Properties and directories of the Linux Basic Learning document

Use the command Ls-al to list all the current files, and the various cases of the file.The first block is the file attribute: Altogether 10, the first represents the file type {d: directory,-: file, L: Connection file, B: Interface device, C: Serial

Linux Epoll Learning

#include /* for portability */#include int select (int Nfds, fd_set *readfds, fd_s Et *writefds, fd_set *exceptfds, struct timeval *timeout); Returns number of Ready file descriptors, 0 on timeout, or–1 on Error#include void Fd_zero (fd_set *fd

Linux Samba configuration file Common parameters detailed

Catalogue1. Global Parameters2. Shared ParametersThe main configuration file for Samba is called smb.conf, which is the default in the/etc/samba/directory. smb.conf contains multiple segments, each of which begins with a segment name, until the next

Common commands of Linux system and their use methods

1.echo (printf)Echo-display a line of text-displays a row of textCommon options:-N: No line break;-e: Make "\" effective; (eg:\n: line break, \ t: Horizontal tab)Text color Identification method:\033: Represents the CTRL key[: Controls the delimiter

Troubleshooting of Linux operation system and common fault handling

A general approach to the failure of a Linux systemError Messages---> Review log files---> Analyze location problems---> Resolve issues.Reasons and solutions for the failure of Linux system to startThere are many reasons why the system cannot be

The mean value of two numbers is not allowed in (A+B)/2; The following programs run in Linux and 32-bit integrated development environments

#define MAX (a) > (b) ( A):(B))#include int main (){int a = 10;int B = 20;int c = 0;int arevage = 0;c = MAX (A, b);Arevage = C + (A-B)/2;printf ("%d\n", arevage);return 0;}Can arevage be used to define variables?why int arevage = 0; can run in a

Installation of a Linux system within a virtual machine

Installation of the virtual machine Linux system, which is mainly redhat6.5 installation processFirst select the appropriate image package according to individual needs, we choose the image of Red Hat Enterprisc Then open the VMware WORKSTATION and

Introduction of the Select Poll Epoll model in Linux I/O multiplexing and comparison of its advantages and disadvantages

About I/O multiplexing:I/O multiplexing (also known as "event-driven") is the first thing to understand. The operating system provides you with a feature. When one of your sockets is readable or writable. It can give you a notice. When used with a

The awk of Linux

a awk self-introductionawk, one of the Three Musketeers of text processing, has its name from the first letter of its founder Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan's surname, which is not only one of the most powerful data processing

Linux/var/log of the various log files under the detailed

1)/var/log/secure: Record log in system to access data files;For example: POP3,SSH,TELNET,FTP, etc. will be recorded here.2)/var/log/wtmp: Record login This information record, has been encoded, so must be resolved with last;Example: Lastb | awk '

A summary of recent Linux learning

Problems encountered with Linux system installation Time zone issues In the time to select the time zone, the following is the use of the UTC clock This do not choose, after the tick time is actually calculated at GMT, we

Linux the role of various folders ~ ~ ~ Very practical!!

Linux file structure to see what each folder is used for/bin binary Executable command/dev Device Special files/etc system administration and configuration files/ETC/RC.D startup configuration files and scriptsThe base point of the home user

Running the Linux graphical interface program using Xming+putty

Welcome to the big Data and AI technical articles released by the public number: Qing Research Academy, where you can learn the night white (author's pen name) carefully organized notes, let us make a little progress every day, so that excellent

Linux command Details (12) Systemd Getting Started Tutorial: Using Timers to send mail (mail)

SYSTEMD Timer Tutorial: Scheduled TasksSystemd timed tasks: Send an email every hoursecond, the mail Content#!/usr/bin/env Bashecho "This is the Mail test" | /usr/bin/mail-s

One of the ways to use SSR online under the Linux system (Ubuntu): Setting up an agent

Antecedent:1. Recently, because of the work, it needs to be developed under the Linux system.2. The development environment requires an SSRProcess:The previous working environment (Windows) already has an SSR client, which was intended to be

Linux FTP Enable and disable and VSFTPD installation SSH enable and disable commands and SSH installation

1. The first page to use FTP; VSFTPD must be installed on the serverInstallation commandsYum installed VSFTPDTo See if vsftpd starts [email protected]:/home/daokr# service vsftpd status Vsftpd.service-vsftpd FTP Server loaded:loaded

Linux-File operations

Touch File # Create a blank file rm-RF Directory Name # does not prompt to delete a non-empty directory (-r: Recursive Delete-f Force) Dos2unix # Windows text to Linux text Unix2dos # Linux text to Windows text eNCA filename # View coded install Yum

0 Basics to mastering Linux, starting with this article

2018 how do people who want to be Linux OPS learn to get a quick mastery of Linux?Getting Started with Linux is so simple, why does a lot of people learn?To become a qualified operations engineer, how can I start from scratch to master Linux?As an

Linux under the LUA Runtime Environment installation


1. Download the installation package:[[email protected] ~]# wget http://Direct access to website downloadHttp:// to/root/Directorycp/root/desktop/lua-5.2. 4. tar.gz/root/2. Unpack

Linux system post-installation tuning and related configuration

The overall planning complies with the minimum principle, including: Minimum system installation, Yum installation package minimized, boot start service minimized, Operation command minimized, login system user minimized, normal user privileges

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