Unix Linux | File system

1. ls [options ] [file ] Displays the file information in the directory -A show all files (including hidden files) -L View details about the file's properties, size, and more -al View all files and their attribute

How to view the file size--linux l command

How to view file sizes--linuxof theLCommandwith Linux so long, the individual in the view of permissions, file size, etc., has been using the ls-l command to see, today accidentally found the original L command ,l Command personally feel more

Linux operation and Maintenance command System Management

syslog command syslog is the default log daemon for Linux systems. The default syslog configuration file is the/etc/syslog.conf file. Programs, daemons, and kernels provide log information for accessing the system. Therefore, any program that wants


Details:Http://www.mamicode.com/info-detail-1412618.html, there's a paste at the back.Linux System route table Linux altogether 0-255 route tables Linux can be customized from 1-252 route tables,The Linux system maintains 4 routing tables:0 Table

The practice collection of regular expressions in Linux

1. Find the IPV4 address of this machine in Ifconfig "NIC name" command resultIfconfig | Head-n 2 |tail-1 |tr-s "" |cut-d ""-f32. Find out the maximum percentage value of partition space utilizationDF |tr-s "" |cut-d ""-f53, identify the user UID

Basic operation of Linux system

First, the basic command1. Change directory: CD directory name2. Create file: Touch file name3. Delete files: RM-RF file name4, change the file path or change the filename: MV source file Destination file5. Shutdown: Init 06. Restart: reboot7. View

Linux Disk partitioning

[Email protected] ~]# partParted Partprobe Partx[Email protected] ~]# partedAnaconda-ks.cfg. cache/initial-setup-ks.cfg. bash_history. config/. TCSHRC. bash_logout. CSHRC. Xauthority. Bash_profile g3308l. BASHRC G3308L.1[Email protected] ~]#

Linux package installation and uninstallation

three ways to install packagesRPM Package IntroductionMount mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/Usage: Install RPM-IVH rpmUpgrade Package RPM-UVH rpmUninstall RPM-E directly behind the parking nameQuery the installed package RPM-QARPM-Q Package Name, query whether

[Auto-Generate Flag (v0.1) under Combat training]20180117,linux

[Auto-Generate Flag (v0.1) under Combat training]20180117,linuxSets the process for target target drone (Linux) to generate flag at timed intervals. Login to root user at Target drone terminal Use the command Su and enter the root user'

Linux builds a centralized log server through Rsyslog

(a) Rsyslog profileRyslog is a fast-track process for collecting system logs, providing high performance, security features, and modular design. Rsyslog is an upgraded version of Syslog that converts multiple source input and output conversions to

A detailed description of the TAR compression decompression command under linux command Linux

TAR-C: Build Compressed Archives-x: Unzip-T: View Content-r: Append files to the end of the compressed archive-u: Update the files in the original package this five is a separate command, the compression decompression will use one, can be used with

Linux User and file Rights management

Linux is a multi-user login operating system, such as "Li Lei" and "Han Meimei" can both log on the same host, they share some of the resources of the host, but they also have their own user space, for storing their own files. But in fact their

Linux performance monitoring: Disk IO Chapter

Disks are usually the slowest subsystem of the computer and are the most prone to performance bottlenecks because the disk is farthest from the CPU and the CPU accesses the disk to involve mechanical operations such as rotating shafts, track-seeking,

The method of obtaining command in Linux and its philosophical thought

There are several ways to get help with the use of commands:1.man: Help manual for external commands;Man Nine chapters:1. User commands (commands that all users can execute)2. System calls3.C Library Call4. Equipment and special documents5.

Linux Basic Instructions

Root Administrator Gold 3 rm-rf/*Administrator Administrator US President1. System Information CPU model hard disk how much memory how big kernel information[email protected] ~]#"Who am I @ host name current directory" #高级管理员身份 $ normal UserCAT/PROC/

A summary of the first phase of Linux learning

1. The Dev directory roleDEV is the acronym for Devices. Here the main storage device, CD-ROM, hard disk (under Linux, all files).2. tmp directory PermissionsThe permissions for the/tmp directory are 1777, the last one for other users is t, the

Basic Linux Operations

ObjectiveThis article mainly summarizes the basic operation of Linux and some simple concepts ~ If the unfamiliar classmate can play the next Linux (or to buy a server to play "student version is not very expensive"), for developers, can use Linux

Linux Common commands

SU User name Switch userShutdown–r now restartShutdown–h now shutdownInit 0 shutdownMV old filename rename new file nameMV FileName Directory Move fileTouch File name creation fileMkDir Folder name Create FolderRm–r Folder name Delete folderRm–f

Bind domain name server for linux service configuration

1. Install bindThis software is to provide the software to build a DNS server. Here is not the description of what is the DNS and so on inside the concept of the class of things, because there is a lot of information on the network, so back and

Build a KVM Environment--07 install KVM graphical Interface management tool on Linux with GUI

Empty the Yum source cache and view the Yun source[Email protected] ~]#YumClean allloaded plugins:fastestmirror, langpackscleaning repos:vcdcleaning up everythingcleaning up list of fastest Mirrors[[email protected]~]#Yumrepolist Loaded

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