Windows regularly backs up the SVN directory to Linux via rsync

The general idea is:First export the SVN directory under Windows to a folder (so there is no extra. SVN directory), then package the directory as a *.rar file via WinRAR, and then sync the packaged file to the Linux server via the rsync command.

The difference between a Linux soft connection and a hard connection

1.Linux Link Concept There are two kinds of Linux links, one is called hard link (Hard link), the other is called Symbolic link (symbolic link). The ln command produces a hard link by default. The specific use is: Ln–s source file Destination file.

Use awk in Linux to output fields and columns in text

In this section of the Awk series, we'll see one of the most important features of awk, field editing. First, we need to know that AWK can automatically separate the lines entered into several fields. Each field is a set of characters that are

Linux under awk filter text or strings by mode

As the third part of the awk command series, this time we'll look at how to filter text or strings based on user-defined specific patterns. When you filter text, you may sometimes want to mark a file or a few lines in a line string based on a given

Linux expect command usage detailed


Expect everywhere. The first time I saw expect this command was the first time I was in full volume that's one of the company's cows. A set of automatic deployment, MD5, release of the full online tool written by the shell script, when it's okay,

Solution to the problem of "Dig:command not found" in Linux

Today, Chiang Kai-shek has the dig command test effect when you are debugging DNSMASQ to create a local DNS server, but the default Linux system does not seem to have the dig support component installed. Then there is the error prompt

Linux waits for process end wait () and Waitpid ()

If a child process is preceded by a parent process, the wait () function is invoked by the parent process and the wait () function is not invoked to produce two different results:--> If the parent process does not invoke the wait () and the Waitpid (

Linux sshd to create only sftp landing users, with SFTP instead of FTP

The most common ssh while SSH service is provided by SSHD when remotely landing on a Linux server, and sshd also provides SFTP functionality. Here the user sftp-admin, only can sftp connect the server and cannot ssh to connect the server. SFTP

Secure use of FTP services in Linux FTPs (vsftpd over TSL)

FTP is currently the most commonly used to upload and download the file of the Protocol, because its communications content is not encrypted to consider its security and generated the SCP and SFPT agreements. We can also use FTPs (FTP over Ssl/tls)

Linux recursive delete directory under the file

Linux Delete folder instance: Rm-rf/var/log/httpd/accessThe/var/log/httpd/access directory and all the files and folders under it will be deletedLinux Delete Folder command Linux Delete file instance: Rm-f/var/log/httpd/access.logWill force

Linux system security Log analysis case

When we use the above method to install the Linux server and some basic settings, our server should be said to be relatively safe. But there will always be hackers who can hack into our system using the system administrator's negligence in a variety

About Linux file I/o detailed

Most file I/O in a Linux system uses only 5 functions: Open,read,write,lseek and close. The functions covered in this topic are called I/O with no buffering, and without buffering, read or read are implemented through a system call to the kernel,

Linux FTP server Configuration and directory locking method

Linux FTP server to configure FTP transfer logging Use the following procedure to set up FTP for logging: 1.# Cp/etc/inetd.conf/etc/inetd.conf.bak 2.# vi/etc/inetd.conf Edit the FTP line as follows, with the-l flag added at the end: FTP stream

Operation Management of Git tags in linux

When we publish a version, we usually start with a label in the repository, so that we have the only one that determines the time of the tag. Whenever you take a label version, you take the historical version of the label moment. Therefore, the

Introduction to Linux to build SVN server method

A. SVN profileSubversion (SVN) is an open source version control system, which means that subversion manages data that changes over time. This data is placed in a central data archive (repository). The archive is like a regular file server, but it

Linux Nginx rewrite rules working notes

Rewrite is a kind of server rewrite pulse technology, it can enable the server to support URL rewriting, is a popular server technology. It also implements the ability to restrict specific IP access to a Web site. In many cases, access to an IP can

Analysis on application of SYSTEMTAP monitoring in Linux system

Application scenario: One day, in our server PHP code path more than a log file, never noticed this log file, but the log file format is obviously not our generation, the format is relatively simple, even no function name,log level, is obviously the

Linux uses OpenSSL to generate SSL certificates for Nginx to use

Here's how Linux systems generate certificates through the OpenSSL command.First, execute the following command to generate a 4,096-bit key The code is as follows Copy Code OpenSSL genrsa-des3-out hupohost.key 4096

NEO4J Server startup Failure problem resolution in Linux

Recently need to use neo4j to do a small test, seemingly a smooth installation but when the server started the error. Finally found the problem is JDK1.7 installation, less modified a symlink. My installation steps are as follows: JDK1.7 was

Linux Open 80 port and 80 port occupancy solution

Linux opens port 80 Day client There is a server in the same LAN can not access, eliminate the lamp environment problem, found that the firewall in the server did not open 80 ports. So I went to search the web and saw a way to add code to the

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