Linux commands commonly used by system administrators

Organize some basic system administration commands for Linux as a memo=========================================================================To view a file or edit a

Linux virtual machines build local Yum source

Configuration of Yum Local sourceThis tutorial is to install red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in a virtual machine as an example of using the ISO file for Yum Local source configuration. The following software is used:(1) Virtual machine: Vmware

[MMC] Identification and operation of Mmc/sd/sdio under Linux

Transferred from: know that in the process of scanning the card, the host is identified in the order of Sdio SD MMC, and it is important to note that this order is in its annotations. In this

Linux command Learning-send a command every day-mkdir

Linux Command of Learning - send a command every day -mkdirmkdir command to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name

Linux Fifth week micro jobs

1, describe the network bridge, hub, two-layer switch, layer three switch, router functions, usage scenarios and differences.1) Hub:Hub is a device that connects multiple Ethernet twisted-pair or fiber-optic assemblies to the same piece of physical

Linux IO mode

Original address: 1190000003063859What is the difference between synchronous IO and asynchronous Io, what is blocking IO and non-blocking IO respectively? The answers given by different people in different contexts are different. So first limit the

User creation of Linux scripts

Script Requirements :1. Write a script, the execution syntax of the script must username-m password, options and parameters can support multiple spaces, but can not be reversed in order. When the correct option or

Some of the Sao actions of the Linux Bash prompt

When you open a Shell terminal in a Linux environment, you will see a Bash prompt similar to the following in the command line: [[email protected] $host ~]$ do you know that the command line prompt can actually be set to add many very useful

Summary of several ways of inter-process communication between Linux--linux kernel anatomy (vii)

Inter-process Communication overview Process communication purposes Transferring DataA process needs to send its data to another process. The amount of data sent is between one byte and a few m bytes Sharing DataMultiple processes want

GNU Linux high Concurrency performance optimization scheme

/************************************************************ Author:samson* date:07/14/2015* Test Platform:* GCC (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) 4.8.2* GNU Bash, 4.3.11 (1)-release (X86_64-PC-LINUX-GNU)* Nginx Version:* Nginx 1.6.2* Nginx 1.8.0* **********

Linux Basic Tutorial---settings file owner, group

We're working on Linux to tell the file which owner it belongs to and which group it is. So we need to know how to set up ":Set the file owner, groupChown:change owner>chown Master filename>chown. Group filename>chown, master. Group filename>chown-r

SVN Linux server-side configuration

A. SVN introduction to Subversion is an open source version control system, which means that subversion manages data that changes over time. This data is placed in a central data archive (repository). This archive is very much like a regular

Simple commands for Linux

1. Some simple commands① Open File Command format:CD [Directory name]The directory name has a few symbols that have a special meaning, "..." Represents the Previous directory, the "~" represents the home directory, and "-" represents the preceding

Cigarette Smoker---------Linux bash basic feature variables (3)

Variableprogram = instruction (read-only) + data (location variables, lists, arrays of data stores)Directives can be called through positional variables, and data passed to the scriptA variable name can refer to a "named Memory Space": The memory

The role of Linux directories

/etcThis directory is used to store the configuration files and subdirectories required for system administration./binBin is the abbreviation for binary. This directory inherits the structure of the UNIX system and stores the commands most often

Applying Su and sudo to Linux systems

In daily operation in order to avoid some mis-operation, more secure management system, usually use the user identity is ordinary users, rather than root. When you need to perform some administrator command operation, then switch to the root user to

Getting Message Queuing information under Linux

In the program you want to get the message queue length you can use the properties of Message Queuing This data structure: Requires # include /* one msqid structure for each queue on the system */structmsqid_ds {    structipc_perm

Reproduced Linux Backdoor finishing collection (pulse recommended)

I'm thinking about getting in touch .... It is forbidden to reprint ....Brief introductionUse Unix/linux's own Bash and Crond to achieve remote control, and keep bouncing off-line to the public network machine.Utilization methodCreate a/etc/xxxx

The difference between the Linux program storage structure and the process structure heap and stack

absrtact: This article mainly describes the Linux system. Program storage structure ( code area, data segment and BBS area ) and the basic structure of the process ( code area, data segment, BBS area, heap and Stack ). And the difference between

Cigarette Smoker---------Linux bash basic feature variables (3)

Variableprogram = instruction (read-only) + data (location variables, lists, arrays of data stores)Directives can be called through positional variables, and data passed to the scriptA variable name can refer to a "named Memory Space": The memory

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