Linux under the latest version of the php5.6 source installation and Apache/nginx integration course

Apache Support for PHP is supported by the Apache MOD_PHP5 module, which is different from the nginx. Nginx is a Third-party fastcgi processor that can parse PHP. If the source code is compiled and installed in PHP, you need to specify--WITH-APXS2=/

The difference between Whereis command usage and which in Linux


Whereis syntax Whereis [-S] [-b] [-M] [u] [{{s |-B |-m} Directory ...} ...-f] the filename to look for. Supplemental Note: The WHEREIS directive looks for eligible files in a specific directory. The properties of these files should belong to the

Linux uses Sshpass to get information from multiple hosts

At the earliest time to do operation, the automation tools are not very hot, and the need for bulk execution will generally rely on pssh, sshpass+ scripts such as the implementation of the bulk of the demand. In 2012, there was a record of the SSH

A detailed explanation of the use of Linux server/dev/shm/

First let's get to know, what is Tmpfs and/dev/shm/? TMPFS is a memory-based file system on the Linux/unix system. TMPFS can use your memory or swap partitions to store files. This shows that TMPFS mainly stores the temporary files. It has the

Linux system periodically checks for Suid or sgid permissions files

A file with Suid permissions in a Linux system makes people love and hate. The benefit of suid is that you can at some point allow the user to perform certain files that can only be executed by root (such as passwd,ping,mount, etc.), and the

Special permissions for files on Linux suid,sgid,sbit detailed

Everyone knows file and directory permissions The most common are three. Readable (R). Writable (W) ... Executable (x) ... Their levels are 4, respectively. 2..1. We also sometimes find that some files belong to the owner with a flag bit of s on it.

Linux system Apt-get appears e:could not get Lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock solution

Today, the following error occurred while tossing Debian. When you typically use Apt-get for install or update of your software, you may receive the following message: E:could not get Lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock-open (one Resource temporarily

Linux Makefile Writing summary and common makefile writing format

Here are five steps to compile the Linux makefile:compile total of five parts1. Setting up the compilation environment set compile environment2. Get the source file to compile and convert the source file to the destination file (source and

How to use the screen command in Linux

It's always easy to forget some of the commands you need, so stick them here for a while. Screen is a multiple Windows management program. The so-called window here refers to a Full-screen text-mode screen. The screen program is typically used only

Linux Create Xshell key binding Digitalocean account solve root password mailbox collection problem

Although the Digitalocean merchants do not have the Asian data center that we desperately need (the Singapore is not too good), but from the old left contact to the user, as well as the current I also have the machine on the above look, stability is

Iptables encounters iptables:protocol wrong type for socket in Linux

To Linode VPS CentOS 6.4 iptables Add a rule that limits the number of IP connections to no more than 100:Iptables-a input-p TCP--syn--dport 80-m connlimit--connlimit-above 100-j REJECT Error occurred: Iptables:protocol wrong type for socket.

commands for viewing and modifying file times in Linux

There are three main types of file time under Linux: 1.1 Modification Time (mtime) File modification time, that is, when the contents of the file changes, update this time, does not include file permissions and property modification. Using Ls-l

Inotify+unison implementation of data bidirectional synchronous backup in Linux

The servers are:Server a:, synchronizing directory:/var/wwwServer b:, synchronizing directory:/var/wwwInstall UnisonFirst install OCaml, version is at least 3.07 or higherDownload Address: The

The root directory folder in Linux system in Chinese

In the Linux system,/on behalf of the root directory, there are many folders under the root directory, below to understand together # CD/# Ls-alTotal 448Drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 may 04:02 binDrwxr-xr-x 2 root 4096 Sep 2013 SbinDrwxr-xr-x root

A detailed explanation of the use of Tshark (Wireshark) grasping package tools in Linux

Under Linux, when we need to crawl network packet analysis, it is usually to use tcpdump Crawl network raw data packets to a file, and then download to the local use of Wireshark interface network analysis tools for network packet analysis.Recently

Linux OpenSSL generate certificates and self-signed certificates

1. First to generate the server-side private key (key file): The code is as follows Copy Code OpenSSL genrsa-des3-out Server.key 1024 The runtime prompts for a password, which is used to encrypt the key file

Example of real-time synchronization of data in Linux under Rsync+sersync

Objective: Why should I use the Rsync+sersync framework? 1, Sersync is based on inotify development, similar to the Inotify-tools tool 2. Sersync can record the changes in the listening directory (including adding, deleting, modifying) a specific

Linux ftpshut command details how to use the Linux ftpshut command


This command allows the system administrator to shut down the FTP server at the specified time and sends a warning message to the user before it is disabled. If the closing time is set to "none", the server is immediately shut down. If "+ 30" is

Linux rdev command details how to use the Linux rdev command

The Linux rdev command can be used to query/set the root device of the kernel image file, RAM disk size or video mode.The rdev command without any parameters will output the/etc/mtab file line of the current root file system. Ramsize, vidmode, and

How to use the Linux touch Command

The Linux touch command is used to modify the time attribute of a file or directory, including the access time and change time. If the file does not exist, the system creates a new file.Ls-l can display the time record of the file.SyntaxTouch [-acfm]

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