Linux Bulk management push tools MUSSH and Pssh Introduction

first of all, MUSSH,MUSSH is a shell development of a small tool, just learn to transport peacekeeping Shell friends can take exercise, do a tool two times development. [Root@devops-ruifengyun ~]$ apt-get Install Mussh Reading Package List ...

Linux under man help command use full resolution

1.Linux provides a wealth of help manuals, and when you need to see the parameters of a command, you don't have to go around surfing the internet, just man. All the man pages belong to a specific field, represented by a single character. Linux is

Introduction to Basic command usage for Linux Container (lxc containers)

What LXC can do:You can bind specific CPUs and memory to a container, assign a specific percentage of CPU time, IO time, limit the amount of memory that can be used (including memory and swap space), provide device access control, and provide an

How to get a list of built-in modules and device drivers for Linux systems

question: I want to know what modules are built into the kernel in the Linux system and what parameters each module has. Is there a way to get a list of built-in modules and device drivers, along with their detailed information? The modern Linux

Linux SFTP usage (implementation file upload download)

FTP are probably all used, SFTP used estimates are relatively few. Simply put, it is a secure before FTP, through the SSH channel between the local and remote server file transfer, more secure. Connection This is usually the case for SSH

Linux system hugepage Memory function configuration detailed

In the Linux Environment Performance optimization practice, Hugepage is a frequently mentioned method. Simply put, Hugepage is a way of using memory blocks on the Linux kernel. As an alternative to the traditional 4K page, Hugepage can improve the

Automatically back up the Web site and database under Linux and send it to the mailbox/ftp

Automatically backs up sites and databases and sends them to mailboxes 1, SSH login to the VPS, into the/home/backup directory, new file, paste the following code and save; #!/bin/bash# Go to backup folderCd/home/backup# Create a folder

Repair OpenSSL FREAK Vulnerability bug steps under Linux

Repair method: 1: Upgrade the latest version of OpenSSL, restart the corresponding service. #比如OpenSSL的1.0.1 of users should upgrade to 1.0.22: Modify the SSL encryption algorithm: (Nginx conf:ssl_ciphers all:! Adh:! Export56:rc4+rsa:+high:+medium:+

Linux cacti installation configuration and simple monitoring example

First, Introduction Cacti is a set of graphical analysis tools for network traffic monitoring based on PHP,MYSQL,SNMP and RRDtool development. Second, the installation Installation Environment: CentOS6.0 32bit 1, installation of related packages:

Linux command line creation and Presentation MDP Demo text Tutorial

In the Linux world, there are several different ways you can choose to make a speech. For example, with a large number of multimedia display, visual impact of excellent impress.js, specifically for latex users to provide Beamer, and so on. And if

Linux system DNS and DHCP configuration detailed

Installation Yum install bind bind-chroot bind-libs bind-utils caching-nameserver Set security enabled Path Vi/etc/sysconfig/named Rootdir=/var/named/chroot Main set File Vi/var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf Primary server Path

Linux installation configuration sendmail implementing mail delivery

SendMail Configuration Yum-y Update SendMail SENDMAIL-CF SendMail Related Directory1. Profile directory:/etc/mail2. Record file:/var/log/maillog3. Provisional catalogue of received letters:/var/spool/mail/4. The temporary catalogue of the letters

Linux Find modified file-find command at specified time

If you do not remember after modifying the file under Linux, we need to find the files that have been changed in the specified time, and we can use Find command to look for them. Find/opt-iname "*"-atime 1-type F "Find the files that/opt visited

Linux uncompressed in current Folder command summary

Instance tar-zcvf/home/ecshopa/public_html/uggbootf20101214.tar.gz * Enter directory to compress all files under current directoryTar-zxvf/home/uggbootf/public_html/uggbootf20101214.tar.gz into directory to extract to current directory Command

Linux compiler installation Varnish3.03 and configuration

This is a note about Varnish3.03 compiling the installation configuration Installation The code is as follows Copy Code Yum-y Install gcc gcc-c++ file Bison patch Unzip Mlocate flex wget diffutils automake autoconf GD

Linux restores the deleted file method

When a Linux computer is compromised, it is common for a log file to be deleted to mask the attacker's whereabouts. Administrative errors can also cause accidental deletion of important files, such as accidental deletion of the active transaction

Linux phpMyAdmin installation configuration graphics and text detailed

DescriptionphpMyAdmin is a MySQL database management tool, after the installation of the tool, that is, the Web form can directly manage the MySQL data, without the need to execute system commands to manage, is very suitable for database operation

Linux backup database and Web site files detailed

Example 1, manually backing up the database and Web site files The code is as follows Copy Code #!/bin/sh# FileName: Copyrights: Copyright (shell) 2007-2007# version Number: V1.0# function Description: Data

Web site incremental backup configuration for rsync in Linux

Using Linux's rsync can be very simple to the incremental backup operation of the VPS, today I will write a tutorial for everyone to use. First need to download two packets, one for the server side, one for the client, server-side VPS for the data

Linux server memory footprint too big solution

Today to the Company by convention to check the status of all servers, found that the memory of a server is much larger than usual, the following figure Immediately QQ asked the next program development whether the last 1-2 days changed something,

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