Linux Gateway configuration DNS redirection

1. Network topology: Requirements: Intranet All to the public network DNS traffic, are forwarded to the intranet of a DNS server. SOURCE Demand post: ----Linux testing, this is also a kind of DNS

Cisco/linux/windows IP Routing Detailed

1. As long as the essence of understanding, the name is not important! Many of the network masters using Linux in the face of Cisco administrators such as management distance, routing metrics, and other vocabulary, there is no PK on the conscious

Linux Learning Advice

First, the basic requirements of learning Linux 1. Master at least 50 or more common commands. 2. Familiar with Gnome/kde and other x-windows desktop environment operation. 3. Master the common installation methods for packages such as tgz,. RPM,

Anti-spam basic settings under Linux system

Junk e-mail has become one of the most vexing problems in people. In the Windows operating system you may have tasted the pain of spam, and don't think it's important to avoid the harassment of spam in the Linux operating system platform, and to

Installing and using Linux CURL

--Get installation packages, download directly from the Internet or other channels, direct wget here # wget --Extract to current directory # TAR-ZXF Curl-7.17.1.tar.gz --Into the unpacked directory

Simulate Linux disk partitions have free space available inodes times wrong problem

1. Create a test script: [Oracle@ocm1 ~]$ VI #!/bin/bash For ABC in {1..9} Todo touch/boot/test/$ABC Done "" 5L, 66C written 2. Create test directories, test scripts [Root@ocm1 oracle]# Cd/boot [ROOT@OCM1 boot]#

Linux to create a bootable USB disk system and use the DD command for Linux Ghost


1, through the ISO to create a bootable U disk system. 1.0, format the U disk for FAT32 format Linux can use the command Mkfs.vfat u disk's device path For example: Mkfs.vfat/dev/sdb where the U disk path can be viewed by command DF 1.1, the

Easy to build a DNS server under Linux

Frequent internet friends may often go to Sina, Sohu and other large websites, only need to enter their web site in the browser to achieve access, it seems very simple, but technically speaking, but contains a complex process: in the Web page, first

How to configure a WU-FTP server in a Linux environment

In many network applications, FTP (File Transfer Porotocol) has a very important position. A very important resource in the Internet is software resources. and a variety of software resources are mostly placed in the FTP server. It can be said that

How to configure an FTP server under a Linux operating system

In order to achieve the Linux environment FTP server configuration, the vast majority of Linux distribution suite is the use of Washington University FTP (WU-FTPD), which is a good performance of the server software, because it has a number of

Linux source code package compilation and installation

Linux Source code package compilation installation is actually not so complicated. I am win7 system installed virtual machine, on the simple: For a simple example: This is OpenSSL's official website, download OpenSSL

Introduction of Unix/linux/usr directory

In a Linux system, there is a very important directory--/usr directory. On the origin of this directory name, the main online has the following several statements: User's initials User shareable read-only abbreviation Abbreviation for Unix/user

Linux command line pipeline

The pipe operator "|"can send the standard output of a command (stdout)to the standard input (stdin) of another command. Filters (Filter)is the combination of multiple commands to form a pipe. Main commands: Sort : sorting; Uniq, UNIQue, Output

Basic network configuration for Linux systems

First, Linux basic network configuration 1. Use the ifconfig command to view network interface information ETH: The name of the first network card Lo:loopback abbreviation, "Loopback" network interface To view basic network adapter configuration

Linux LDAP configuration

Network resource lookup, user access control, authentication information query, network security, business Network general database services and security services.Directory service is a special kind of database system, and it is specially optimized

Linux View log file Contents command tail, Cat, TAC, head, Echo

Linux View log file Contents command tail, Cat, TAC, head, EchoTail-f Test.logYou will see that the screen is constantly being printed out. This time interrupts the first process ctrl-c,---------------------------How Linux displays a few lines of a

Modifying the mtime of a Linux file

A. Linux file time InformationFiles or folders in all UNIX file systems have three timestamps, atime, CTime, and Mtime, respectively. Atime indicates the time of the last access (only access, no changes) to the file; Mtime indicates the

Linux performance article-top usage

#topOutput:C: Toggle display command name and full command line. Displays the complete command. This feature is useful.M: Sorts based on the size of the resident memory.P: Sorts according to the percentage size of CPU

SUID instances of Linux special permissions

Linux File Special permissionsSuid:set UIDBrief introduction:SUID permissions are valid only for binary programsPerformers need to have executable permissions for the programThis permission is valid only in the process of executing the program, The

Linux Learning 5-Threading

Thread 1.1 What is a thread?Multiple lines of execution in a program are called Threads (thread). A more accurate definition is that a thread is a control sequence within a process.To figure out the difference between a fork system call and creating

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