Access and modification of folders and files under Linux system, and the use of File and folder deletion RM-RF commands

1, directly view the permissions of the file or folder command: >>ll or >>ls-l R for Read permissions, W Write permission, x for Execute permissions The first representative file type,-the representative is a normal file, d means that the folder

Common Linux file permissions

444 r--r--r--RW-------644 rw-r--r--666 rw-rw-rw-RWX------744 rwxr--r--755 Rwxr-xr-x777 RwxrwxrwxFrom left to right, 1-3 digits represent the permissions of the file owner, 4-6 digits represent the permissions of the same group of users, and 7-9

First, master the configuration principle of samba service; Ii. Configuring Samba Shared services under Linux

I. Mastering the configuration principle of samba servicesIi. Configuring Samba Shared services under Linux (anonymous sharing, authentication, account mapping, access control)About Samba:Samba is the software that runs on Linux and Unix for free,

Must be! Management of Linux Files

1.1 Creating a directory/data[[Email protected] ~] # Mkdir/data1.2 To see if the directory was created successfully "data can be found to create success"[[Email protected] ~] # ls/bin boot data dev etc Home Lib lib64 lost+found Media MNT

Disk devices for Linux systems _ "All"

Disk->raid, partition-and format-mountThe basic framework A. external and internal hardware structure of the hard disk, working principle and reading and writing partition (a disk divided into one or more small virtual disk,

Test Linux max open files parameter

Basic conceptsThe number of open files, as a literal meaning, refers to the number of open files.Previously, I have been thinking, "Open file" is a concept of what. Later, learned a little C language, only to understand that the program to access a

Common commands for Linux ""

Cat: View or merge file contentsExample: View 1.txt and 2.txt file content and merge 1.txt and 2.txt file content into 3.txtgrep: Text Search {format: gerp [-options] ' search content string ' filename }The grep command is a powerful text Search

Linux optimized remote SSH connection

Optimizing Remote SSH connectionsSSH connection differences between 1.Linxu and windowWindom default 3389 port, admin administartor Normal is guestlinux default 22 port admin root Common Bunch2. Modify the default configuration SSH

Linux View system current character set

Common Command Display Reference to the character set of the current environmentMethod One: cat/etc/sysconfig/i18n "SSH client tools best also utf-8, stay consistent" method two: Echo $LANGSet the character set for the current environmentMethod

Ubuntu Linux Terminal Command Learning (one)

First, view directory: LS (list)LS lists the current directory file (excluding hidden files)Ls-a list current directory files (including hidden files)Ls-l list the files in the current directory for more informationSecond, switch directory: CD

Linux (RM instructions) and accidental deletion resolution

See this scene in the group today:See here, let's learn this RM directiveRM command to delete one or more files or directories in a directory, or to delete all files and subdirectories of a directory and its subordinates. For linked files, only the

Linux Kernel (iii) file system

1. Why a root file system is required(1) Application of the Init process on the root file system(2) Root file system provides root directory/(3) Application layer configuration (ETC directory) on the root file system after kernel boot. Can almost be

A detailed description of the Linux heap management strategy

Recently read the Linux heap management article, this blog post is to refine and summarize the article.Getting started binary is hard!Linux Heap management strategy1. General statementWhen malloc is called in the main thread, it is discovered that

Linux SSH Command detailed

SSH (remote connection tool) connection principle: SSH service is a daemon (demon), the system background listening client connection, SSH server process named sshd, responsible for real-time monitoring client requests (IP 22 port), including public


NginxMachine Environment: Web host centos7 test host ("Engine X") is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, is also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server, with less memory, concurrency and other advantages.Official

Linux 0 Basics Lesson Five

Basic operations for files (bottom) file propertiesfileCommand syntax>$ file file0 [file1 file2 ...]fileThe command is used to confirm the type of file.Linuxunder, the type of file is not usually determined strictly by file extension, especially if

Linux Viewing System Information

Kernel informationCat/proc/version[Email protected]172- to- the-157: ~/wslink$Cat/proc/Versionlinux version4.4.0-1061-aws ([email protected]024) (GCCVersion5.4.0 20160609(Ubuntu5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.9) ) # --ubuntu SMP Fri May - +: -:

Linux NL Command Detailed

NL Common Command ParametersThe NL command is used in a Linux system to calculate the line number of a file-B: Specifies the way the line number is specified, mainly in two ways: -B A: Indicates that the line number (similar to cat-n) is

How to use the Echo output in Linux! (exclamation mark)? -bash:! ": Event not found

Requirements Description :Today, in the process of changing the password by using the echo combination passwd, there is an error that cannot be modified.The error is as follows :[Email protected] ~echo"[email protected]! " passwd --stdin mytest-bash:

Switches, Linux hosts and Windwos hosts on the road table view

Sometimes, network failure, network is not through, in part because the routing information is incorrect. In order to troubleshoot the routing information, we need to learn to view the information on the routing table. On Huawei switches, the view

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