The working principle of DDNS and its realization on Linux _linux

Analysis of the working principle of DDNSDDNS implementation of the most fundamental point is that when the host IP address changes, the implementation of DNS mapping information in a timely manner, the application needs to obtain this information

Typecho program pseudo static rule encyclopedia (including linux/windows) _linux

Although the old left blog is used in the WordPress program, but I have to say that WP program even if it is a very good one, but the problem in the resource occupancy is relatively poor. If you use the WP program to create a blog should know that

Parsing the time function under Linux: Setting and acquiring the time method _c language

one, Time function Copy Code code as follows: time_t time (time_t *t); Char *asctime (const struct TM *TM); Char *asctime_r (const struct TM *tm, char *buf); Char *ctime (const time_t *TIMEP); Char *ctime_r (const time_t

Linux Dynamic Web site Maintenance Basic Commands Summary _linux

1. OverviewStateful viewing and monitoring, fault handling, system capacity expansion, data backup/recovery/Site migration 2. Status Viewing and monitoring (1). System Resource Consumption Copy Code code as follows: System load and

2016 How to choose Linux distribution _linux

2015 is an extremely important year for Linux, both in enterprise applications and in the consumer sector. As an old user who has been using Linux since 2005, I have been fortunate enough to witness the significant development of Linux over the past

Linux Daemon Startup Method _linux

The daemon (daemon) is the process that is running in the background (daemon). First, the origin of the problemonce the Web application is written, the next thing is to start and keep it running in the background.It's not easy. For example, the

Remember the experience of hacking a Linux server and removing Trojans _linux

I. BACKGROUND Night to see a server running high traffic, obviously and not the same as usual, traffic reached 800Mbps, the first feeling should be in the Trojan, was treated as a chicken, in a large number of contracts.Our server for the best

Cool, awesome! The Interesting Linux command _linux

1. PV command Sometimes we see some subtitles on a movie screen that show up at a uniform speed, like someone knocking on the keyboard and showing the same side. The PV command on Linux can achieve this effect.By default, Linux does not have the PV

Based on the middle of the Linux Program learning summary Detailed _linux

The Linux program has continued to touch some of the land, the appropriate summary today, the time is hasty, summary of the relatively fragmented. Linux segment:Text: The machine code of the compiled program. . Rodata: Read-only data. A format

A detailed explanation of squid configuration process based on Linux Gateway server _linux

Objective Here, we want to configure a proxy Server that only provides proxy services to the internal network. It has the following functions it divides the user into two kinds of advanced users and ordinary users, and uses the network card

Linux Next Smart Restart Apache server script sharing _linux

Description: My host for the Centos system, step-by-step instructions are written in the annotation inside, easy to read. VI #!/bin/bash url= "HTTP://" Curlit () {curl–connect-timeout 15–max-time 20–head–silent

A way to check if a package is installed on Linux in the Debian system _linux

If you are managing a Debian or Ubuntu server, you may often use dpkg or apt-get commands. These two commands are used to install, uninstall, and update packages. In this article, let's look at how to check if a package is installed under a Deb

Use the Linux command crontab interval time to perform other commands _linux

1.1/etc/crontab file In the/etc directory there is a crontab file, where there are some scheduling programs running on the system. Each user can establish their own scheduling crontab. Such as: Copy Code code as follows: [Root@dave ~

Linux uses libnet to implement ARP attack script principle analysis in case of being attacked _linux

Free to do nothing, with Libnet wrote a simple ARP attack. ARP attacks were not particularly common in the past, but there have been two instances of ARP spoofing in recent work. In fact, the principle of ARP spoofing simple drop, most of them are

Linux command details of the rpm command parameters using the method _linux

RPM Execution Installation packageBinary package (Binary) as well as source code package (sources) two. The binary package can be installed directly on the computer, and the source code package will be automatically compiled and installed by RPM.

Interrupted System call error (EINTR) solution for Linux semop waiting signal _c language

Error phenomenon: (Semop function call, strerror (errno) output result) Interrupted system call Platform: RedHat Linux The description of the Linux documentation about EINTR is this:While blocked in this system call, the process caught a

Rsync+inotify in Linux system realizes real-time file synchronization between servers _linux

Prior to the "SSH Trust and SCP automatic transfer Script" Technical document, this scenario is the way to backup in the company, but in the actual operation, because the primary server to the backup server transmission, our primary server needs to

Linux memcache installation Configuration method _linux

Basic principle: ① the first time a client accesses an application, it takes the data out of the database (RDBMS), returns it to the client, and saves the extracted data to the memcached.② the second visit, because the data has been cached, you do

Linux in the LS command to use the detailed _linux

The LS command is the most commonly used command under Linux. ls command is the abbreviation of List  save LS used to print out the list of the current directory  if LS specifies a different directory  then the list of files and folders in the

Linux vmstat Command Actual combat detailed analysis _c language

The Vmstat command is the most common Linux/unix monitoring tool that shows the state value of a server at a given time interval, including CPU utilization, memory usage, virtual memory exchange, and IO reading and writing. This command is my

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