Linux system Apache under htpasswd command to use the detailed

After the Apache configuration Basic authentication, the user is created with the HTPASSWD command. HTPASSWD establishes and updates a text file that stores user names and passwords for Basic authentication of HTTP users.

Linux Open NSCD Service cache acceleration

In my use of the Aliyun host has observed the opening of a service NSCD, and later the Valley elder brother of the role of the service. Learn that NSCD caches three services passwd group hosts, so it records three libraries, corresponding to

Linux error/bin/sh M:bad interpreter:no such file or directory issues

Originally this year, Chiang has plans to learn the contents of Linux script, so in a variety of books in the previous activities to buy a lot of books, but most of the plastic cover has not been demolished. Today, the company has no business, so

Linux automatically timed backup Linux vps/Server Web site files and databases and FTP upload to host space

First, install LFTP environment Because we need to use the LFTP environment when uploading FTP files, we can't make sure all the systems are installed, so we'd better reinstall them first. The code is as follows

Tutorials for installing rhev-m in Linux

First, yum source configuration Install rhev-m need to configure RHEV-M, Rhev-h, supplementary, JBoss four source, this experiment, I integrate it into a configuration. and save it to the/etc/yum.repos.d/directory. As follows: [ROOT@RHEVM ~]# wget

Linux system periodically checks for Suid or sgid permissions files

A file with Suid permissions in a Linux system makes people love and hate. The benefit of suid is that you can at some point allow the user to perform certain files that can only be executed by root (such as passwd,ping,mount, etc.), and the

Special permissions for files on Linux suid,sgid,sbit detailed

Everyone knows file and directory permissions The most common are three. Readable (R). Writable (W) ... Executable (x) ... Their levels are 4, respectively. 2..1. We also sometimes find that some files belong to the owner with a flag bit of s on it.

Linux system Apt-get appears e:could not get Lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock solution

Today, the following error occurred while tossing Debian. When you typically use Apt-get for install or update of your software, you may receive the following message: E:could not get Lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock-open (one Resource temporarily

Linux Makefile Writing summary and common makefile writing format

Here are five steps to compile the Linux makefile:compile total of five parts1. Setting up the compilation environment set compile environment2. Get the source file to compile and convert the source file to the destination file (source and

Linux Advanced Character driver Operation Iotcl and blocking IO

Linux device-driven iotcl of advanced character-driven operationsMost drivers, in addition to providing read and write to the device, also need to provide hardware-controlled interfaces, such as querying how much resolution a framebuffer device can

Linux Apt-get appears "no Public key available ..." solution

As we all know, Linux is higher than the safety factor of windows, but it is a good habit to update it frequently (at least recently, a lot of security vulnerabilities about SSL deserve attention!). , but when running Apt-get update refresh source

Use RRDtool to monitor RMB exchange rate in Linux

1, use RRDtool to establish RRD documents, to the RMB against the U.S. dollar rate every 20 seconds to crawl (SETP = 20s) RRDtool Create usdcny.rrd\--start ' Date +%s ' \--step 20\Ds:content:gauge:100:0:u\ rra:average:0:1:400 2, through Yahoo to

Linux system sets complex password strategy for users

Suppose you have used PAM (pluggable authentication Modules, plug-in verification module) on your Linux system because all Linux distributions are using it over the years. First, preparatory work Install PAM's Cracklib module, Cracklib can provide

How Linux Uninstalls the Apache method summary

Method One The code is as follows Copy Code Root@server ~]# Rpm-qa|grep httpdHttpd-2.2.3-11.el5_2.centos.4Httpd-manual-2.2.3-11.el5_2.centos.4 Description: Rpm–qa | The grep mysql command is for MySQL-related

Introduction to modifying the system time method under Linux

If the system time is set to the December 9, 1999 command as follows. #date-S 12/09/99The command to set the system time to 2:18 P.M. 9 seconds is as follows.#date-S 14:18:09 Date The command can not only display the current time of the system,

Inotify+unison implementation of data bidirectional synchronous backup in Linux

The servers are:Server a:, synchronizing directory:/var/wwwServer b:, synchronizing directory:/var/wwwInstall UnisonFirst install OCaml, version is at least 3.07 or higherDownload Address: The

Linux sendmail send mail success but no mail resolution

Directly with Yum installation, command: Yum install SendMail, installed, began to start, command:/etc/init.d/sendmail start, show startup complete, then start test email, $rs =mail (' ', ' This is the theme ', 'This is the

Linux Replication folder and file instance introduction

CP commandFormat: CP [option] source file or directory destination file or directoryOption Description:-B with the same name, to prepare the original file-F Force overwrite file with same name-R to keep the original directory structure in a

The root directory folder in Linux system in Chinese

In the Linux system,/on behalf of the root directory, there are many folders under the root directory, below to understand together # CD/# Ls-alTotal 448Drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 may 04:02 binDrwxr-xr-x 2 root 4096 Sep 2013 SbinDrwxr-xr-x root

A detailed explanation of the use of Tshark (Wireshark) grasping package tools in Linux

Under Linux, when we need to crawl network packet analysis, it is usually to use tcpdump Crawl network raw data packets to a file, and then download to the local use of Wireshark interface network analysis tools for network packet analysis.Recently

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