Linux Basic Command (a) linux chmod command

The chmod command is used to change access rights for Linux system files or directories. Use it to control the access rights of files or directories. There are two ways to use this command. One is the text-setting method that contains the letters

Linux Base command (whereis) command

The Whereis command can only be used for the search of program names, and only binary files (parameter-B), man description file (parameter-m), and source code files (parameter-s) are searched. If the argument is omitted, all information is returned.

Linux Basics Command (7) MV command

MV command is the abbreviation for move, which can be used for moving files or renaming files (rename), is a commonly used command in Linux systems and is often used to back up files or directories. 1. Command format: MV [option] source file or

Linux Basics Command (4) mkdir command

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permission in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory already in the

Linux Basics Command (3) PWD command

Linux uses the PWD command to view the full path of the current working directory. Simply put, every time you operate on a terminal, you have a current working directory. When you are unsure of the current position, you use PWD to determine the

Pack compressed war, unpack war packs, and JAR commands under Linux

Environment RedHat Linux 9 + vwware 8.0 + SSH 3.2.9 + Putty 0.62 Problem Pack compressed war, unpack war packs, and JAR commands under Linux Solve Pack the files in the Project_a folder into Project.war 1. Packing JAR-XVF

Introduction to the file descriptor under Linux

In the C program, the file is represented by a file pointer or a file descriptor. ISO C's Standard i/0 library functions (fopen, Fclose, Fread, Fwrite, fscanf, fprintf, etc.) use file pointers, Unix I/O functions (open, close, read, write, IOCTL)

Linux under Signal () function detailed

First, describe the function pointer definition form: data type (* function pointer name) (parameter table); Where the storage type is generally not written, in the default form. Auto type, static type and extern type can be selected. The data

The signal of Linux system programming (VI.) race condition and sigsuspend function

Using pause and alarm functions to realize the sleep function #include int pause (void); The pause function suspends the calling process until a signal is reached. If the signal is processed to terminate the process, the process terminates, the

Linux system programming signal (iii) signal blocking and pending

The representation of signals in the kernel The actual execution signal processing action is called the Signal recursion (Delivery), the signal from produces to the recursion between the state, is called the Signal outstanding (Pending). A process

Linux system Programming signal (one) signal overview

First, in order to understand the signal, start from our most familiar with the scene: 1. User input command to start a foreground process under the shell. 2. The user presses the CTRL-C, this keyboard input produces a hardware interrupt. 3. If

The process of programming Linux System (v) terminal, Operation control and daemon process

First, the concept of the terminal In the UNIX system, the user obtains a shell process through the terminal login system, this terminal becomes the Shell Process Control terminal (controlling Terminal), the control terminal is the information

The process of programming Linux Systems (iii) EXEC series functions and system functions

EXEC Replacement Process image On the creation of a process UNIX employs a unique approach that separates process creation from loading a new process image. The advantage is that there is more room to manage both operations. When we create a

The process of programming Linux system (II.) Summary of fork function

The role of fork is to replicate a new process based on an existing process, called the parent process, and the new process is called a subprocess (child process). There are a lot of processes running in the system at the same time, and these

Linux system programming files and I/O (iv) file properties

First, read file meta data int stat (const char *path, struct stat *buf); int fstat (int fd, struct stat *buf); int Lstat (const char *path, struct stat *buf); Stat () Stats The file pointed to by path and fills in BUF. Lstat () is identical to

Linux Programming Basics (vi) reentrant functions, sig_atomic_t types, and volatile qualifiers

One, POSIX definitions of both reentrant and thread-safe concepts: Reentrant Function:a Function whose effect when called by two or over threads,is to as if The threads each executed the function one over another in a undefined order, even if the

Configure proxy servers with squid and Squidguard under Linux

Objective: This paper mainly introduces the use of Squid and Squidguard configuration Proxy server in Linux, with the WWW Proxy service as an example to explain how to filter harmful sites and restrict users ' access to the Internet. I.

How to write a ping packet monitoring script with Windows and Linux under Time

================================windows================================= '' "Use method '; cscript ping.vbs 1000 '' Dim args, flag, unsuccout Args= "" Otherout= "" Flag=0 If WScript.Arguments.count = 0 Then WScript.Echo

Getting Started with Linux firewall configuration

RedHat Linux provides firewall protection for increased system security. Firewalls exist between your computer and your network to determine which remote users on your network have access to the resources on your computer. A properly configured

Configuring Linux firewalls with FWTK

FWTK is a set of tools used to build and maintain internal network firewalls. It contains a number of standalone components, most of which are proxy applications such as Telnet, FTP, Rlogin, SendMail, HTTP, X windows, and so on. Compared with squid,

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