Linux Common commands

1. The most critical commandMansEcho2. Directory File Operations CommandLS: View the file information or file information under the directoryDirPWD: Print the current pathCD: Change pathmkdir: Creating a pathRmDir: Delete PathCP: Copying Files or

Preparing your MacBook---linux commands (top)

LS Lists the sub-files in the current directoryLs-l the sub-file details in the current directory, of course, with "LL" can alsoLs-a list all files, including hidden files——————————————————————Create an empty directory mkdir the subordinate

The difference and correlation between embedded Linux and 51/430/stm32 embedded development

Embedded Linux and 51/430/stm32 Embedded development of the Difference and Association summary: Microcontroller series: 8051, MSP 430, STM32 f0-3 (ARM cortext m0-m3 series), etc.The main feature is that there is no memory management unit, no Linux

Linux Process Management

Process ManagementProcess ProcessesA process opened by an applicationPIDProcess IDType:User space ProcessKernel space ProcessTo view the status of a process statically# PS[[Email protected] ~]# PS>>>> View the process of this terminalPID TTY Time

CPU affinity in Linux (affinity)

0. Prepare knowledgeHyper-Threading Technology (hyper-threading): Using special hardware instructions, the two logical cores (CPU core) are simulated into two physical chips,Allows a single processor to use thread-level parallel computing, which is

Linux operation and architecture--full-network backup project Solution

1. Description of the project requirementsA company has more than one server, the data is very important, if the disk is broken, the data will be lost, so the company required to backup important server data in case of problems can be restored,

Linux System parameter Statistics script

#!/bin/shClearif[[ $#-eq 0]] Then#Define Variable reset_terminalreset_terminal=$(tput sgr0)#Check OS Typeos=$ (Uname-o) echo-E ' \e[36m '"Operating System Type:" $Reset _terminal $OS#Check OS realease Version and Nameos_name=$ (cat/etc/issue |

Read and write executable permission issues for folders and files under Linux system

Linux is a multi-user operating system, Linux for all files within the file system, the implementation of strict permissions division management. Prevents users who do not have permissions from accessing a file.The permissions of a Linux file or

Linux system composition

LinuxMainly applicable to server Open source2, more maximize the performance of hardware resourcesLinux System composition:Kernel kernel System Release ReleaseRHEL Red

Linux uses Mutt to send mail/attachments

Email is extremely handy with mutt, with just one command to send or bulk mailFunction Description: E-mail Management program.Syntax: Mutt [-hnprvxz][-a][-b][-c][-f][-F][-H][-i ][-m][-s][email address]Added: Mutt is a text-mode mail management

Linux user and file directory management

Linux User and Rights managementUser ManagementMulti-user multitasking operating systemUser typeAdministrator user rootNormal UserSystem User/program userUser-related files:/etc/passwd User InformationFormat:User name: X:uid:gid: Description

A detailed description of the compression and decompression commands commonly used in Linux

whether in Windows or Linux, we often see a variety of compressed files, now we need to use the decompression, in this introduction to the Linux decompression, compression commands. Before we do the experiment, we create several files, all 100M in

Use of compression and packaging under Linux


File directory Compression/DecompressionFile compression/decompression------GZIP/BZIP2/XZ1) gzip *.gzCompression:[Email protected] ~]# Gzip/file/1.txt[Email protected] ~]# file/file/1.txt.gz/file/1.txt.gz:gzip compressed data, was ' 1.txt ', from

Fastdfs installation and configuration of Distributed file system under Linux

1.fastdfs Distributed File System, the main functions of the file management, including file storage, file synchronization, file access (file upload and download), etc.Solves the problem of mass storage and load balancing.The two cores of the

Linux Command Encyclopedia

1 filesLs-rtl #按时间倒序列出所有目录和文件 (Ll-rt similar to LS-RTL)Touch File #创建空白的文件RM-RF Directory Name # does not prompt to delete non-empty directories (-R Recursive Delete, F Force)Dos2unix Windows text to Linux textUnix2dos Linux text to Windows texteNCA

Linux Primary shipping Koriyuki Directory Management Command (LS,CD,PWD,MKDIR)

ls command:-list directory contents Command Description: List Directory contentsCommon Command Options-L: Use a list of detailed formats.-A: Lists all files and directories (used to display hidden files that begin with.).-A: Displays all files and

Mp4v2 porting and brief introduction of MP4 video recording library under embedded Linux

*************************************************************************************************************** ************Easywave Time: 2014.10.31Category: Linux application-mp4 video recording library mp4v2 transplant experience and brief


1. First use Help to understand Su, sudo su, sudo2. Second, understand "login Shell" and "interactive shell"."When Bash starts executes the commands in a variety of different scripts.(1) When started as an interactive login Shell:bash reads and

Linux Multi-process multithreading related concepts

process : An executable is a static entity that is stored on a disk device by code and data that is organized in a format, while a process is dynamically run by the code that can be dispatched. In a Linux system, each process has its own life cycle.

Linux multithreaded Programming-sleep and pthread_cond_timedwait

#include #include int flag = 1;     void * THR_FN (void * arg) {while (flag) {printf ("******\n");   Sleep (10); } printf ("Sleep test thread exit\n");   } int main () {pthread_t thread;     if (0! = pthread_create (&thread, NULL, THR_FN, NULL))

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