Getting Started with Linux Engineer learning------MARIADB

1. mariadb DatabaseDatabase: DatabasesWhat is a databaseDB, Database: A collection of data, a mainstream database used to store relational tabular data1.1 Virtual Machine Server: Installing the MARIADB Database[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install

Linux Basics and Common commands

First of all, what is a shell first?The Shell is the user interface of the Linux system and provides an interface for users to interact with the kernel. It receives the command entered by the user and sends it to the kernel to execute. The shell is

Commands for Linux

Part I: A brief introduction to Linux commands1 Command Prompt1.1 Command Prompt (prompt) character:[[email protected] ~]# Admin user[[Email protected] ~]$ ordinary usersSuch as:[[email protected] ~]# useradd-m aa//Create a normal user AA (username)[

My path to Linux (1)

my path to Linux (1)a : preparatory work (1) System version: Centos 6.9 (Final) download Link: Description : Suitable for learning development, top recommendation, built-in simple

Linux basic configuration and system installation basic configuration and system installation

1. Basic Configuration and System installationBasic Configuration and System installationWindows1. Configure IP 192.168.13.XControl Panel-double-click Network Connections--local area--right-click Properties-Double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)IP

Linux system Programming: Process Control (fork)

In Linux, fork is used to create a sub-process, which has the following characteristics:1) executes once, returns 2 times, its return value in the parent process is the PID of the child process, and the return value in the child process is 0. The

Before you learn Linux you need to learn how to install Linux OS

Linux runs a variety of internet services, from Google search to Facebook. Linux also runs on many devices, including our smartphones, TVs, and even cars. Of course, Linux can also run on your desktop system. If you're new to Linux, or you want to

Linux systems-Common commands and tips

A. General or set the system date and time2. Stty-a: can view or print control characters (ctrl-c, ctrl-d, ctrl-z, etc.)3. Passwd:print or set the system date and time (viewed with passwd-h)4. Logout, Login: Login and logoff

Linux system optimization

Add user set Password switch user1.1 What version of your system is it?CentOS 6.9[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Release 6.9 (Final)[Email protected] ~]# uname-r2.6.32-696.el6.x86_64[Email protected] ~]# uname-mx86_641.2. Add

Linux Admin Learning------tar Archive and compression


What the 1.1 archive means – Organize a number of fragmented files into one file– The total size of the file is basically the same1.2 Meaning of compression– Reduce the amount of space occupied by a file by an algorithm– Decompression by

How to install packages under Linux system (top)

Three ways to install packages1.RPM Tools2.yum tool (can install dependent packages automatically)3. Source code PackageIntroduction and use of RPM tools1. First mount the optical drive:which-2.20-7.el7.x86_64.rpm

Study notes-Linux minimum system burning based on iTOP4412 Development Board

Minimal system can only be operated by HyperTerminal, no screen display.Tools for use: HyperTerminal, FastBootCommunication: Serial RS232Operating environment: Complete bootloader after power-on, but before the file system is mounted. (Abort file

Linux system Programming: Adjusting file size with truncate

Truncate is very simple to use:int truncate (const char *path, off_t length);Parameter 1: File nameParameter 2: Size The file needs to be resizedLength is greater than file size, the file is filled with empty bytes or emptyLength is less than the

NTP service setup under Linux environment

##################################################################################Lab Environment: Red Hat 6.8VMware Workstation 12.5NTP Server NAME:OCBSAP01NTP Client Name:ocbsweb01Experimental purpose: To set up an NTP server, using an NTP server

Build an FTP server in Linux

Source: Linux Community luzhi1024Build an FTP server in Linux.FTP works by starting two channels:Control channel, data channelIn the FTP protocol, the control connection is initiated by the client, and there are two modes of data connection: Port

Use of the Linux date

Help information for the date command[Email protected] source]# date--helpUsage: date [options] ... [+ format]Or: Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]Displays the current time in the given format, or sets the system date.-D,--date=

Linux file io (quad) IO multiplexing

When the program is IO, the IO is blocked if the data is not ready. When a process has multiple open files, such as a socket, then all files that are ready to be read and written will be affected by blocking and cannot be manipulated. Without

Linux creates child processes to perform tasks

The Linux operating system relies tightly on process creation to meet the needs of users. For example, as soon as a user enters a command, the shell process creates a new process, and the new process runs another copy of the shell and executes the

Linux System program installation (i) Yum tools

Yum Installation tool is similar to AppStore, the Yum tool can be used to easily download the required programs, while the Yum tool will automatically check the program dependencies, and install the appropriate dependency package, a bit like windows,

Linux awk Usage

AWKawk: Report Generator, formatted text outputGawk: Mode scan and processing languageBasic syntax:Options: OptionProgram:awk's languageVar=value: Assigning a value to VarFile: Parameterawk [Options] ' program ' var=value file ...awk [Options]-F

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