Linux and weak passwords, big guy don't squirt

1. What is Linux?Linux is a free-to-use and free-to-propagate Unix-like operating system, a POSIX and Unix-based multiuser, multitasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. It can run major UNIX tools software, applications, and network

LINUX Note-date command

Show Current time:Command: [Email protected]:~$ date Thu 03:01:17 PDT [email protected]:~$ date ' +%x ' 08/31/201 7 Display date and set time:Command: Date--date 08:42:00The date-d parameter uses:date-d "Nov 22" This year's November 22 is

Linux SAR Command detailed

Reference Link: formats for SAR commandsSAR [Options] [-A] [-o file] t [n]whichT is the sampling interval, n is the number of samples, the default value is 1;-o file means that the command

Linux operation and Architecture-linux Foundation optimization

1. View Linux Versioncat/etc/redhat-6.9 (Final) ———— > view version number uname-m#x86_64 ———— > View System 64-bit /32-bit uname-R #2.6. -696. el6.x86_64 —————— > Kernel version2. Close SELinux and Iptables'

Linux File System Command ln

Command: LNFeatures: Linux under the file link function, the difference, soft link requires-s option, hard link does not need. The same is, all synchronous changes, but soft links do not need to occupy space, hard links occupy spaceUsage: Soft Link:

Using GIT commands and GitHub projects under Linux

Using GIT commands and GitHub projects under LinuxDescription: Tested OK on August 26, 2017 (metalworking)Build a git environment under Linux1, registered GitHub account, website: https://github.com2, Linux create SSH key:Method one: Ssh-keygen #

How to get the full path of the file in Linux

Get the various related methods of the path:Get file name:Basename/home/cuizhiliang344/note.txtNote.txtGet directory:Dirname/home/cuizhiliang344/note.txt/home/cuizhiliang344Get the full path from a fileMethod One:Readlink-f Note.txt/home/cuizhiliang3


To find convenience, move forward from all the used to copy the contents of one destination file into another file, which can be used for format conversion between different source filesExample:Arm-linux-objcopy–o binary–s file.elf

Linux under the Common Small command of the right to mention

Some novice friends after getting a webshell, if you see the server is Linux or UNIX operating system directly give up right, think that Linux or Unix power is difficult, not everyone can do, in fact, the power under Linux is not as difficult as

How to learn Linux

I use Linux primarily in a personal environment, so I'm going to explore Linux learning from this perspective.We usually use the computer for Internet browsing, real-time communication, word processing, e-mail, etc., which requires our desktop

Linux Comm Command to find the intersection of the file, the difference set

A () and B (3,4,5), the intersection of A and B is that the difference of 3,a to B is 1 and the difference of 2,b to A is 4 and the result of the difference between 5,a and B is 1, 2, 4, 5.You can use the Comm command to find these sets in

Learn the Linux system from scratch (i)

Linux system: Time-sharing multi-user multi-tasking operating system;Linux system Boot process:In the Inittab configuration file:Defines the 7 levels of the operation of the Linux system: from 0~60, 6: On behalf of the shutdown and restart, is not

Linux Operations Fundamentals (Hardware and operating systems)

Use of VMware workstation: virtual machine virtual machinesOn a host, the Software + hardware simulates the hardware device, and then installs the system on the virtual device, equivalent to the operation on the physical machine!Components of modern

Linux commands (4) LS

1. RoleView files and directories.2. Usagels "parameter" "Directory Name"Parameters:-A: Lists all files, including hidden files (files starting with.);-A: Lists all files, including hidden files, but not included. With the. These two directories;-D:

Linux proc maps file analysis

Proc/pid/maps shows the memory regions and access rights mapped by the process. The operation set in the corresponding kernel is proc_pid_maps_op, and the specific export function is Show_map. A segment of the process's address space in the kernel

One Linux command per day: Tar command

The TAR command creates archives for Linux files and directories. With tar, you can create files (backup files) for a specific file, or you can change files in the file or add new files to the file. Tar was originally used to create archives on tape,

Use SCP command to transfer between local file and server Linux file under Mac

For example: scp/users/kizaki/desktop/xx.mp4 [email protected]:/usr/fhome/videoThere are 3 common ways to copy files between different Linux:The first is FTP, which is one of the Linux installation FTP Server, so you can use an FTP client program to

Linux dual NIC Bindings

1 What is BondThe network card bond is a kind of common technology in the production scene, which is bound by multi-net cards as a logical NIC, which realizes the redundancy, bandwidth expansion and load balance of the local network card. Kernels 2.4

Analysis of Linux Bridge

Ext.: is bridging? Simply put, bridging is the "connection" of several network interfaces on a single machine. As a result, one of the messages received by one of the network ports is copied to the

"262" PSCP command for Windows and Linux to transfer files

First put the Pscp.exe file in a folderNew *.bat FileW-wx.bat Code@echo offpscp.exe-pw l*****h d:\windows-linux\data\* [email protected]:/home/ocean/alex/others/linux-windows/ DatapauseW-xw.bat Code@echo OFFPSCP.EXE-PW l*****h [email

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