Linux Network Properties Configuration

Linux Network Properties Configuration IP (Internet Protocol) Address: network number + host number Ipv4:32bits 8bits 8bits 8bits 8bits 0-255 IP Address Classification: Class A: The first paragraph is the

Absolute path to get executable program under Linux

If you need to read the configuration file in the program you are writing, or if you need to print the log file, or read another file, a problem occurs:What path does the executable program use when reading the file path?The structure of our general

The role of the Linux root directory folder

1. How to view disk partitioning and usageFdisk: View hard disk partition tableDF: Viewing partition usageDu: View file space usage2. root directory File function introduction / root directory /bin The most

Switch the current working directory by script under Linux

Switching the working directory through a script is just beginning to feel simple, and writing a CD statement directly in the script is done.But it's not.When executing a script, only a child process is opened under the current shell, and the

wget usage in Linux

wget Introduction:Linux system wget is a tool for downloading files, which is used on the command line. For Linux users is an essential tool, we often have to download some software or restore backup from a remote server to the local server. The

Linux Course notes Nginx Introduction

1 Nginx IntroductionCompared with Apache, in performance, Nginx occupies less system resources, the specific scene application (static data) can support more concurrent connections, achieve higher access efficiency; in function, Nginx is an

Linux wildcard characters

The study of wildcards is a bit of a sense of laying the groundwork for regular expressions ... Python has learned regular expressions before, so this blog is still very quick to learn.Special Symbols|#pipe character, or (regular)>#Output

Linux File Lookup-find command

Find command: Used to look up files in the file tree and make the appropriate processing1, the format of the Find command;Find Pathname-options [-print-exec-ok ...] {}\2, the parameters of the Find command;The directory path that the Pathname:find

Code--linux process communication (based on shared memory)

1. Communication of affinity process, parent write sub-readthought analysis:1 First we need to create a shared memory.2) The fork function is used to create a parent-child process. After the fork function is created, two processes are executed

Linux Debugging (Eight): is the core really that hard to track?

Several cores have been encountered this week and are very typical.Here to share with you.People who believe they have experience in Linux programming must have met.Feel a lot of people around the core has a natural sense of fear, especially for the

"Linux Discovery Tour" Part One lesson three: testing and installing Ubuntu

Content Brief Introduction1 The first part of the third lesson: Test and install Ubuntu 2, the first part of lesson four: disk partitioning test and install UbuntuHello everyone, after the first two more biased theory (whether it is

11, self-study--linux learning progress and Tasks "file System file Permissions"

File System file PermissionsFile System file Permissions:     Three types of users:Master: Owner, UGenus Group: Group, GOthers: Other, OAll: All,aPermissions:R:readable, readableW:writable, writableX:excutable, executable     Rights Management:File: 

Linux captures network packets using the Tcpdump capture tool, multi-sample Demo

Tcpdump is a common use of the Linux command to grab a package tool, record the usual way, test machine system is Ubuntu 12.04.Tcpdump's command formatTcpdump parameters are numerous, through the man tcpdump can see the detailed description of

10, self-study--linux learning progress and Tasks "user and user group related actions"

User and user group related actionsUser and user group definitions:User: Resource acquisition identifier (resource allocation), which is one of the trusted elements of the security permission model    User group: A user group is a collection of

Linux timestamp management ——— Touch command

Touch create file or update file timestampFormat: Touch parameter file nameParameters:-C: Do not create a file that does not exist-M: Update only modified time, not update access time-A: Update access time only, not update modification time-R file:

Rh124-01 familiar with the Linux system command line and GNOME3 graphical interface

Lab Environment:Host name IP address client service End Central serverDesktop and server virtual machines have

Linux Storage Management

At present the common disk type has Ide,scsi,sata,sas and so on, the IDE and SCSI is commonly known as the port, SATA and SAS are commonly known as the serial port, the two kinds of hard drives are common to personal computers and servers, the IDE's

Linux basic commands

first, the Linux operating environment~ location is under the/root/directory Root: User name currently logged in @ delimiter Chengliang: Host Name ~: Current path location Linux directory structure:To switch directories:New

Linux 2 unit8 LDAP network user account

# #自动挂载在ldap用户家目录 # # #This section requires only two scripts to get it done!# #脚本能成功创立ldapuser1用户 # # #[Email protected] ~]# vim auth-config.shecho "Install packages ..."Yum Install SSSD krb5-workstation-y &>/dev/nullecho "Config authconfig

8 Efficient Linux Terminal commands

1. Command line daily shortcut keysThe following shortcuts are very useful and can greatly improve your productivity: CTRL + U The content before the cursor is clipped CTRL + K – to cut the cursor to the end of the line CTRL + y –

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