The LS command in Linux is used in detail

Article turned from: in the study of Linux, through the blog park to better comb to strengthen the knowledge learned.The LS command is one of the most commonly used commands under Linux,

SVN common commands under Linux

Windows TortoiseSVN is a plugin to the explorer, to overwrite the icon indicates the status of the file, almost so the command has a graphical interface support, relatively easy to use, there is not much to say. The main talk about the use of SVN

Analysis of the relationship between Linux and JVM memory

Source: Group of technical TeamIntroductionOn some servers with physical memory of 8g, the main running of a Java service, the system memory allocation is as follows: Java service JVM heap size is set to 6g, a monitoring process consumes about

Linux Learning Notes: User Rights Management

During the Qingming Festival last week, we are still in a tense study, today we learn the user's rights management, the user's rights management as the name implies that the user in the use of the operating system can use the rights and

A detailed explanation of the Linux top command usage

The following is a detailed introduction to the use of the top command in Linux, the need for friends can come to the referenceView multi-core CPU commandsMpstat-p All and sar-p allDescription:sar-p all > Aaa.txt redirect output to file Aaa.txtThe

Linux Beginner--rights management

The previous article already mentions the management knowledge of users and groups, we have learned how to create users and groups in a Linux system, and make some changes to the content and properties of users and groups. However, we know that the

Review summary of Linux commands learning

1 、-------------------------Linux system Introduction ------------------------------------------------------- Linux unix operating system, is a multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-threaded and multi operating system. It can run the main unix

Understanding Docker (3): Docker uses Linux namespace to isolate the operating environment of the container

1. Basics: The concept of Linux namespaceThe Linux kernel has introduced the concept of namespace from version 2.4.19 onwards. The goal is to have a particular global system resource (Resource) through an abstract approach so that processes in

Linux on the difference between BASHRC and profile (RPM)

The difference between BASHRC and profileTo understand the difference between BASHRC and profile, first figure out what the interactive shell and non-interactive shell are, and what the login shell and non-login shell are.The interactive mode is

Linux Hash Dump tool similar to Mimikatz

Project HomeHttps:// root privilegesSupport Kali 4.3.0 (rolling) x64 (GDM3) Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS x64 (Gnome Keyring 3.18.3-0UBUNTU2) Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS x64 (Gnome Keyring 3.18.3-

Linux Remote forced restart/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq/proc/sysrq-trigger

1. # echo 1 >/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq2. # echo B >/proc/sysrq-trigger1./proc/sys/kernel/sysrq1 is written to the SysRq file in order to turn on the SysRq feature. According to Linux/documentations/sysrq.txt, SYSRQ represents the Magic System Request

Linux Disk Management commands

Manage Commands Ln, DF, Du, Mknod, Fdisk, Partprobe, Partx, Mkfs, Blkid, E2label, TUNE2FS, DUMPE2FS, fsckLN Create a linked file or directory-S Create soft links-V Show verbose processDF View disk information-H Humanistic Reading mode-I display

Linux awk Command Summary

Linux awk Command SummaryBrief introduction:awk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. to put it simply, awk reads the

Linux rights: From getting started to giving up

The day station is going to be a complete day. Often we can take the server Web services, but is updated than the Western reporters also faster than the administrator of the intranet infiltration of the seeds in the bud of the right to kill. The

Linux KILL command

purpose of the KILL commandThe KILL command is easy to misunderstand, believing that it is only used to kill the process. Let's take a look at the man page's explanation for it: kill-send a signal to a process.From the official explanation it is not

Linux Basics (21-30)

1.Shell Overview What is a shell? is a command-line interpreter that provides users with an interface system-level program that sends requests to the Linux kernel to run programs, which users can start, hang, stop, or even write programs

Linux GCC Common commands

1 IntroductionThe meaning of GCC is only GNU C Compiler. After so many years of development, GCC has not only supported the C language; it now also supports the ADA, C + +, Java, Objective C, Pascal, COBOL, and Mercury languages that support

Linux Text Processing Tools

Linux Text Processing ToolsSpecial permissions on 1.Linux file system: SUID SGID StickySecurity context for a process: (1) Any executable program file can be started as a process, depending on whether the initiator has permission to execute the

Linux Learning: nginx--Introduction and Installation-01

First, IntroductionWhat is 1.1 Nginx?Nginx is a lightweight Web server, but also a lightweight reverse proxy serverWhat 1.2 nginx can doA. Direct support for rails and PHP programsb, as an HTTP reverse proxy serverC, as a load balancer serverD, as

Linux multithreaded Programming (unlimited Linux)

ObjectiveThread? Why are there processes that require threads, and what is the difference between them? What are the advantages of using threads? There are also some details about multi-threading programming, such as how threads are synchronized and

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