Linux sudo system environment variables user environment variables

1. Sudo is an ordinary user who temporarily has root privileges. The advantage is that most of the time with user-defined configurations, a few cases can be done with sudo for root privileges.Therefore, it is important to note that after you have

How to view the average load on a Linux machine

What is the average machine load?The number of processes queued for CPU processing during a specific time interval, the more processes queued, the slower CPU processing, and the average load on the machineHow do I measure whether the current system

Linux Common Commands ~ Novice must know

ifconfig View native IPLS View all files and folders in the current directoryCd/user Open the User folder if you do not know the full name of the folder to open or long, you can press the TAB keyboard Auto-completion, such as: cd/u + Table key, the

Linux 5 minutes to build the FTP server

This article is about Linux under the simple and rapid construction of the FTP server environment.1, SSH login server (I use Xshell)2. Yum Installation vsftpdExecute command: Yum install vsftpd3, modify the configuration, increase boot startModify

Linux Learning Summary (18) Several simple text processing tools cut sort TR Split

1 command cutUsed to intercept a fieldFormat: cut-d ' delimiter ' [-CF] n, N is a number, indicating the first paragraph-D: followed by a delimiter with a single quotation mark-C: followed by the first few characters-F: The first paragraph is

2018-03-05 Amin Linux Learning


7.1 Three ways to install packagesrpm 工具 类似Windows exe安装包,安装有固定的路径 软件依赖包需要手动依次安装 Redhat公司开发yum 使用python 开发的 自动安装依赖包 在线安装,最方便源码包 先编译在安装7.2 RPM Package Introduction设置光驱并挂载安装镜像文件rpm包格式,报名、版本号、发布版本号、平台rpm -ivh rpm包文件 //安装rpm -Uvh

"My Linux, I am the Master" Linux system file operation CP, RM, MV detailed

The operation of the text file is very basic and important, and you will be more comfortable with manipulating the text after mastering them. To copy a file, use the CP command, the CP command can be used in many ways, in addition to simple

2018-3-7 Linux Learning Notes

11.28 restricting a directory from parsing PHP background : For security reasons, in general, the static file is located in the file can be uploaded under the directory is not allowed to store PHP files, because this can be prevented from

Linux 124 Lesson 13, Installing and upgrading packages

, register your Redhat account to give the system product installation software updates    2. RPM package is used to manage software in Red Hat Enterprise Linux systemRedhat, Suse, Oracle Linux package rpmUbuntu Package DBDAll support compiling

Process role playing in the Linux kernel

In the Linux kernel, the kernel treats processes, threads, and kernel threads equally, that is, the kernel uses unique data structure task_struct to represent them separately; the kernel uses the same scheduling algorithm to dispatch the three, and

02, Linux under the sshd and OpenSSL knowledge points

SSH Service Optimization point 1, do not use the default port 2, prohibit the use of protocol version 13, restrict the login user allowusers-->> Whitelist 4, set idle session timeout length 5, Use the firewall to set up SSH access policy 6, only

Linux 124 Lesson 10, analyzing storage logs

1. Basic system architecture of logs in Linux 7Processes and operating system cores when events occur, the events are recorded accordingly;    RHEL7 Two services are responsible for the processing of logs;Journald can collect relevant log

Linux daily Operations Management tips: W command-View system load, vmstat command, top command, SAR command

w command: View system loadWLoad average the number of active processes that use CPU activity during the unit timeTo view the number of system CPUs (logical CPUs)Cat/proc/cpuinfo(When our process does not exceed the number of logical CPUs in our

Linux Reference Note 4

First, build lamp platform 1. What is a lamp website: a language that is composed of one and more Web pages: PHP, Python, Perl, Java,. Net ... Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server ... Web server: Apache, Nginx, IIS ... Operating system: Linux,

Linux-open function

The flag of the Open function is detailed 1Read and Write permissions: O_rdonly o_wronly o_rdwr(1) Linux Chinese parts have read and write permissions, we can also open the file with a certain permission description (for example, O_rdonly is opened

Building Linux and accessing FTP sites

1.1 QuestionsThis example requires the rapid construction of the FTP Web server on a Linux host, the successful implementation of Web page deployment and access to complete the following tasks: Setting up an FTP service on a CentOS7 virtual

20165204 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

Linux learning process recordinginstallation of virtual machinesThe installation of the virtual machine in Lou teacher provided by the text tutorial under the guidance of the very smooth, but Lou teacher provided the Ubuntu download URL error. I

day02-Amin linux-file, directory Management

day02-Amin linux-file, directory Management2.1 System directory Structure [[email protected] ~]# ls/bin Dev home lib64 mnt proc run SRV tmp var boot etc Lib Media opt root sbin sys usryum install-y tree [[email protected] ~]# tree-l 1//├──bin

2018 New Linux Cloud computing Getting Started learning roadmap

In recent years, Linux has become more and more important in the technology industry, becoming one of the necessary skills for it practitioners, and according to statistics, the growth of Linux-related jobs has reached an astonishing 24%. With the

20165220 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

First of all, for this third job, give me the preparation time really not much, because the new year back home 6 days, there is no way to study and think in a timely manner, returned to the House will be a cursory look at the relevant operation with

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