A detailed description of the Linux select function

Original address: Http://www.cnblogs.com/ccsccs/articles/4224253.html "invasion and deletion"In Linux, we can use the Select function to reuse the I/O port, and the parameters passed to the Select function tell the kernel:? The file descriptor that

General summary of Linux work

1. Search  In VI and VIM if you open a large file, it is not easy to find the corresponding content, you can use your own search keywords to search and locate:In the VI and VIM interface input: "/" (backslash), then there will be an input box for

Linux System Basics-Embedded WebEx Learning notes for the 4412 Development Board

1. What is Linux system programmingMore information: http://topeetboard.com More about: https://arm-board.taobao.comLinux system programming is divided into three parts: system calls, C libraries, and C compilers.System call system programming is

Linux Coredump Solution Process

First, open the core file limitA.sudo Vi/etc/profileB. Add Ulimit-c Unlimited at the end of the fileSource/etc/profileReload the file into memory[Email protected]:~/code# ulimit-cUnlimitedIndicates that the core file limit has been taken

Linux Operating System Primer learning

Users can link the virtual machine through Xmanager, currently only know two ways to link: one, the SSH command "host name @ Host Physical address attempt to connect, second, the new link host. Both methods require entering the virtual machine by

SH, batch execution of Linux commands

Step 1: Create an SH batch command file# vim/etc/batch_ssh/install_redis.shStep 2: To the current user, be able to execute SH script permissions# chmod install_redis.sh 777Step 3: Write the command to be executed in bulk, read to wait for the

Linux Kernel 4.11 First candidate version open for download

Linus Torvalds announces the first candidate (RC) version of the upcoming Linux Kernel 4.11 Kernel branch, which users can download, compile, and test in their own gnu/linux releases. Linus Torvalds said: "This is a fairly normal version from the

Linux kill processes with CPUs greater than 50% every 1 seconds

1. Create a new/test/killcpu.sh shell script and grant permissions 0755#!/bin/bashPS axf-o "pid%cpu" | awk ' {if ($2>=50.0) print $} ' | While Read procidDoKill-9 $procidDone2. Installing crontabYum-y Install Vixie-cron3. View Scheduled Tasks

One Linux command per day (LS)

Premise: The file path is described in only 1 disks, called the root directory/absolute path: The file path described in the root directory, such as/A/B/C. The path description method with the/head must be an absolute path relative to the path: The

Basic Linux Knowledge

Basic Linux Knowledge1. Interface1) GUI: Graphical interface Interface gnome is a visual interface, a beginner is best to start with this interface, written in C language;2) CLI: Command line interface, when a Linux minimum installation is only this

Linux programming to your program back door

The "Back door" here is not to teach you to do bad things, but to let you do good, build your own debugging tools to better debug development. We all know that when the program has an exception error, we need to locate the error, and sometimes we

11. Self-Learning Linux path: User and Rights Management

Permissions:For files:READ: Read (R)R: Available cat,more,less to view, you can use the Content view Class command to display related content.Write: Write (W)W: You can use the Content editor to modify its contents.Executable: Execute (x)X: It can

Linux Basic Command Introduction-1

due to work needs , recently reviewed the basics of Linux, read the Marco video, listen to listen, or do a note, deepen the impression it. Share the knowledge points of learning. About choosing a release, personal preference for CentOS, fully

Getting Started with Linux basics-File system Architecture (IV)

Program Compilation Method :Dynamic Links:Dynamic linking saves system resourcesStatic compilation:The compiled file volume is larger than the dynamic link and can be ported to any server running, but may have more resourcesType of process:Terminal:

Linux Common Command points

①cd:change DirectoryCD: The home directory is returned by default without any parameters.CD ~username: Enter the home directory of the specified userCD-: Switch back and forth between the current directory and the previous directoryIi<> must choose[]

(24) Linux new timer: TIMEFD and related operation function

TIMERFD is a timer interface provided by Linux for the user program. This interface is based on file descriptors, and can be used for select/poll scenarios by using the file descriptor's readable event for timeout notification.One, related operation

Getting Started with Linux Basics (ii)

the philosophical thinking of Linux :1. All documents: Abstract almost all resources into the form of documents, including hardware devices, and even communication interfaces;Open (), read (), write (), close (), delete (), create ()2. Consists of a

Linux system boot up process

Linux boot-up process:1. Press the power buttonSupplementary: The main hardware of computer case is: motherboard, hard disk, optical drive, CPU, memory, video card, sound card, network card2. Initializing and detecting hardware using the BIOS

Linux Learning Notes

What is the criterion of if in the shell language for if else statements, after the IF command, if the exit status code is 0, executes the statement after then, otherwise executes the statement following the else. Cases: #!/bin/bash

First, the basic knowledge of Linux

Linux the philosophical Thought1 , all documents;Organize almost all resources, including hardware devices, into file formats;2 , consisting of numerous single-purpose small programs;A program to implement only one function, and to do a good job,

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