Linux Foundation II

Linux Command classificationInternal command: belongs to Shell interpreterExternal command: independent of Shell interpreterCheck command typeType: Check the types of command words[[Email protected] ~]# type lsLS is an alias of ' LS--color=auto '————

Linux Basic Three


Cat: View All (cons: Inconvenient to view when there is more content)Format: Cat [options] File nameCommon Command Options-N: Add a line number before each line[Email protected] Desktop]# cat-n/etc/passwd1 Root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash2

Linux drivers manually bind and Unbind

Starting with 2.6.13-RC3, the Linux kernel provides the ability to dynamically bind and Unbind devices and device drivers in user space. Prior to this, the insmod can only be bound and reconciled through the modprobe and rmmod, and this binding and

Basic knowledge of Linux (Iv.)

Basic knowledge of Linux (Iv.)One, 1. System monitoring and Process control tools-top and free1) Mastering the function of the top command: The top command is a common performance analysis tool under Linux that shows the resource usage of each

Linux server usage and SCP commands

\SVN Delete all the. svn filesfind-name. Svn-type d-exec rm-fr {} \;  linux CP/SCP Command +SCP command detailedName: CPUsage rights: All usersHow to use:CP [Options] Source DestCP [options] source ... directoryNote: Copy one file to another file,

Linux basic commands

ls [-ALIHD] file directory query the contents of the directory:-A: Show all files, including hidden files;-L: Show file details;-I: Display inode;-h: humanized display file size;-d: View Directory propertiesDirectory processing commandsmkdir [-MP]

Linux Basics (2)

Linux basic problemJob One:1) New user natasha,uid is 1000,gid to 555, note information is "master"Useradd NatashaGroupmod-g 555 Natashausermod-u 1000-c Master Natasha2) Modify Natasha user's home directory for/natashausermod-d/home/natasha Natasha3)

Linux additions and deletions change

Linux additions and Deletions change commandObjective:Now more and more people in the work of the use of Linux, its powerful features, system open source, for engineers to provide a particularly good working environment, of course, one of the main

4. Linux Build Group

Create a user process manually1) New user natasha,uid is 1000,gid to 555, note information is "master"vim/etc/passwdNatasha:x:1000:555:master:/home/natasha:/bin/bash2) Modify Natasha user's home directory for/natasha[Email protected] ~]#

Linux Command permissions

Homework One1, the new user Natasha,uid, GID is 555, the note information is "master"Groupadd-g 555 Natashauseradd-g 555-u 1000-c Master NatshaModify Natasha user's home directory to/natashaView the last line of the user information profileSet the

Installing NMAP Scan Tool under Linux

Nmap is a popular network scanning and sniffing tools, widely used in the field of hackers to do vulnerability detection and security scanning, more nmap is a good network tool, in the production and development is also often used, mainly to do port

Linux root directory expansion

1. View the newly added disks as follows:/DEV/SDE for newly added disks The following script can be used to scanEcho '---' >/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan [[email protected] ~]# fdisk-l disk/dev/sda:21.5 GB, 21474836480 bytes255 heads,

Linux Starter Base--linux user base

This content is Linux user base, related content see Linux change username and Ubuntu change username and host name.User. GroupWhen we use Linux, we need to log in as a user, and a process needs to be executed as a user. Users restrict which

Linux kernel gets current process path analysis

A simple question to get the current process under Linux. We all know that getting the current process in the kernel can take advantage of the present macro#define get_current () (Current_thread_info ()->task)#define current get_current

Basic commands for the Linux Foundation

First, Linux basic commands and how to get helpFormat of the 1.Linux commandCommand + options = parameterA) command: Tell the Linux (UNIX) operating system what to do (execute).b) Option: Describes how the command runs (you can change the function

Linux operating System Fundamentals (II.)

Command creation User: UseraddTo create a user manually:/etc/passwd/etc/shadow/etc/gshadow/home/User name//var/spool/mailID user to view the user's personal information.User home directory of hidden files template/etc/skelLs-ld Viewing directory

Linux version of Mimikaz

A tool to dump the login password from the current Linux desktop user. Adapted from the idea behind the popular Windows tool Mimikatz.Https:// Takes advantage of cleartext credentials in memory by

Linux Find command detailed

Find detailedThe Linux system has two commands to find files on the file system that match the query criteria: Locate Find 1. Locate commandThe locate command is primarily used to find system files with the following operating

Compression and decompression tools commonly used in Linux systems

Compression and decompression tools commonly used in Linux systemsCompression: An operation that takes time to change space;Principles of compression: marking and substitution;Compression ratio: The ratio of the size of the compressed file before

The DD command in Linux

The DD command copies a file with a block of the specified size and makes the specified conversion at the same time as the copy.How to use: DD [OPERAND]Parameter comment:  bs=BYTES        read and write BYTES  bytes at a time  (also see ibs=,obs=)   

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