Iptables encounters iptables:protocol wrong type for socket in Linux

Below Yan you to introduce an article about Linode VPS Iptables encountered iptables:protocol wrong type for socket. Wrong solution, I hope the article will help you     To Linode VPS CentOS 6.4 iptables Add a rule that limits the number of IP

How to solve the Linux dpkg:error processing install-info

The code is as follows: Setting Install-info (5.2.0.dfsg.1-2) ... /etc/environment:line 2:class_path:command not found Dpkg:error Processing Package Install-info (--configure): Child process installed Post-Installation script returned error number 1

Linux environment Programming-file basic operations

Linux under the directory is/such and how does Windows remember? and W is not the same as the reverse? So the Linux directory is reverse, so remember.   One: The Open function Name: Open Goal: Open a file. Header file: #include #include

Linux under SVN commit ignores certain files, directories (Ignore properties

SVN is also a directory synchronization we can use it to do version control, below to see about the Linux SVN submission ignores some files, directories (ignore attributes), I hope the example will help you. In the project, some files are not

Netstatus View syn in Linux

You can count the current number of connections by following this command Netstat-n | awk '/^tcp/{++s[$NF]} end {for (a in S) print A, s[a]} ' This statement returns the following results 1.time_wait 346 2.FIN_WAIT1 85 3.fin_wait2 6

What are the common Linux commands

1. Mans I started with the man command because in many ways it was the most basic command. This command is a command you need to use when you need to know other commands. In essence, the "man" command gives a simple introduction to the other

Linux Common Search command

1. Find find is the most common and powerful search command you can use to locate any file you're looking for. The Find command makes it easy to locate the specific file you need in the use and management of Linux systems. The use format of find

How to achieve fast file search under Linux system

#whereis find software that is already installed Looking up a file on Linux is a bit of a hassle. After all, in Linux we need to use the dedicated "find" command to find the files on the hard disk. Inux file expression format is very complex,

Linux Deepin 2013 Add face recognition function

013 years is an extraordinary year, since the beginning of the year January 28, we have released 12.12 Alpha, Beta, RC, 12.12 official version, 12.12.1 enhanced version and many other versions. Linux deepin new desktop environment from the excellent

Telnet to Linux host for replacement IP address

Problem Analysis: According to the development team colleague, It is not possible to use advanced options for IP-specific operations by vcenter the RHEL6.0 of systems with the following version, which is not possible by assigning IP to a new

Linux viewing disk IO in several ways

How can I quickly navigate to concurrent high because of the large disk IO overhead? There are three ways to: The first: Using CPU information in the top command to observe The CPU information that top can see is: tasks:29 Total, 1 running,

Linux under ping command to use the introduction

The principle and working mechanism of the ping command ping commands are commonly used to detect network communication and impassability, also called time delay, the greater the value, the slower the ping (packetinternetgrope), the Internet Packet

Linux system pwd command how to use

In a Linux hierarchy, users can use the mkdir command to create a new directory under any authorized directory, or they can use the CD command to convert from one directory to another. However, there is no prompt to tell the user which directory is

Introduction to the five popular Linux versions

1.RedHat The most familiar distributions of Linux users in the country and even around the world are redhat,1994 years, marcewing (American, Carnegie Mellon University) released RedHatLinux1.0. At present, Redhat is divided into two series: one is

Linux Server network development model

Why is the performance of nginx much higher than Apache? This is mainly because Nginx uses the latest epoll (Linux 2.6 kernel) and Kqueue (FreeBSD) network I/O models, while Apache uses the traditional select model. I've seen an example of this in

Using LVS to build load-balanced Cluster service on Linux

I. The installation and configuration of LVS based on NAT 1. Hardware Requirements and network topology 2. Download software: (1), Kernel source code: Need to download the 2.4.23 version of the kernel source code. The download address

Linux system startup process

The Linux system is used all the time, but it is not clear about the system startup process and the system initialization and the various service startup. Today I finally figured out what the whole thing was. Originally want to write an article,

Process waiting under Linux

  Wait (waits for child processes to break or end) Table header file #include #include define function pid_t Wait (int * status); Function description: Wait () will temporarily stop the current Execution of the process until a

Linux pidof Command Usage Summary


  Today Goface to introduce the use of the Linux pidof command, pidof command you may rarely see, but in the appropriate situation is not small use of the One, what is Pidof order? Code is as follows: #man pidof: Pidof-find The process ID of a

Linux under the Serial Debugging tool xgcom installation

Minicom is very easy to use, but sometimes not intuitive, recommend new people especially accustomed to Windows HyperTerminal users using xgcom. The installation method is as follows: My system is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 1. Download xgcom source code

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