Linux-centos7 installing VMware Workstation 12


Transferred from: Download VMwareConnect to address and download the Linux version of VMware. My download

Kali-linux Installing and configuring NVIDIA graphics drivers

The graphics driver is the program used to drive the graphics card, which is the software that the hardware corresponds to. The driver is a small piece of code that is added to the operating system, which contains information about the hardware

Linux operations must be the face of the question (a)

One, Varnish, Nginx, squid the advantages and disadvantages of their respective cachesTo do the cache service, we must choose the professional cache service, the first choice squid and varnish. Varnish Nginx Squid

File system and Linux-related knowledge points

A file system is a subsystem that manages persistent data in the operating system, providing data storage and access capabilities. For server developers, the focus is on the UNIX (Linux) environment of the file system, such as partition and disk

Linux Learning Note---command ping

  The ping command of a Linux system is a common network command, which is often used to test connectivity with the target host, and we often say "ping a machine, see if it is open," or "you ping the gateway address" Before you open the

Linux kernel Note: epoll implementation principle

I. DescriptionThe target kernel version is 4.4.10.This article is just my own view of the source of simple notes, if you want to understand the implementation of Epoll, strongly recommend the following article:The implementation of Epoll (1)The


Touch Command 1. Command format:touch [Options] ... File...2. Command parameters:-A or--time=atime or--time=access or--time=use only change the access time.-C or--no-create does not establish any documents.-D uses the specified date time instead of

Google test (Gtest) testing environment under Linux setup steps

1. Download GtestDownload Link: the latest version of Gtest is, so we will use this version as an example in this article.2. Understanding foldersAfter downloading and

Linux Programming-Socket options (15th)

now it is possible to improve the client program so that it can connect to any host with no name, this time instead of connecting to the Demo sample server, but connecting to a standard service so that it can demonstrate the port number extraction

Kali-linux Kill payload Generation tool veil

Veil is a compatible payload tool built using the Metasploit framework and bypasses common antivirus software in most network environments. This section describes the installation and use of the Veil tool.In Kali Linux, the Veil tool is not

Meng New Linux Learning Path (eight)

First, Openssh-serverFunction: Allow remote host to access sshd service over the network, start a secure shellSecond, the Client connection modeSSH remote host user @ remote host IP650) this.width=650; "src="

Linux yum download to local and use local cache install package

Due to network security reasons, the server is not allowed on the public network, there are 2 kinds of solutions to solve this problem1. Build a Yum server2. Use the Yum download cache for encapsulation and then use the cache to installHere we talk

Project error on Linux unable to find hostname solution

Project error cannot find host name solutionSometimes our project is running locally without problems, but it's a mistake to deploy to a Linux server.Error: hostname: hostname cannot find host name.Workaround:Modify

The LS command in Linux is used in detail

Article turned from: in the study of Linux, through the blog park to better comb to strengthen the knowledge learned.The LS command is one of the most commonly used commands under Linux,

Linux Learning Unit 9

Unit9.openssh-server1.openssh-serverfunction: Allow remote host to access SSHD service over the network, start a secure shell2. Client Connection modeSSH Remote Host user @ remote host IP[[email protected] ~]# ssh [email protected]The authenticity

Linux Installation Development Tools

In the study of Linux on the journey, encountered a variety of problems, has been resolved to take notesKey installation[more detailed explanation from] pagesInstalling the LNMP stable versionWget-c

xmanager-Unable to connect Linux problem solving method

1. Shut down the Linux system after the firewall is restarted permanently: on: Chkconfig iptables on off: chkconfig iptables off in immediate effect, after reboot: On: Service iptables start off: Serv Ice iptables stop 2. Shut down the firewall for

Basic Linux commands for deploying projects under Linux

2017-03-23:All commands can be used * *--help to view Help CD-To-Change directory Function: Switch directory Format: CD [catalogue] Usage CD ~ Current User Directory CD/root directory Cd..

Analysis of the relationship between Linux and JVM memory

Source: Group of technical TeamIntroductionOn some servers with physical memory of 8g, the main running of a Java service, the system memory allocation is as follows: Java service JVM heap size is set to 6g, a monitoring process consumes about

Linux Remote forced restart/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq/proc/sysrq-trigger

1. # echo 1 >/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq2. # echo B >/proc/sysrq-trigger1./proc/sys/kernel/sysrq1 is written to the SysRq file in order to turn on the SysRq feature. According to Linux/documentations/sysrq.txt, SYSRQ represents the Magic System Request

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