Admin (ii)--linux command line Basics

Tagged with: Mount wildcard aliasOne, the Linux commandThe execution of the Linux command depends on the interpreter (for example:/bin/bash)Classification of 1.LINUX Commands:--Internal command: part of the Interpreter--External command: A program

Linux development history

SoftwareSoftware is a collection of computer data and instructions organized in a specific order. Generally speaking, software is divided into system software, application software and middleware between the two.System software is run on the basis

cve-2016-5195 Dirtycow:linux kernel power-up vulnerability

cve-2016-5195 Dirtycow:linux kernel power-up vulnerabilityThe following are the source code found on GitHub, and then the experiment was successful on ubuntu-12.04.5-desktop-i386.Run the following identify vulnerability first:/*######################

Linux System Time Acquisition method

Linux Operating System Computing time:Main function: Time localtime gmtime asctime ctime mktimeDifftime strftime Gmstrftime1.time () functionPrototype: time_t time (time_t * timer)Function: Returns a time_t type of data representing the number of

Example of sharing Samba and NFS in Linux

All the servers in this area are CentOS 6.9,samba Client and NFS client are 7.2You need to install the package to complete the following operations: Yum install httpd mariadb-server (CentOS6.9 is mysql-server) nfs-utils samba php php-fpm php-mysql

Basic Linux Operations

Basic Linux Operations prefaceOnly a bald head can become stronger.This semester opened the course of Linux, teaching teachers are more responsible for one. In general, it is more systematic to learn a

Description of Read, write and execute permissions for Linux plain files

Linux 普通文件的读、写、执行权限说明1. Readable r: Indicates a permission to read and read the contents of a file2. Writable W: Indicates the right to have new, modified file contents1) If there is no r mate, then the vi edit file will prompt you cannot edit (but

Linux Common commands

First, Touch commandAtime: Modified time for file permissions or properties touch-a to modifyMtime: Modification time of file content touch-c to modifytouch-d simultaneous modification of these two timesSecond, mkdir create a blank directoryThe main

Linux Common Command Daquan

System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Linux Basics-System Installation Tutorial (centos6.5)

I. Introduction to Linux systems:  Linux is a free-to-use and free-to-propagate Unix-like operating system, a POSIX and Unix-based multiuser, multitasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. It can run major UNIX tools software,

Directory Structure of Linux

Linux directory structure detailed/bin: Binary available to all users;/sbin: Binary files for system administration use;/boot: Each static file that the bootloader must use: Kernel, Initramfs (INITRD), grub, etc.;/dev: Store special files or device

(ii) CRONTAB scheduled execution task command in Linux

In Linux, the tasks performed by the cycle are typically handled by the cron Daemon (ps-ef|grep cron). Cron reads one or more configuration files that contain the command line and its invocation time.The cron configuration file is called "crontab"

Linux Start-up process

CENTOS6 Start-up processAnalytical:CENTOS6 START Process:1, POST: power-on self-test, hardware environment (. Load BIOS hardware information to get the first boot device)2, Grub 1 First 446 bytes (read boot loader (GRUB) of the first boot device MBR)

(6) Differentiated files and directories in Linux

[[email protected] data]# Ls-l|grep ^a to filter out the file by the start of aIn the result of Ls–l, the directory begins with D-the normal file.[Email protected] data]# cat/etc/ssh/sshd_config|grep–v ^ #排除以 # start[[email protected] data]#

Linux system startup Debug test Set

CENTOS6 system Start-up process1. Post power-on self-test check hardware environment2. Select a hardware type boot boot MBR 446 bytes Grub Stage13. Loading boot partition file system driver hangs in/boot directory grub stage1.54. read/boot/grub/grub.

2018-05-16 Linux Learning

17-day47&48-mysql Master-Slave configuration17.1 MySQL Master-slave

Configure Linux Yum repository Agent with Nexus

First, the use of the sceneIn the production environment, we cannot all the servers can connect to the external network update RPM package, the ideal environment is: There is a Linux server can connect the network, the remaining servers through this

Hard links and soft links for Linux

Hard links and soft linksThere are two types of Linux links:? Called Hard links,? The other is called Symbolic links (symbolic link).By default, the LN command creates a hard link, Ln-s creates a soft connection "Hard Connect"A hard connection

Linux system open Fault Troubleshooting and linux-4.16.8 kernel compilation installation

1. Break root password and set protection for grub1). Enter single-user mode using the "E" button in the GRUB boot menu to enter the CentOS boot menu to the interface, move the cursor to the "kernel" configuration item line, add single,ctrl+x at the

Second, the Linux system hard links and soft links detailed introduction and practice

The concept of linksin Linux systems, links can be divided into two types: one called hard link, and the other is called soft link or symbolic link (symbolic link ). With the default without parameters, the link created by the Execute ln command is

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