Linux compile kernel make menuconfig error Unable to find the Ncurses libraries workaround

Make Menuconfig reported the following error while Linux was compiling the kernel. Unable to find the ncurses libraries or the Required header files. ' Make Menuconfig ' requires the ncurses libraries. Install ncurses

Linux System Management _ topic 02: Managing Files (1) _2.3 copy, cut, delete, and create files _cp_mv_rm

Usage: CP [options] ... [-t] source file destination fileOR: CP [options] ... Source file ... DirectoryOR: CP [options] ...-t directory source files ...Copy the source file to the destination file, or copy multiple source files to the destination

Simple answer to the question of operation and dimension of Linux system

1. Brief introduction of commonly used high-availability technologiesAnswer:Keepalived:keepalived is a service software that ensures high availability of clusters to prevent single points of failure and is implemented using the VRRP protocol. The

The process model of source code analysis based on Linux Kernel Version 4.13.0-36-generic

First, IntroductionThis article is based on the Linux Kernel Version 4.13.0-36-generic Source code, to carry out in-depth analysis of its process model, specifically contains the following:1. How the operating system organizes processes2. How

Linux common Commands--constantly updated

Linux commands:!. 1.[[email Protected]/root]# said landing into the system, where # is super? User is root? user's system prompt#. 2.reboot command to restart the system$. 3. Turn off the system to use (the command can only be used by the super-user)

Linux uses SAR for performance analysis

Ext.: 54606401#sar%e7%ae%80%e4%bb%8bLinux uses SAR for performance analysis Linux uses SAR for performance analysis Introduction to SAR Common formats for SAR commands Analysis of common performance data of SAR

Linux Basics (vi)

LogThe role of the log:1. Solving the system problems2. Troubleshooting Network Services3. Record Past Events/var/log///log File save locationCron//Record recurring task scheduleDMESG//boot core detection informationLastlog//System all the last

Linux Common Commands 2

echo "Hello" >> test.txt append hello to test.txt a > is overwrite two >> is appendecho {0..10}0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10echo {A.. ZA b c d e F g h i j k l m n o p q R S t u v w x y ZEcho stu{0..10}Stu0 stu1 stu2 stu3 stu4 stu5 stu6 stu7 stu8 stu9

Linux Time Configuration

Hardware Clock (UTC) sets system clock contain the time zone variable) in booting up.  NTP server give time to system clock. "Date" Set system clock, "hwclock" Set hardware clock hwclock--SYSTOHC //sync The system time to hardware time

The Yum of Linux package management tools

Yum (Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is an RPM package-based package management tool that automatically downloads rpm packages from a specified server and installs them, automates dependency relationships, and installs all dependent packages at once,

Simple commands for Linux

1.1.1ls commandL LS (list) Feature: List Directory contentsL format: ls [parameter] [file or directory]All files and directories under-A or--all. Note Hidden files, special directories,. And..-l Use a detailed format list.-T is sorted with file and

File and directory permissions under Linux

User, Group (group), and others (Others)Linux is a multi-user multitasking operating system, at the same time there may be multiple users logged into the system, considering the security of files and other issues, so the files under Linux belong to

Required Knowledge VI in Linux

The VI command is the most commonly used full-screen plain text editor in Unix operating systems and Linux operating systems.the VI Editor supports edit mode and command mode . Editing mode can complete the editing function of the text, command mode

Linux 0 Basics Introductory Lesson IV

According to the contents of the live handout, start with lesson four. The contents of the first three lessons will be sorted out if there is energy in the back.Basic operation of the file (top) Create, delete, copy, move, and rename touch

Linux basic Commands (iv)

Several basic directory files in Linux (the more detailed here) File system storage Presumably, this light theory is not very well understood. (You can check online)File system probably:Superblock

Find the Linux file

Find-search for files in a directory hierarchyFind a file tool in the hierarchy directoryGrammar Find [OPTIONS] [Find starting path] [find condition] [processing action] Common options -name name,-iname name: file with Name. Iname

Linux Notes 4.0

Command:Mount Mount CDwget download FileDu view usage space (space used by file and directory disks)-S only displays sum (sum),-H to K,m, as unitDD if= of= bs= count= copy files and convert and format the contents of the original fileIf represents

1.linux Source Installation Nginx

Download nginx.tar.gz source package from official website Copy to Linux system for decompression TAR-ZXVF nginx.tar.gz Enter the extracted directory, need./configure, this step will report multiple errors, such as the installation of GCC

Linux Network Programming Learning (VI)-----Pipeline (chapter fourth)

1, the definition of the pipelineA pipeline is a one-way channel that connects the output of one program to the input of another program, such as a command: Ls-l|more, creates a pipeline, gets the output of ls-l as more input, and the data flows

Linux Network Basics (Dry goods)

IpNETMASKGATEWAYHOSTNAMEDNS1DNS2DNS3Dynamic Address:Dhcp:dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolRoutingLinux: The network belongs to the kernelREDHAT5:/etc/modprobe.confAliasREDHAT6:/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rulesEthernet: EthX[Email protected]

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