Linux System learning Seventh Day-<< engineer Technology >>

? security-enhanced Linux– The NSA National Security Agency led development, a set of enhanced Linux systemsFull-force access control system– integrated into the Linux kernel (2.6 and above) running–RHEL7 based on SELinux system for users, processes,

Linux operating system settings SSH and SFTP login via key

If you have used a Linux operating system VPS or other server, you may often be prompted to log in at the number of times you have failed to log in.This logging failure record is actually the attacker using a script to automatically scan the entire

Linux one command per day: grep

grep (abbreviated from globally search a Regular Expression and Print)is a powerful text search tool that can search for text using specific pattern matching (including regular expressions) and output matching rows by default. The grep family of

Linux System Learning 11th Day-<< Engineer Technology >>

Two virtual machines, all to be detected1. is yum available2. Firewall default zone modified to trusted3. Whether the IP address is configured#######################################################Second, ordinary users (must restore the environment)

The use of common commands for the Linux VI editor

The use of common commands for the Linux VI editor There are many kinds of text editors under Linux, VI is the most commonly used, and it is also standard for each version of Linux. Note that VI is just a text editor that can color

Deep understanding of inter-process communication between Linux (IPC) to several main means of interprocess communication under Linux: Pipe and well-known pipe (named pipe): Pipelines can be used for communication between affinity processes, and

No.24 Basic permissions, special permissions, ALC permissions control in Linux

UNIX Timestamp: The number of seconds to reach the specified time from 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Permissions for the file:read:R write:w execute:xowner:u belongs to group:G others:o all:A-rwxrw-rw-. 1 root root 1094205

On getopt function of Unix/linux program design

getopt function usage in Linux:1. Function functions:The Getop function is used to parse command-line arguments with the '-' or '--' parameter option, removing '-' or '-' option elementsIf called repeatedly, it returns the selected character of each

Basics of getting Started with Linux

Basics of getting Started with Linux Linux birth Linux Release Notes Linux official website Linux Kernel official website A more famous Linux distribution Virtual machine (VM), a virtual system, system installed in the

20155202 Zhang Xu Linux under IPC mechanism

20155202 Zhang Xu Linux under IPC mechanism definition 在linux下的多个进程间的通信机制叫做IPC(inter-process communication), which is a way of communicating with each other across multiple processes. There are several ways of interprocess communication

Linux-practice (23-24)

23. Grep/egrep Regular Expression exercises:1) display lines in the/etc/passwd file that do not end with bash;For:# grep-v "bash$"/etc/passwd2) Locate the two-bit or three-bit integer in the result of the ifconfig command execution;For:# Ifconfig |

Notes Linux kernel Learning (eight) timer and time management

The concept of time in a kernelThe kernel calculates and manages time with the help of the hardware. The hardware provides a system timer for the kernel to calculate elapsed time. SystemThe system timer triggers itself at some frequency, resulting

Linux Compression Packaging Summary


1 Compression Packaging IntroductionThe compressed files under Linux haveLinux. Zip,.gz,.bz2,.xz,.tar.gz,.tar.bz2,.tar.xz2 gzip Compression ToolGzip Cannot compress directorySmall test:Compression pre-work:

Linux timed tasks in-depth learning

To create a cron service for the current user1. Type CRONTAB-E edit crontab service fileFor example, the contents of the file are:*/2 * * * */bin/sh/home/admin/jiaoben/buy/deletefile.shSave the file and exit*/2 * * *

Kfifo ring queue for the Linux kernel

1. PrefaceA ring buffer was used in the recent project, and the code was changed by the Kfifo of the Linux kernel. Buffers are often used in the file system to alleviate the CPU's read and write memory and the speed of reading and writing disks

Linux hardware resource management and peripheral device usage, system operation mechanism and user management

Linux Hardware resource ManagementPCI Devices        graphics             $>>DMESG |grep-i VGA [    0.000000] Console:colour vga+ 80x25[    0.262267] Vgaarb:device added:pci:0000:00:0f.0,decodes=io+mem,owns=io+mem,locks=none [     0.262271]

Installation of subversion under Linux

First chapter InstallationHere to install subversion-1.6.6 under RHEL5, for example1. Download the source packageDownload on Installing

Linux errno Error Table

errno defined in , the error Exx macro is defined in the Errno-base.h and errno.h under the/usr/include/asm-generic folder, respectively, defining the 1-34, 35-132 error definitions.The strerror () function returns an error description string based

Getting Started with Linux and basic operations

Getting Started with Linux and basic operations5. User Login The user is broadly divided into two types, ordinary users and root users, the difference is: The root user is a special management account, also known as Superuser, Root has nearly

[Linux file] write string instance with carriage return newline

 //This is based on the previous instance with the Strcat function resolved the carriage return line of the problem   #include    #include     #include   int main (int argc,char *argv[])  {    int fd;      //File Descriptor    int temp;  

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