Trojan Horse and Clear Trojan in Linux server

I. BACKGROUNDAt night to see a server traffic runs very high, obviously and usually not the same, the flow reached 800Mbps, the first feeling should be in the Trojan, was people as a broiler, in a large number of contracts.Our server for the best

The eighth chapter of Linux Device Drivers allocates memory--note

This chapter focuses on the memory management of the Linux kernel. Inside of the Kmalloc function Incorrect acquisition of memory space zeroing The allocated area is also contiguous in physical memory Flags, number of references

Linux builds DNS two multi-domain name resolution

Linux builds DNS two multi-domain name resolutionContinue on an articleSVR5 Server CENTTOS6 Client CENTOS6 Zone (append in

Linux Little Exercise

1. Display the lines in the/proc/meminfo file that begin with size s:Law One:Law II:FahsarmLaw IV:2. Displays the lines in the/etc/passwd file that do not end in/bin/bash:3. Show user RPC default shell program:4. Find out the two-bit or three-digit

Linux users, groups, and Rights Management (II)

The previous article completed some user and group management commands, followed by rights managementRights Management :Each directory or file has a corresponding permission bit to restrict whether the user has permission to "use"Process Security

Setup of crontab timed tasks for Linux applications

The implementation of Linux timing tasks are: cron, Anacron, at, and so on, here mainly about cron services.Noun Explanation:Cron is the service name, Crond is a background process, and crontab is a custom-made scheduled task table.Package

Linux write-time copy technology (Copy-on-write)

A glimpse of cow technology:In a Linux program, fork () produces a child process that is exactly the same as the parent process, but the child process will then be called by the Exec system, and for efficiency reasons, the "copy-on-write" technique

Linux Basic Knowledge day-8

Shell Introduction:The shell is an instruction parser outside the core program kernel, a program, and a command language and programming language.The shell is the command parser, the user enters the command, it parses, and then gives the kernel to

The compilation process of GCC under Linux

The development of Linux will inevitably use the GCC compilation. GCC (GNU Compiler Collection. GNU compiler Set), is a programming language compiler developed by GNU. It is a free software issued by the GNU compiler bundle under the GPL license,

Linux Operating System Fundamentals (vii)

Linux Service (ii) 1.NFS service constructionInstallation:Yum Install Rpcbind nfs-utils-yConfiguration:The NFS service configuration file is/etc/exports, which is the primary NFS configuration file, but the system does not have a default value, so

Day 9 Linux Samba & Ngnix

(excerpt) Samba servicesI. Introduction of SAMBASamba is a free software that implements the SMB protocol on Linux and UNIX systems, consisting of servers and client programs. SMB (Server Messages block, information service blocks) is a kind of

Basic knowledge of Linux (vii)

Basic knowledge of Linux (vii)One, Service for NFSNFS is the abbreviation for the network file system, which is the web filesystem. A contract for the decentralized file system, developed by Sun, was announced in 1984. The function is to enable

Linux environment Programming--waitpid and fork and EXECLP

Waitpid Waitpid (Waiting for the child process to break or end)Table header File#include #include Define function pid_t waitpid (pid_t pid,int * status,int options);Function descriptionWaitpid () will temporarily stop the execution of the current

Linux Basic Command--tree

Linux Basic Command--treeEdit article650) this.width=650; "Src=" auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "style=" Border:0px;vertical-align:middle;height:auto; "alt="

3 Special permissions for Linux

3 Special permissions for LinuxSpecial privileges are divided into 3 types, namely:SUID: Acting on the user; can only be used for executable binaries Sgid: Acting on the owning group, only for executable binary sticky: sticky bits. Act on someone

Linux Getting Started Basics command (iv)

Linux Getting Started Basics command (iv)File system and Directory structure:650) this.width=650; "Src=" auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "style="

Linux Getting Started basic command-CP

Linux Getting Started basic command-CPThe CP format has the following types of650) this.width=650; "Src=" auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "style="

Linux Getting Started Basics command (iv)

Linux Getting Started Basics command (iv)File system and Directory structure:650) this.width=650; "Src=" auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "style="

Linux~sh script a bit of your own summary

From the. Netcore Open source project, Eshoponcontainers, its deployment is cross-platform, can be deployed on Linux,docker, run on Linux it can also write some integrated small scripts, This is an SH script that engineers provide us with a

Linux file system 1 basic file types and Inode

Basic file Typesnormal files : The file contains information that is generated by the user, system, or application input, without any internal modification in the file system, as a purely byte : Contains a list of file names and

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