Linux RedHat 7 Common Commands Summary

Linux RedHat 7 Common Commands Summary 、、、-----------------------Conquer Linux starting from the terminal-------------------------------------To clear the terminal in Linux:Type clear[Ctrl] + [l] = clear the terminal.[Ctrl] + [u] = clear when moving

Dahne-linux Basic-day07-aggregation links and Firewall Policy Management (beginner)

###############################################################################Configuring aggregation connections (NIC bindings)Team, aggregation connections (also known as Link aggregation)– A virtual network card formed with multiple network

Linux operational ENGINEER1.3 (configuring SMB Sharing, configuring NFS sharing)

ENGINEER1.3Configure the SMB shareSamba Service BasicsPurpose: Provide a shared folder for clientsProtocol: SMB (tcp139), CIFS (tcp445)Building a basic Samba service Installing the Samba Package #yum-y Install Samba2. Create a shared

How to run Kali Linux 2.0 in a Docker container

Https:// Linux is a well-known operating system for security testers and white hat. It comes with a lot of security-related programs, which makes it easy for penetration testing. Recently, Kali Linux 2.0 was released,

zabbix-Monitoring Linux Servers

First, Zabbix monitoring1. Turn off the firewall[Email protected] ~]# Systemctl stop Firewalld[Email protected] ~]# systemctl disable FIREWALLD Close SELinux [[Email protected] ~]# sed '

"Linux" "Services" "Docker" Docker File

Docker Images:Docker commitDockerfile: Text file, image file build script;Dockerfile: Consists of a series of specialized instruction sequences used to construct a new image file based on the underlying image;Directives: Select the base image,

linux--Kernel chain List

1, the definition of the kernel linked list in include/linux/list.hstructstruct list_head *next, *prev;};It is easy to see that the Linux kernel list is a doubly linked list.2, the Linux link list and the ordinary list differenceWe typically define

Linux System Resource View

Linux Process View command:First, the process on the Linux system and the viewing tools:Pstree,ps,pidof,pgrep,htop,glances,pmap,vmstat,dstat,Kill,pkill,job,bg,fg,nohup,nice,renice,killallCENTOS5:SYSV init//based on shell script implementation, start

Linux System SVN Installation Guide configuration instructions


LinuxSystemSvnInstallation Guide Configuration instructions1InstallationSvnPre-check:Check whether the installationSvn:Rpm-qa SubversionView InstallationSvnVersion information:Svnserve--versionIf an older version is present, uninstall the old

Small vegetable Seeds Linux Week study note "01"

The Linux Basic Law: Android:LINUX+JVM (Java Virtual machine on embedded platform) +java program JVM degrades performance and requires two translationsIos:Freebsd+object-c (Swift) writes a program that runs directly on the hardware, so it's

First entry to the Linux system

As Microsoft's old iron powder, see Microsoft into Linux so long, it is time to keep up with the script, or should lag behind, the pace is so fast, really let me take a surprise, said dry dry,No kidding, no one can stop. NET open source,

Linux Process Memory Analysis PMAP command

Transferred from: memory Map of a process (view information about the image of the processes)UsagePmap [-X |-d] [-Q] PIDs ...Pmap-vOption meaning-X Extended Show the extended

The admin1.1 of the Linux operation and maintenance way

admin1.1How to write a command line:What is a command:--linux command:An instruction or program used in a class of functions;Execution of the command depends on the interpreter (e.g. Bin/bash)Categories of--LINUX commands:-Internal command: part of

The admin1.1 of the Linux operation and maintenance way

admin1.1How to write a command line:What is a command:--linux command:An instruction or program used in a class of functions;Execution of the command depends on the interpreter (e.g. Bin/bash)Categories of--LINUX commands:-Internal command: part of

Linux system optimization

1th Linux System Optimization 1.1 viewing the version of the system[Email protected] oldboy]# cat/etc/redhat-6.9 (Final)1.1.1 Kernel version + 64-bit[Email protected] oldboy]# uname-R2.6. -696. el6.x86_64 kernel version bit 2. 6.32[

Linux kernel makefile and kconfig, and how to add your own code to the kernel

First, How does the Linux kernel organize the files in each directory tree and compile them? and build a kernel with specific features as needed? in theLinuxin the kernel, there are two types of files:Makefile,Kconfig. The two files are

Linux uses supervisor to manage processes

Now suppose a script is,, content isfo = open (' Xx.txt ', ' W ')While 1:Fo.write (' Hello World ')Print (' Hi ')Time.sleep (1)If you use Python then the console always print Hi, will not be able to do other work, you must xshell

Linux Cat Commands

The cat command is a text output command under Linux, usually for viewing the contents of a file;There are three major features of cat:1. Display the entire file at once.$ cat FileName2. Create a file from the keyboard.$ cat > FileNameOnly new files

Linux under partition command parted detailed

Partitioning tools are commonly used to divide the Fdisk command, but now the disk is getting cheaper, and disk space is getting bigger. The Fdisk tool has a size limit on partitions, which can only partition disks that are less than 2T. Now the

About Linux and Windows pass file garbled problem

Linux is generally encoded with utf-8, and when we edit a file on Windows it is gb2312 encoding. So the Chinese encoding will be garbled. It's really easy to correct the problem by simply converting the file into UTF-8 encoded format and then

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