Startup items under Linux


/etc/profile This is also the startup script. And the priority is very high oh.The following are all online search(1) Edit File/etc/rc.localInput command: Vim/etc/rc.local will appear a text fragment similar to the following:#!/bin/sh## This script

Linux command--MV

Linux--mvMV is often used to make backupsCommand parameters:-B: Overwrite the previous backup if you need to overwrite the file.-f:force mandatory Meaning, if the target file already exists, will not be asked and directly covered;-I: If the target

Linux installation Lamp

Installing the Package CompilerGcc-v See if there are anyYum Install GCC gcc-c++ MackRpm-q httpd to see if HTTP is installedRPM-E httpd--nodeps Uninstalling packages and dependenciesTAR-ZXF apr-1.5.1.tar.gz Extract Apr PackageCD apr-1.5.1./configure-

Linux basic Commands

How to use the commandShutdown--helpShutdown--?Man shutdown these three ways can beShutdown's wrong, he'll have a clue.Which command does not know how to use, ask a man on itMan is manual handbook, manual Hand, manualClearClear is the clear screen,

Linux system security

Method One: The password is complex enoughThe length of the password is greater than 8 bits, preferably greater than 14 bits. The complexity of a password is a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase characters, and a special

Linux command-line commands

1 Linux Command line edit shortcut keys:2 3 history displays a list of command histories4 5↑ (Ctrl +p) Display the previous command6 7↓ (Ctrl +N) Display the next command8 9!Num executes the command history list num CommandTen One!!executes the

Linux Common commands Brief--ls

First, LS introductionThe LS command is a short list that displays the list of files and folders in the specified directory; The LS command can not only view files contained in a Linux folder, but also view file permissions, directory information,

Build WordPress personal site under Linux

WordPress is built on the lamp environment. Here is the CentOS 7 wordpress version required for PHP and MySQL. WordPress version 4.7.4 database mariadb-5.5.52, php-5.4.16A combination of Lamp:linux+apache+mysql (MariaDB) +php.You need to shut down

Ext2,ext3,ext4,gpt of Linux partitions

Ext2,ext3,ext4,gpt of Linux partitions2013-07-10 12:00:24Tags: ext3 GPT original works, allow reprint, when reproduced please be sure to use hyperlinks in the form of the original source of the article, author information and this statement.

Linux Fundamentals 14

DNS: Domain name resolution (Nmae System)Forward parsing:Based on the host name (domain name) to find its corresponding IP address, which is the most basic, most commonly used featuresReverse parsing:Find its corresponding host name (domain name)

Git uses a simple tutorial-(from Linux people)

What is gitGit is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system in the world. Originally written by Linus Torvalds, used as the management of Linux kernel code. If you are a Windows user, you may be worried about "is it only

The similarities and differences between the Linux at-T assembly syntax format and the Intel Assembler syntax format

Since the vast majority of domestic programmers have previously only been exposed to the Intel format of assembly language, there is little or no contact with the-T assembly language, although these assembly codes are Intel-style. But in Unix and

Kill lui lei dog---linux no:13 linux standard input and output and standard error

Standard input generally refers to the mouse or keyboard input content and then through the Linux kernel processing, standard output is more simple, the computer monitor see the content that is the command after the output, which is called the

One Linux command top 12 per day

The top command is a common performance analysis tool under Linux that shows the resource usage of individual processes in the system in real time, similar to the Task Manager for Windows. Here is a detailed description of how it is used. Top is a

Top dynamic Display in Linux

OneTopis a dynamic display process in which the current state can be refreshed continuously by a user key. If the command is executed in the foreground, it will monopolize the foreground until the user terminates the program. More accurately, the

View/Modify system time zone, time under Linux

One, view and modify the time zone of Linux 1. View current time zoneCommand: "Date-r"2. Modify the setup Linux Server time zone method ACommand: "Tzselect"Method B is limited to Redhat Linux and CentOSCommand: "Timeconfig"Method C applies to

Asynchronous recycling of sub-processes under Linux

BackgroundWe know that when a process fork out of a child process, there is no child process to recycle, then the state after the child process has finished running becomes a zombie process.We can use wait and waitpid to reclaim the child process

Linux file Special permissions SUID SGID sbit

Files in addition to the general permissions R, W, X also have some special permissions, S and T permissions, the specific use of the following  1 SetUIDWhen s this flag appears on the file owner's X-permission, such as/USR/BIN/PASSWD,[Email

The Linux thread pool is simple to apply on the server

I. Descriptive narrative of the problemNow take the C/s architecture as an example. The client sends a number to the server to find, and the server side initiates the thread in the thread to make the corresponding query. Displays the results of the

Windows, Linux upload and download from FTP server via FTP

Recently need to use the file upload and download, view the system we used, found that there is a process for t_ftpd, suspected that it is an FTP daemon, and then want to be implemented in the FTP way.Implemented using the Bat script on

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