Gdb+gdbserver debugging in embedded ARM Linux environment

Using the GdB method debugging, because of the limited resources of embedded system, it can not be debugged directly on the target system, which is usually debugged by Gdb+gdbserver. The target system must include the Gdbserver program, and the host

Brief introduction of transplant of OpenSSL under Arm-linux

Yzs Version: OpenSSL 1.0.0b Tar xvf openssl-1.0.0b.tar.gz CD openssl-1.0.0b I. Recommended METHODS of compiling Note that this is not a common configure, but a script config Ar= "Arm-linux-ar" Ranlib=arm-linux-ranlib

Linux kernel Analysis

Kernel version: 2.6.34 UDP packet Reception The reception of UDP message can be divided into two parts: the protocol stack receives the UDP message, inserts the corresponding queue; the user calls Recvfrom () or recv () system call to take out the

Linux kernel Analysis

Kernel version: 2.6.34 The previous routing table describes the structure of the routing table and the creation of the routing table. The following are the details of the use of some routing

Linux kernel Analysis

In the NETIF_RECEIVE_SKB () function, you can see that processing is like ARP, IP these link layer above the protocol, then, the link layer header is where to remove it? The answer is in the NIC driver, before calling NETIF_RECEIVE_SKB (),

Linux Base Command (a) DF command

The function of the DF command in Linux is to check the disk space footprint of the filesystem on the Linux server. You can use this command to get how much space the hard disk is occupied and how much space is left. 1. Command format: DF [Options]

Linux Base command (a) tar command

Access to the server through SSH, it is inevitable to use compression, decompression, packaging, unpack, etc., this time the tar command is essential to a powerful tool. The most popular tar in Linux is though small, spite, and powerful. The tar

Linux Basic Command (a) linux chmod command

The chmod command is used to change access rights for Linux system files or directories. Use it to control the access rights of files or directories. There are two ways to use this command. One is the text-setting method that contains the letters

Linux Base command (whereis) command

The Whereis command can only be used for the search of program names, and only binary files (parameter-B), man description file (parameter-m), and source code files (parameter-s) are searched. If the argument is omitted, all information is returned.

Linux Basics Command (7) MV command

MV command is the abbreviation for move, which can be used for moving files or renaming files (rename), is a commonly used command in Linux systems and is often used to back up files or directories. 1. Command format: MV [option] source file or

Linux Basics Command (4) mkdir command

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permission in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory already in the

Linux Basics Command (3) PWD command

Linux uses the PWD command to view the full path of the current working directory. Simply put, every time you operate on a terminal, you have a current working directory. When you are unsure of the current position, you use PWD to determine the

Pack compressed war, unpack war packs, and JAR commands under Linux

Environment RedHat Linux 9 + vwware 8.0 + SSH 3.2.9 + Putty 0.62 Problem Pack compressed war, unpack war packs, and JAR commands under Linux Solve Pack the files in the Project_a folder into Project.war 1. Packing JAR-XVF

Unsafe programs and alternative programs on Linux systems

WUFTD has been a constant security vulnerability since 1994, and hackers can easily access remote root access, and many security vulnerabilities do not even require a valid account on the FTP server. Recently, WUFTP is also a frequent occurrence of

Experience and command explanation of memory usage in Linux system

Linux memory management, in fact, with Windows memory management has a very similar place, are using the concept of virtual memory, said here have to scold MS, why in many times there is a lot of physical memory, but still used to pagefile. So I

Linux System password Recovery practice

Number 23rd received a customer call, the Linux server can not log on, because the server is placed in China Unicom's hosting room, so can not be processed to the scene. After the network detection, the server could not ping, the server network

How to find commands in Linux common use

Find a directory with name Conf #find/directory-type d-name conf Note that the type may be b,c,d,l ... Find files with permissions of 755 #find/directory-perm 755-print If you use octal, you can use the #find/directory-perm-007-print (same as

Linux multithreaded programming and Linux 2.6 under the NPTL

These days due to the work needs, pondering a bit of Linux under the multithreading of the relevant information. The most common multithreaded support library under Linux is the Pthread library, which is an integral part of the GLIBC library.

Brief introduction of the VPN server configuration method under Linux operating system

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Virtual private networks are connected to a geographically different local network by means of the public network Internet, which is like local access. Because VPNs encrypt data as they transmit data, the security is

Ubuntu Linux Service Management program: sysv-rc-conf Introduction

Introduction of Sysv-rc-conf Sysv-rc-conf is a powerful service management program. Second, background knowledge Ubuntu Run level The Linux system runs at a specified run level at all times, and different running levels of programs and services

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