Directory Structure of Linux

Linux directory structure detailed/bin: Binary available to all users;/sbin: Binary files for system administration use;/boot: Each static file that the bootloader must use: Kernel, Initramfs (INITRD), grub, etc.;/dev: Store special files or device

Linux Start-up process

CENTOS6 Start-up processAnalytical:CENTOS6 START Process:1, POST: power-on self-test, hardware environment (. Load BIOS hardware information to get the first boot device)2, Grub 1 First 446 bytes (read boot loader (GRUB) of the first boot device MBR)

Linux system startup Debug test Set

CENTOS6 system Start-up process1. Post power-on self-test check hardware environment2. Select a hardware type boot boot MBR 446 bytes Grub Stage13. Loading boot partition file system driver hangs in/boot directory grub stage1.54. read/boot/grub/grub.

Linux Text Processing tool awk

Very good text processing tools, especially variables and control statements, using the awesome.Personal understanding of the general process is as follows1. Normal output# $0表示正行 默认是按照行分割 $1 $2#-----------------------------------------------------

Linux Learning CPU Load Rate calculation method understanding

The concept of Load average originates from UNIX systems, and although the formulas vary from one family to the other, they are used to measure the number of processes that are using the CPU and are waiting for the CPU, in a word, the number of

Second, the Linux system hard links and soft links detailed introduction and practice

The concept of linksin Linux systems, links can be divided into two types: one called hard link, and the other is called soft link or symbolic link (symbolic link ). With the default without parameters, the link created by the Execute ln command is

Linux Common Commands

Serial number Command corresponding English Role 01 Ls List View the contents of the current folder 02 Pwd Print Wrok Directory View the folder you currently reside in

Linux under Dockerfile build Lnmp (currently only N and P)

# One: Environment preparationcentos7.4 and well-built Docker [Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)[Email protected] ~]# docker-vDocker version 17.03.2-ce, build f5ec1e2 # Two: Build the image

2018-05-08 Linux Learning

13.4 MySQL User managementMySQL Create user and authorizegrant all on *.* to ‘user1‘ identified by ‘passwd‘;grant SELECT,UPDATE,INSERT on db1.* to ‘user2‘@‘‘ identified by ‘passwd‘;grant all on db1.* to ‘user3‘@‘%‘ identified by ‘passwd‘

Network Packet Troubleshooting Guide-class Linux Platform

Network Packet Troubleshooting Guide-class Linux platform background informationI've been testing k8s recently, and if you know or get in touch with Docker, you know that most of the networks associated with Docker are on bridging, routing, Iptables.

Linux Common basic Commands (Xargs)

Xargs: The ability to convert data passed from a pipe or standard input into a parameter followed by a Xargs command[Email protected]:~/linux/CP$lsghostwu_hardlink ghostwu_home ghostwu_softlink ghostwu.txt[email protected]:~/linux/CP$CatGhostwu.txt1

Special character understanding of Linux (Sixth chapter)

Special symbols: Input redirection: The output of the previous input into the file in the back, will erase the original contents of the file.Example:[Email protected] kang]# echo ' Hello World ' > Test.txt[email protected] kang]# cat

Linux under Ps-ef and PS aux difference and format detailed-turn

Original: Displays the system process command PS, the most commonly used are ps-ef and PS aux. What is the difference between the two? There is not much difference between the two, to discuss

Linux Common commands: Iconv command

The Iconv command is a common command for file transcoding under Linux, and file transcoding is a frequent operation for students who are using both Windows and Linux systems.1. Command format:Iconv [Options ...] [File ...]2. Command

Simple operation of the Linux file system

1, DF, du introductionDF: How much space is left to see the disk?For example:Du: is to see how large a single file isFor example:2, soft and hard link introductionThe prerequisite is to understand the existence of the file form: Each file is a file

Talk about compression in Linux

1. Use and technology for compression  1.1 Why compression is required:        ① you have a file is too large, resulting in the normal email can not be sent out (many emails have a capacity of about 25MB per letter limit Ah!). )?        ② have you

Linux Three Musketeers-sed

SED is very powerful in processing text, and sed is very small, with few parameters, easy to master, and his way of operation is a bit like the root of awk. Sed reads the file sequentially by line. It then executes all the actions specified for the

Linux Common commands

Linux Common CommandsView version information: cat/etc/issueView CPU Information: Cat/proc/cpuinfoView Application Pid:ps-ef |grep IDView file properties: LLShow file Size: ll-hShow hidden files: ls-aView CPU Cores: IostatView Disk Io:iostat-x 3Kill

Linux Basic optimization (Mid-term architecture optimization)

1. Linux kernel optimization First step Cat >>/etc/sysctl.conf Net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 2 Net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reu SE = 1 net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle = 1 net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1 net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time = Net.i

Linux file permissions

Security for Linux1./ETC/PASSWD file/etc/passwd filefield contains the following information:Login user NameUser passwordUID of user account (in digital form)Group ID (GID) of the user account (in digital form)Text description of user account

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