Linux system add swap virtual memory and delete configuration

1.swap Overview Swap partition, or swap area, the role of swap space can be simply described as: when the system's physical memory is not enough, it is necessary to release some of the space in physical memory, for the current running program to

Linux environment variable configuration file detailed

Environment variables are closely related to the shell, and the user starts a shell after logging in to the system. It's usually bash for Linux, but it can be reset or switched to another Shell. For UNIX, it may be cshelll. Environment variables are

11 network commands that must be known under Linux

This article collects the time-tested commands and collects several newer commands. Most commands can be performed on the graphics desktop, and even Linux users with no experience of terminal use often execute commands to use Ping or other network

Linux three special permissions setuid, Setgid and stick bit

I've been working on the Samba service configuration today, deeply feel the difficulty of permission control, file permissions mechanism is a major feature of Linux system, in addition to our now well-known read (R), write (W), execute (x)

Four steps to solve the problem of Chinese garbled in Linux system

When using the CentOS system, you may encounter an English CentOS system when you install it, in which case installing the CentOS system is the default installation (ie English). After installation, the emergence of a variety of Chinese garbled. So,

How to set your Linux operating system to be more secure

BIOS security Remember to set a BIOS password in the BIOS setup and do not receive floppy boot. This prevents malicious people from starting your Linux system with a dedicated startup disk and avoiding other people changing BIOS settings, such as

Linux one-click to install the Web environment full introduction

Get ready to connect to Linux Server tools, recommend Xshell and Xftp. Xshell is a powerful security terminal emulation software that supports the Telnet protocol for SSH1, SSH2, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Download Address: http://www.newhua.

Linux View the contents of the file, create, view the soft hard link command example

Command 1: View file contents "Cat filename" to view the contents of the file, the page stays at the end. "More file name" Paging View file contents Enter the next line Space page Q exit "Head filename" to view the first few lines of the

How does the Linux system increase the swap partition space small?

Standard Linux system How to increase the swap partition space small? Quasi-linux installation, swap partition is twice times the size of memory, if the addition of memory, the swap partition will also increase. If you increase the 1G memory, the

The method of user audit under Linux system

Create audit log Directory The code is as follows: Mkdir-p/var/log/user_audit Create user audit log files; The code is as follows: Touch/var/log/user_audit/user_audit.log Assigning files to users with low privileges The code is as follows:

Sharing of installation methods for various packages under Linux system

first, the RPM package installation method steps: 1, find the appropriate software packages, such as soft.version.rpm, download to a directory of this machine; 2, open a terminal, Su-as root user; 3, CD soft.version.rpm in the directory; 4,

Linux rpm command parameters to use the detailed

The toolkit was first launched by Red Hat and later borrowed by other Linux developers. Because it saves a lot of time for Linux users, it is widely used to install and remove software under Linux. Here is a description of its specific use of the

Linux shutdown Shutdown system command usage introduction

Linux Shutdown system command shutdown Shutdown, reboot the system Linux is a multiuser, multitasking system that can cause user data loss in the system if the system is not properly shut down or restarted. The possibility is that the user is

Linux Tar Compressed archive Management Command Learning


Profile: Tar is the main file compression and decompression, is a more commonly used command. Command format: tar [-cxtzjvfppn] pathname [pathname ...] Parameters: -C: Create an archive -X: Unlocking an Archive -T: View an archived content

Analysis of key points for Linux cluster technology

Now a lot of companies, sites are in the application of Linux operating system, the advantages of Linux to make people abandon Microsoft. Let's talk about Linux cluster technology today, so that you can learn more about Linux, know the Linux cluster

Linux Sort command parameters and usage detailed

Function Description: Sort the contents of the text file. Syntax: Sort [-bcdfimmnr][-o][-t][+-][--help][--verison][file] Supplemental Note: Sort can be sorted against the contents of a text file in units of behavior. Parameters -B ignores the

Linux Basics and Applications

1, processing the special file name Assuming that there is a file named "-aaa" in the Linux system, if we want to do it, for example, now to delete it, if we enter the RM-AAA command on the command line according to the general deletion method, the

Linux chsh command parameters and usage detailed

Use Rights: All users Command: CHSH Usage:shell>> CHSH Description: Change the user shell settings Example: Shell>> Chsh changing fihanging shell for User1 Password: [del] New Shell [/bin/tcsh]: ### [is currently used Shell] [Del] Shell>>

Linux under Disk View command sharing

A. fdisk command FDISK is a disk partitioning command that uses detailed commands to view related documents Use command fdisk-l to view the partition status of the current disk Two. DF command DF is from the Coreutils software package, when

Linux Date Display set time command learning

Profile: The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time Command format: Date [OPTION] ... [+format] Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]] Parameters: -D STRING: Displays the date described by

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