Linux basic Commands-logoff, shutdown, reboot

One, logout, shutdown, restart Unregister the system's logout command 1,logout Logout is the relative operation of landing, after the landing system, to leave the system, the user simply issued the Logout command can be: [Root@localhost Root]

Linux Ports and services

first, port and service relationships The corresponding relationship between the port number and the corresponding service is stored in the/etc/services file, where most of the ports are found. Using the netstat command The name of the service

How Linux sets up the network in VMware

If your XXX card is not supported by the kernel, and you fear that your own compiled kernel will cause system damage, you can try this method ^_^ VMware Three network connection Internet settings: 1.bridge: Default Use Vmnet0 The IP settings of

A simple way to switch graphics and character interface under Linux

1. The graphical interface switches to the character interface Press [alt+crtl+f1]~[Alt+crtl+f6] under the image interface to switch to the character interface   2. The character interface switches to the graphical interface (1) Under the

The method of opening SSH key login for VPS server of Linux system

For VPS Security, I opened the VPS SSH key login settings, through the Goole search data, the operation was successful. The following is an action record. This assumes that as root, the IP of the VPS is The first step: the creation of a

11 Linux terminal commands that surprise you

I've been using Linux for 10 years, and I'm going to show you a series of commands, tools, and techniques from the beginning, and I hope someone tells me that from the start, not the way I've been growing. 1. command line daily system

A tutorial on using Conky to monitor system running information under Linux

Conky is a System Monitor written in the ' C ' language and released under the GNU GPL and the BSD license agreement, which is available in both Linux and BSD operating systems. This application is based on the X-Windows system, which originally

How to extract multiple compressed files in Linux at the same time in Deepin


The file can be decompressed on the Deepin command line on the Linux system, and the Deepin command line can also extract multiple tarball files at the same time. So how do Linux in the Deepin simultaneous decompression of multiple compressed files?

Finding hidden files in Linux using the Find command

We can use the Find command on Linux or Unix systems to query all (all) hidden files The basic syntax is as follows: The code is as follows: [ ~] #find/The text/pieces/clips/-name to find ". *"-print Explain: 1. ". *" indicates

View 80 port numbers to occupy Windows and Linux

1. How to view 80 port occupancy under Windows? Which process is occupied by? How to terminate. Here is the main use of Windows under the DOS tool, click "Start"-"Run", enter "CMD" after the click on the OK button to enter the DOS window, and then

Introduction to 6 interesting terminal tools in Linux

1. PV command You may have seen the mock captions in the movie, they seem to have been knocked out in real time. Wouldn't it be nice if I could achieve this effect in the terminal? This can be done. We can install the ' PV ' command on Linux

Method of modifying character encoding of text in Linux system

As we know, computers can only handle low-level binary values and cannot handle characters directly. When a text file is stored, each character in the file is mapped to a binary value, which is actually stored on the hard disk by the binary value.

How Linux uses SSH to transfer files to FTP space for backup

In the Linux system, the file can be transferred to the FPT space through SSH, some important data backup, then how to achieve the transfer of the file? Small series to give you a detailed introduction to Linux using SSH to transfer files to the FTP

Automation Variables in Linux

Automation Variables in Linux In a pattern rule, the target and dependent file name of a rule represents a class of file names; A rule's command is a description of all this type of file rebuilding process, and obviously, no specific file name

Methods for using Curl to customize HTTP headers under Linux systems

Curl is a powerful command-line tool that can pass information to the server or get data from the server over the network. He supports a wide range of transport protocols, especially HTTP/HTTPS and others such as Ftp/ftps, RTSP, Pop3/pop3s, SCP, and

How to deploy a Javaweb project to Linux

The following is a detailed analysis of the method of deploying the Javaweb project to Linux, the need for a friend to come to the reference Typically developed under Windows, now deployed to Linux:1, the project to reach the war package (with

Linux generate random Password/modify password

Linux generates random password methods: Strings/dev/urandom | Grep-o ' [[: Alnum:]] ' | Head-n 30 | Tr-d ' n '; Echo Linux Modify Password Method: passwd Root Then enter the new password two times Root can be replaced by the user who needs to

Linux under the schema log server

One: Principle: Logging is important to the security of the system, and it records a variety of things that happen to the system every day that users can use to check the cause of the error or to find Traces left by the attackers. The main

How do mail functions in Linux not send messages

SendMail component not installed or started 1. Reinstall the SendMail component, I use the CentOS, install with the following command Yum Install SendMail 2. Restart the PHP-FPM process using the following command /ETC/INIT.D/PHP-FPM restart 3.

Linux File Permissions settings

The three most basic permissions for a file are read and write execution R, read, can read files, directories can list directories of files listing 4 W, write, can modify delete file, for directory can create delete file 2 X, execute, can execute

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