, LinuxLinux is the kernel of a system, and it is the core condition that the system can

Linux Basics (Linux commands)

Before introducing the Linux system, let us introduce the 5 major components of the computer: Calculator, register, CONTROLLER, IO output/input device.First, LinuxLinux is the kernel of a system, and it is the core condition that the system can

On Linux disk and file system management

Before discussing disk and file system management, we have a simple understanding of the following disk structure: 1) platters, that is, the portion of the recording data, the number of the same as the number of heads, 2) the head, read and write

Linux system security Pam Backdoor installation use detailed

One. To view the system Pam version:[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa | grep pampam-1.1.1-4.el6.x86_64Two. Download the corresponding version of the PAM module Unzip & Modify PAM_UNIX_AUTH.C fileTAR-XZVF linux-pam-1.

Basic knowledge of Linux system (ii) User management operations and file operation supplement based on Linux system

1, (think) the system why to have users1.1 Users?? The lowest-level security settings in the system, and reclaim (limit) rights.1.2 Groups?? Share rights. Divided into the following two kinds:?? (1) Additional groups: groups determined by the user

Linux (Radhat) Basic Learning-Understanding SELinux

Basic SELinux Security ConceptsSELINUX (Security-enhanced Linux) is an additional mechanism to protect your system's security.SELinux (security-enhanced Linux) is the United States National Security Agency (NSA) implementation of mandatory access

Linux file Management-related commands

Linux file Management-related commands View of File metadata (properties of the file itself) Stat: Get metadata for the specified file $ stat test file: ' Test ' size:0 B locks:0 IO block:4096 Regular empty file device:802h/20

Linux programmer benefits-chasing girlfriend Magic (Linux terminal running cool program)

Overview as IT staff, to colleagues feel stiff, will not be romantic, do not understand the fun. In fact, we can use our skills to create the unique romance of IT staff. Girllove scripts can be romantic for it people. Girllove is essentially a

Linux 19th day sed and compression tools


Linux 19th day sed and compression toolsTime: 20180806DirectoryCompression decompressionGzip/gunzip/zcatBzip/bunzip/bzcatXz/unxz/xzcatZip/unzipTar, CpioSedCompression decompressiongzip/gunzip. GZ This tool can only be compressed by single file-# 1-9

Linux Common system work commands

1. Echo commandThe echo command is used in the terminal output string or variable after the value is extracted, in the format "echo [string | $ variable]".For example, the command to output the specified string "" to the terminal

Linux 17th Day Bash,find, Regular, command history

Linux 17th DayTime: 20180803DirectoryScript Test$-variable ActionBash's configuration fileForgotten Content ReviewCommand historyCommand history callBash arithmetic operations help letPipeline redirectionRegular expressions and extended expression

How Linux builds Samba services in detail

1.samba IntroductionSamba is a free software that implements the SMB protocol on Linux and UNIX systems, with server and client program componentsAfter we learned about NFS Services, NFS, like Samba, is an implementation of file sharing in the

Parentheses usage in Linux

First, the parentheses in Linux (also called parentheses) "()" Usage 1. Single parenthesis ()1) Array assignment or initialization of arrays;2) Child Shell assignment: The contents of the parentheses open a child shell to run independently, the

Linux-top Command View memory CPU

Transferred from: multi-core CPU commandsMpstat-p All and sar-p allDescription: Sar-p all > Aaa.txt redirect output to file Aaa.txtTop commandOften used to monitor Linux system conditions, such as

NIS service setup for Linux

Nis:linux Centralized Certification ServicesIn the previous article, we resolved the configuration and use of services for NFS, and in this post we look at the configuration and use of NIS services that are used frequently with NFS. NIS (Network

"Linux Basics" compression and decompression

Types of compression and decompression files commonly used by Linux:. tar,.gz,. tar.gz,.bz2,. tar.bz2,.z,. Tar. Z,.zip,.rar and so on.Linux commonly used compression and decompression commands are: Tar,gzip, GUNZIP,BZIP2, bunzip2,compress,

Linux I/O scheduling

A) I/O Scheduler summary1) When the data block is written to the device or read from the device, the request is placed in a queue waiting to be completed.2) Each block device has its own queue.3) The I/O Scheduler is responsible for maintaining the

Linux Basics Common Linux commands

Common Linux commands: CD, CP, LS, MV, RMCD command : Switch the current working directory to dirName (directory parameter)Where dirName can be either an absolute path or a relative path. If the directory name is omitted, it is transformed to the

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