Linux environment PHP5.5 above connection SqlServer2008

Linux version: 64-bit CentOS 6.4Nginx Version: nginx1.8.0PHP Version: php5.5.28SQL Server version: 2008FreeTDS version: 0.95For Linux environment Installation nginx+php reference Linux environment Nginx installation and debugging as well as PHP

Linux Learning Note II ———— files and directories for Linux systems

One, Windows and Linux file system differences1, under the Windows platform, open "computer", we see a drive letter:Each drive has its own root structure, which creates multiple tree-parallel scenarios:2, under Linux, we do not see these drive

Linux Learning notes Three ———— overview of Linux commands

First, Introduction Many people may have seen similar scenes on TV or in movies, and hackers face a black screen with dense characters and bang-bang knocks to complete the task of stealing data. When Linux was born, there was no

A simple Linux application

** 简述** linux是一套自由加开放源代码的类Unix操作系统,诞生于1991年10月5日(第一次正式向外公布),由芬兰学生linus Torvalds和后来陆续加入的众多爱好者共同开发完成的。 linux是一个基于POSIX和Unix多用户、多任务、支持多线程和多CPU的操作系统。它能运行主要的Unix工具软件,应用程序和网络协议,可以支持32位和64位硬件,Linux继承了Unix以网络为核心的设计思想,是一个性能稳定的多用户网路操作系统。

Linux file Lookup (locate and find)

File Find Directory1.locate2.findI. Locate locate命令基于数据库db,所以不能实时更新 他有如下的特点: 1.查找速度快 2.是模糊查找(可能搜到了文件,也有可能搜到了目录) 3.是非实时的查找 4.由于权限的原因可能只查找到一部分的文件 locate 参数: -i 不区分大小写 -n N 只列举前N个项目

Linux Nftables Introduction and basic operations

First, what is Nftables?Nftables is the new packet classification framework, a new Linux firewall management program designed to replace the existing {ip,ip6,arp,eb}_tables. Nutshell: It is available when the Linux kernel version is above 3.

Linux process Management (i) creation and destruction of processes

On the creation of a process, Unix takes an interesting and uncommon approach: it separates the creation of the process and the loading of a new binary image. UNIX provides two system calls, fork and exec.To create a process:By default, the kernel

Linux--sudo Permissions Explained

sudo introduction: sudo is a Linux system Management Directive, is a tool that allows the system administrator to let ordinary users perform some or all of the root commands, such as HALT,REBOOT,SU and so on. This not only reduces the login and

Linux Learning (iv)-file lookup and compression

File Lookup and compression1. Using the Locate command2. Using the Find command3. Compression and decompression toolsThe locate and find commands are commonly used to find matching files on a file system, and locate is a non-real-time lookup

Authoritative Guide to tuning Linux systems

1. Turn off SELinux function1.1 Modify the configuration file to disable SELinux for permanent effectSed ' s#selinux=enforcing#selinux=disables#g '/etc/selinux/config ===> reboot system in effect1.2 Temporarily close SELinux[Email protected] xningge]

Linux chmod commands and permissions meanings

For a permission Assignment command: sudo chmod -r 764xxx; We must understand what it means: (1) What each field means: sudo chmod -R (change folder and its subfolders)                               7 (Owner rights) 6 (Group User Rights) 4 (other

"Linux Basics" wget command download

Original1. Download a single filewget 93d6cda54d8d1931041744ccb9fd54a7&t=1367300615&c=12. Download all files in a directorywget -r-np-nd

Basic management and common commands for KVM virtual machines under Linux

Description: There may be duplicatesFirst, the basic management of KVM1. View the KVM virtual machine configuration file#KVM Virtual Machine default profile location [[email protected] qemu]# pwd/etc/libvirt/qemu[[email protected] qemu]# 1 root

Linux Bulk Mount HDD

########### #parted工具分区 ################!/bin/bash #shell脚本开头格式Path=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin #保证脚本中的命令能在此路径中搜索得到Export PATH #设置以上环境变量 to make it effectiveI=1While [$i-lt] #判断变量i是否小于13, (the number of hard disks, except the system disk is 12

Linux Learning-Regular expressions

Regular Expressions- for system administrators, to process a lot of information every day, there are a lot of useless information, you can filter the information through regular expressions, so-called regular expression, is through the arrangement

Linux text editing commands

The cut command is used to display the specified part of the row, deleting the specified field in the file. Cut is often used to display the contents of a file, similar to the following type command#其中, if you want to specify multiple columns in the

Linux Learning--the difference between Su and Su--deep analysis

the difference between Su-and Su--Interactive logon and non-interactive login First, Brief introductionInteractive : Enter the account password directly through the terminal login, etc.variables, aliases, etc. won't inherits from the

"Ubuntu" Linux link library

The C standard library and C + + STL are examples of shared components that can be linked by our programs. The benefit is that each object file does not need to be stated when it is linked, because the developer can refer to the library in bulk.

Learning experience for Linux systems first article

1.linux Open Terminal, two of the simplest methods, the first, direct ctrl+alt+t; second, alt+f2, input gnome-terminal; more complex is not recommended.2.linux There is no concept of the drive letter, only the path, divided into relative path and

Linux file compression and packaging

1. Compression and packagingCompression: Use a more space-saving record to record file data and reduce the amount of file usage. Advantage: The same capacity can store more data, and the amount of data at the time of transmission decreases, thus

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