Linux Server access_log log analysis and configuration details (ii)

Which folder is the default Nginx/linux log in?Error.log files and Access.log files that are typically below the pathError_log Logs/error.log; #错误日志Access_log Logs/access.log; #访问日志1. Access_log Access log access_log is

Use the tree command to view the directory structure under Linux

Linux files are hierarchical structure, but we usually log on to the host when the use of a variety of shell and no graphical interface, it does not seem intuitive, Linux has a small command called tree, you can display the file structure in the

Basic commands common to Linux

1 man command: View Help informationMan commandNAME: A simple description of the commandSynopsis: Instructions for using formats for commandsDESCRIPTION: Detailed instruction information for the commandOpetions: Description of the command options2

Common commands in Linux

There are a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux are never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many, we only need to master the common commands, we can find the man when we use it, and help you solve many problems.

The lsof of Linux commands

First, the basic introduction(1) The lsof command is used to view the files that you have opened, the process of opening the files, the ports that the process opened (TCP, UDP).(2) Retrieve/recover deleted files.Second, lsof GrammarLsof (optional)

Discussion on the problem of operation not permitted caused by UDP sending large number of requests under Linux

I. Background of the problemAt present, the company is prepared to micro-service architecture model, in contrast to a large number of API gateways, finally selected Kong as our API Gateway, after a lot of research, ah yuck, after stepping on the pit,

View Linux system load

Security code: There is no degree of loneliness is impossible to have inner peace.1. ConceptLoad information has 3 values, the first value represents the average load value of the system within 1 minutes , the second value represents the average

Linux Base _ File directory Management

Directory/File Management  Directory Management:1.ls2.cd3.pwd4.tree: Viewing the directory tree5.mkdir: Create an empty directory-P: Create parent Directory-V: Show the process of creation    Command line expansion:Mkdir-pv/mnt/test/{x/m,y} #

Some instructions on Linux system

Ifconfig,echo,tty,startx,export,pwd,history,shutdown,poweroff,reboot,hwclock,dateIfconfigFormat: ifconfig [network Devices] [parameters]Purpose: View and configure network devicesParameters-A view opened port information-S Display summary

How to force kill process under Linux

General article:First, use PS to view the process as follows:$ ps-ef... smx 1822 1 0 11:38? 00:00:49 gnome-terminalsmx 1823 1822 0 11:38? 00:00:00 gnome-pty-helpersmx 1824 1822 0 11:38 pts/0 00:00:02 bashsmx 1827 1 4 11:38? 00:26:28/usr/lib/firefox-3

Startup items under Linux


/etc/profile This is also the startup script. And the priority is very high oh.The following are all online search(1) Edit File/etc/rc.localInput command: Vim/etc/rc.local will appear a text fragment similar to the following:#!/bin/sh## This script

Linux command--MV

Linux--mvMV is often used to make backupsCommand parameters:-B: Overwrite the previous backup if you need to overwrite the file.-f:force mandatory Meaning, if the target file already exists, will not be asked and directly covered;-I: If the target

Linux installation Lamp

Installing the Package CompilerGcc-v See if there are anyYum Install GCC gcc-c++ MackRpm-q httpd to see if HTTP is installedRPM-E httpd--nodeps Uninstalling packages and dependenciesTAR-ZXF apr-1.5.1.tar.gz Extract Apr PackageCD apr-1.5.1./configure-

Linux basic Commands

How to use the commandShutdown--helpShutdown--?Man shutdown these three ways can beShutdown's wrong, he'll have a clue.Which command does not know how to use, ask a man on itMan is manual handbook, manual Hand, manualClearClear is the clear screen,

Linux system security

Method One: The password is complex enoughThe length of the password is greater than 8 bits, preferably greater than 14 bits. The complexity of a password is a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters, and a special

Linux Fundamentals 14

DNS: Domain name resolution (Nmae System)Forward parsing:Based on the host name (domain name) to find its corresponding IP address, which is the most basic, most commonly used featuresReverse parsing:Find its corresponding host name (domain name)

Git uses a simple tutorial-(from Linux people)

What is gitGit is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system in the world. Originally written by Linus Torvalds, used as the management of Linux kernel code. If you are a Windows user, you may be worried about "is it only

Linux system Programming: Thread Synchronization-semaphore (semaphore)

Thread synchronization-semaphore (semaphore)Rethinking the problems of producers and consumersIn real life, there is only a commodity. Consumers will be able to consume, that's fine.But the production of producers is not unlimited. For example, the

The Linux thread pool is simple to apply on the server

I. Descriptive narrative of the problemNow take the C/s architecture as an example. The client sends a number to the server to find, and the server side initiates the thread in the thread to make the corresponding query. Displays the results of the

Windows, Linux upload and download from FTP server via FTP

Recently need to use the file upload and download, view the system we used, found that there is a process for t_ftpd, suspected that it is an FTP daemon, and then want to be implemented in the FTP way.Implemented using the Bat script on

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