The idea of Linux system optimization

Linux operating system is an open source product, but also an open source software practice and application platform, in this platform there are countless open source software support, our common Apache, tomcat, MySQL, PHP and so on, the biggest

Argument list too long error when passing parameters under Linux

This article is a few days ago in the forum a friend raised the question, today is free, sorted out, released for your reference! When Linux tries to pass too many parameters to a system command (LS *; CP *; RM *; cat *; etc) , the "Argument list

How to customize Linux operating system environment variables

Linux is a multi-user operating system. After each user logs on to the system, there will be a dedicated running environment. Typically, the default environment for each user is the same, and this default environment is actually the definition of a

How to monitor the resource status of Linux through LoadRunner

When we use LR for performance testing, we often have a need to monitor the OS's resource usage. For Windows system, this work is very convenient, directly in the LR Resource Monitoring window to add the need to be monitored by the machine name or

Linux system memory Usage experience

Today because to explain the size of the available memory in the system, with Google to see a half-day, there is a Guan Tian in the CU, the competition has not found a better chapter, it is estimated that a lot of people did not notice, understand

Ways to remove the Linux boot interface and considerations

People who have played Linux know that in the original system installed Linux, the system boot will show the Linux boot management interface, when we deleted the Linux one day, but found that the Linux boot management interface is still in, then we

Method of detecting whether U disk is connected on Linux system

Linux file system is asynchronous, that is to write a file is not immediately saved to the media (hard disk, u disk, etc.), but stored in the buffer, and so accumulated to a certain extent and then saved to the media. Linux file system is

Several methods to strengthen the security of Enterprise Linux system

There is no absolute security system in the world, and even the generally stable Linux system has deficiencies in management and security. We expect the system to work as low risk as possible, and this will strengthen the management of system

How to set up a high-capacity linux POP3 server

One: Overview The purpose of this article is to describe how to use open source software procmail and Qpopper to configure a POP3 server that can be used by a large number of users, with a focus on maintaining optimal server performance. Two:

Linux server configuration dns--with bind

As we all know, Linux does not catch up with Windows popularity and ease of use on desktop applications, but it is precisely because of its seemingly troublesome command-line operations that make it more secure than Windows, which uses a graphical

How to use the Find command in Linux

There are two ways to find files: First, locate: not real-time search, fuzzy matching, search based on system-wide file database; fast # UpdateDB: is to manually generate a file database; fast Second, find: real-time search, accurate matching,

Basic network equipment on Linux

Introduction to Linux Abstract network devices Similar to disk devices, Linux users want to use the network function, not through direct operation of the hardware, but need to directly or indirectly operate a Linux for our abstraction of the device,

The use of CRONTAB commands under Linux

crontab command Use Submit, edit, list, or drop a cron job.Grammar crontab[-e[username]|-l[username]|-r[username]|-v[username]| File]Describe This crontab command submits, edits, lists, or drops cron jobs. A cron job is a command that is run by a

Slackware Linux Technology Insider package management mechanism

Solemnly declare: This article from the writing idea to the chapter arrangement all by myself completes, did not refer to any net text, the book, the magazine. There is no infringement. If the content of the text is a reference to the Web, I have

Start-up process for Mini Linux systems

For a clearer understanding, try to simply do a Grub+kernel startup Mini Linux System Experimental environment: Vmware9 rhel5.8 First step: Add the disk you want Turn off the virtual machine rhel5.8, and then Setting-->add .... (Pro, these

Telnet to the Linux host and replace the IP address in a non-interactive manner

Problem Analysis: According to the development team colleague, It is not possible to use advanced options for IP-specific operations by vcenter the RHEL6.0 of systems with the following version, which is not possible by assigning IP to a new

Improvement of Linux system NAT implementation mechanism

A little grumbling and hope I have been very dissatisfied with Linux NAT, and also wrote the "How the Linux system smooth effective NAT" series of articles in the patch to repair, but also wrote some of the class Cisco implementation of the patch,

Linux User operation audit record scheme

Many people use the server permissions are really bad management, misoperation and other causes of failure, can not be investigated, the best way is to record the user operation in real time to the log, and pushed to the remote log server. Including

Gentoo Linux Installation Deployment Tutorial


These days to see the group has been in the study Gentoo this Linux operating system, the overall installation seems to be pure hand-compiled, just sneak into the taste of this system, the online collation of most of the data, spent half a day to

Linux in the gzip command to use the detailed


Gzip A compression command that is more commonly used under Linux to compress a file into a compressed file with a. GZ ending Preparatory work [Root@localhost etc]# Cp/etc/man.config/tmp [Root@localhost etc]# Cd/tmp [Root@localhost tmp]# LL

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