Screen command usage instructions in Linux

What is Screen command?Screen is called a Full-screen window manager, which makes it easy to get multiple virtual terminals on a physical terminal.Screen Feature Description:In simple terms, screen is a window manager that can multiplex a physical

Linux RABBITMQ Boot script operations tutorial

Log a RABBITMQ startup script, and modify some of the parameters to use.Vi/etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server #脚本内容, see the diagram, you need to modify the parameterschmod +x/etc/init.d/rabbitmq-serverChkconfig--add Rabbitmq-serverChkconfig Rabbitmq-server

A detailed explanation of the role of]/var/log directory log in Linux

There are a number of log files located under the/var/log/directory, and here is a record of the related uses. Some of these are only available in a specific version, such as Dpkg.log can only be seen in Debian based

Linux directadmin Add XCache tutorial

XCache is an open source opcode cache/optimizer, which means that he can improve PHP performance on your server. By buffering data from the compiled PHP to shared memory to avoid duplication of compilation, he can increase speed by directly using

Using SS5 to build SOCKS5 proxy server on Linux

SOCKS5 is a proxy protocol that simulates the behavior of a front-end by forwarding a request from the front-end to a real target server. Here, the front-end and SOCKS5 also communicate through the TCP/IP protocol, the front-end to send the original

Linux under Mutt send Chinese mail garbled resolution method

First, the installation of Mutt 1 yum-y Install SendMail 2 #需要安装sendmail并开启防火墙的25端口, if you need mail, 110 ports are open. 3 Yum-y Install Mutt Second, configuration information About the configuration information, there is a point to explain,

Usage differences between grep and find in Linux

Let's introduce the grep usage and some minor considerations In the process, the most used parameter is-V, but it is not cool to use. For example, I want to look up a word "userservice", but the document like "*.SVN" doesn't need to be shown, what

A method of dynamically generating graphics files using Munin CGI in Linux

Today, I got some munin and found some pictures out of the way.Http:// place where the picture was loaded reported 404 errors. 1, install Munin Please

Very practical Linux entry-level learning notes

1. Disk Management 1.1 View disk partition information (modify partition) Method 1: View the/proc/partitions file [Root@localhost testlabs]# Cat/proc/partitionsMajor Minor #blocks name 8 0 67108864 SDA8 1 512000 sda18 2 66595840 Sda2253 0 3198566

Solution to inactive problem after LVM partition restart in Linux

Today engineering side of the brother feedback a problem, LVM partition after the installation completed reboot found unable to mount and identify, host environment for SLSE11 SP3. By viewing and processing, the results are now recorded. First,

Linux system DD Command use method Encyclopedia

DD is a very useful command under Linux/unix to copy a file with a block of a specified size and to make a specified conversion at the same time as a copy. Name: DD Use rights: All user dd This instruction is defined in manual as convert and copy

Linux Server Bulk Execution tool PSSH installation and use tutorial

Operation of a server can be SSH, operating multiple servers can open multiple Windows SSH, which operates a lot of servers? There are about 60 Ubuntu servers on our Oracle gird Engine cluster that are performing nodes, and the server operating

Linux chmod command Modify permissions detailed explanation

Chmod often used. But the basics are limited to the use of chmod 755 A1. or 777.Today encountered a problem to think, let a folder can only see themselves, others can not see. I don't know, it's a few. Deliberately learn the meaning behind these

Detailed analysis of Linux memory usage

The first two days a 128G memory of the Oracle host failed to trigger Kdump, eventually due to the lack of Var directory space, resulting in incomplete kdump generation. Combined with previous Redhat recommendations, crash set the space better than

Example of using Mysqlhotcopy backup data script in Linux

Mysqlhotcopy is simply a process of caching writes and file copying, consuming resources and backing up much faster than mysqldump. Especially suitable for large databases, but note that mysqlhotcopy only supports the MyISAM engine 1. Installing

The use method of Nginx log Analysis tool goaccess in Linux

The interview will be Beimian to the problem is: give the Web server access log, please write a script to statistics access to the top 10 IP? What are the top 10 requests for access? When you get to know the goaccess, you'll understand that the only

Linux Server traffic Monitoring scripts (network traffic)

Example, in the CentOS test First look at the results after the test Code # vi/etc/rc.d/ ---------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash Path=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin;

Linux randomly generated scripts for random passwords

The code is as follows Copy Code Cat/dev/urandom | Lc_all=c TR-DC "[: Alnum:]" | Fold-w |head-10 Si1n9kuyuzDdzsrxfgxaCadrbrt4pxBugk6lkx4dN5xod1toyr1645cBxAjlKrjwjr2txuNhQedXagL9RradezgfhyQxcurm5ezf Expression

HTPASSWD command usage in Linux

Add the following two lines to the access directory where you want to restrict the user The code is as follows Copy Code Auth_basic "Enter username and password";Auth_basic_user_file nginx_passwd; HTPASSWD

Linux server Security Configuration for server Security configuration

1. No ping /etc/rc.d/rc.localEcho 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all 2. Permissions control of user and password fileschmod 600/etc/passwdchmod 600/etc/shadowchmod 600/etc/groupchmod 600/etc/gshadow3. Add non-change attributes to the

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