Linux User and Permissions Basics 3 Linux Extended permissions

1 Default Permissions 1 Each terminal has a umask permission to determine the default permissions for new files and new folders 2 Umask uses digital permissions to represent, say, 022 The default permissions for the 3 directory are 777-umask, and

Linux kernel MD Source code six. Introduction to the operation of the RAID10 array

The biggest difference between the Raid10 run function and the RAID5 run function is setup_conf, which is directly deep into the core: 3540 static struct r10conf *setup_conf (struct Mddev *mddev) 3541 {3542 struct r10conf *conf = NULL; 3543

Linux kernel MD Source code interpretation of the process of four command character Run_array

Running the array means that the array goes from scratch, establishes the attributes (such as synchronous reconstruction) that should be used as a raid, and paves the ground for subsequent reads and writes. So what did you do when you ran the array,

Linux kernel MD Source code interpretation of the three-array creation process

In this section we read the creation process of the array. According to common sense card, we go to IOCTL to find array create command, MD corresponding IOCTL function is md_ioctl, when looking for the corresponding cmd command word, but there is

Linux basic configuration and Management 2 Linux Multi-command collaboration----pipelines and redirects

1 Piping and redirection 1 in Linux Most of the commands are simple, rarely complex commands, each command is only a simple function, we can combine different commands to achieve complex functions 2 in Linux almost all of the commands returned by

Linux Configuration network card IP address command and common network configuration commands

Ifconfig eth0 netmask IP Address Route add default GW Gateway Start in effect: Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0//(Some versions may not have vim this editor such as CentOS, you may

Linux operating system server log management detailed

Logs are important for security, and he records a variety of things that happen every day in the system, and you can use him to check the cause of the error or the traces left by the attacker at the time of the attack. The main functions of the log

How to install Memcache under Linux system

1. Download the memcached and libevent separately and put them in the/tmp directory: # cd/tmp # wget # wget 2. Install Libevent First: #

Configuration process for CVS version control under Linux system

A possible online information is everywhere, because I also always forget, I will be the basic steps to write. 1.root Landing,/etc/services Cvspserver 2401/TCP presence confirmed 2./etc/xinetd.d/under the Cvspserver new rules made (file name can

Linux Package management Artifact Yum Introduction

One, what is Yum Yum is the abbreviation for "Yellow Dogupdater, Modified", and the executable program name is yum. Yum is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat as well as SuSE and CentOS. One of the important reasons for

Linux sudo command learning

sudo is a Linux system Management Directive, a tool that allows a system administrator to allow ordinary users to perform some or all of the root commands, such as HALT,REBOOT,SU, and so on. This will not only reduce the root user login and

Linux Basics (13) DNS infrastructure and Domain Name System architecture

Domain name IP addresses are often difficult to remember, so we generally use domain names for management The domain name is divided into three parts, with "." (point) segmentation. Strict domain name finally there is a ".", but

Linux Getting Started Basics (eight) Linux extension permissions

Default Permissions Each terminal has a Umask attribute to determine the default permissions for new files and folders Umask is represented by the use of digital permissions, such as 022 The default permissions for the directory are: 777-umask

Linux Getting Started Basics (iv) file system

Linux File System architecture /bin store binaries (executable command RM,CD,CP, etc.), all users have permissions /dev (abbreviation for device device) storage device file In Linux, all hardware devices are abstracted into a single file /boot

Linux Getting Started basics (i) command line bash basic operations

Shell (shell) is the user and the bottom of the operating system (usually the kernel) interaction between the intermediary program, responsible for the user instructions, operations to the operating system at the bottom Shell is generally divided

How to build a file server in Linux

Building a Samba file-sharing server 1.) Samba Services protocol used by Samba communications Smb:server messages block, service message blocks Cifs:common Internet File system, universal Internet filesystem Package Samba-common Public Package

installation process and basic configuration of Postfix mail service under Linux

I. Installation of postfix Mail Service Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers sendmail and postfix two kinds of stmp mail service software, allowing users to choose one of them at random! However, by default, Setup has installed SendMail on the system,

Use of Linux LVM raw devices

1. Create PV PVCREATE-M2--metadatasize 100M/DEV/SDA PVCREATE-M2--metadatasize 100M/DEV/SDB1 PVCREATE-M2--metadatasize 100M/DEV/SDB2 PVCREATE-M2--metadatasize 100M/DEV/SDC The physical volume can be an entire hard disk (LUN) or a partition on

How to create and use Linux static/dynamic link libraries

Linux also has a static/dynamic link library like Windows systems, and here's how to create and use it: Let's say there are several files: Header file String.h, declare the correlation function prototype, the contents are as follows: STRLEN.C:

Linux User Process Memory space detailed

You often use the top command to understand process information, including information about memory. The command top Help document explains each field in this way. Virt, Virtual Image (KB) RES, resident size (KB) SHR, Shared Mem size (KB) %mem,

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