Analysis of buffer cache performance problem in Linux

1, the role of Buffer cache To improve the IO performance of disk devices, we use memory as the cache for disk devices. When a user operates a disk device, the data is first written to memory, and then the dirty data in memory is refreshed to disk

On the registration of character devices in Linux

The Registration process for character devices in Linux is relatively straightforward. We can usually call the Misc_register () function to register a character device. A misc device is a character device that enables the ability of a character

The use of Yum under Linux

Software upgrades are improvements to software functionality and security upgrades, similar to Windows systems, the Linux operating system also needs to update the software on a regular basis, keep the software always in the latest state. Linux

The concept of Linux users and groups

I. Concepts of users and groups 1. Understanding Linux multiuser, multitasking features Linux is a real, full multi-user multitasking operating system, multi-user multitasking is to build multiple users on the system, and multiple users can log on

The idea of Linux system optimization

Linux operating system is an open source product, but also an open source software practice and application platform, in this platform there are countless open source software support, our common Apache, tomcat, MySQL, PHP and so on, the biggest

Argument list too long error when passing parameters under Linux

This article is a few days ago in the forum a friend raised the question, today is free, sorted out, released for your reference! When Linux tries to pass too many parameters to a system command (LS *; CP *; RM *; cat *; etc) , the "Argument list

How to customize Linux operating system environment variables

Linux is a multi-user operating system. After each user logs on to the system, there will be a dedicated running environment. Typically, the default environment for each user is the same, and this default environment is actually the definition of a

How to monitor the resource status of Linux through LoadRunner

When we use LR for performance testing, we often have a need to monitor the OS's resource usage. For Windows system, this work is very convenient, directly in the LR Resource Monitoring window to add the need to be monitored by the machine name or

Linux system memory Usage experience

Today because to explain the size of the available memory in the system, with Google to see a half-day, there is a Guan Tian in the CU, the competition has not found a better chapter, it is estimated that a lot of people did not notice, understand

Ways to remove the Linux boot interface and considerations

People who have played Linux know that in the original system installed Linux, the system boot will show the Linux boot management interface, when we deleted the Linux one day, but found that the Linux boot management interface is still in, then we

Linux character device driver authoring process

The driver writes the basic process: 1. First of all, some version information, no use, but not less #define __NO_VERSION__ #include #include Char kernel_version[] = uts_release; 2. In order to correlate system calls with drivers, a very

POSIX threads for Linux network programming (i)

Pthread series functions and simple multi-threaded server-side programs First, POSIX thread overview We know that processes are running in separate address spaces, and that sharing data between processes requires interprocess communication, in

Linux Network Programming System V Semaphore (i) a tool that encapsulates a semaphore set operation function

As with Message Queuing and shared memory, Semaphore sets have their own data structures: struct Semid_ds { struct Ipc_perm sem_perm; /* Ownership and Permissions * * time_t Sem_otime; /* Last SEMOP time * * time_t Sem_ctime; /* Last Change time

Linux network Programming system V shared memory and series functions

Like Message Queuing, shared memory has its own data structure, as follows: struct Shmid_ds { struct Ipc_perm shm_perm; /* Ownership and Permissions * * size_t Shm_segsz; /* Size of Segment (bytes) * * time_t Shm_atime; /* Last Attach time * *

Stress testing the Linux operating system kernel

Automated software testing allows you to run the same tests over a period of time to ensure that the content you compare is truly comparable. In this article, the members of the Linux Test Project team shared their work with Linux. The methods,

High-efficiency development experience of Linux multithreaded programming

Introduction: In this article, we summarize 5 experiences on the main features of multithreaded programming on Linux to improve the habit of multithreaded programming and avoid the pitfalls of development. In this article, we've interspersed some of

SUSE Linux because the/var/lib directory permissions cause SSH to not use the problem

SSH is not available because of/var/lib directory permissions A colleague of the morning said a server SSH login is not. Initially thought that the SSH service did not start, the execution service sshd status. Linux-34:/var/lib # service SSHD

Using helix to set up a video server under Linux

With the increasingly rich network applications, more and more netizens like to watch movies on the internet, listening to music. Have you ever thought of setting up a video server and sharing your own good, nice, audio-visual files? As we all know,

Linux Configuration Web Server

Today we'll look at how to put a Web server on a Linux system. Linux systems are common: CERN, NCSA, Apache three ways, the most commonly used method is to use Apache. This approach features obvious, concise configuration, with the greatest system

Linux operation and Maintenance management UNIT2

Addressing the fileAbsolute path:File in the real location of the system, the file name begins with "/"Relative path:The file relative to the current location of the name of a shorthand, the name does not start with/, and the name will automatically

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