CentOS7.2 General-purpose binary format installation mariadb-5.5.46-linux-x86_64.tar.gz documentation and startup failure troubleshooting analysis

CentOS7.2 Universal binary Format installation mariadb-5.5.46-linux-x86_64.tar.gzPrepare mariadb-5.5.46-linux-x86_64.tar.gz in advance.[[email protected] ~]# groupadd-r-G 306 MySQL # # #添加mysql用户[[email protected] ~]# useradd-r-G 306-u 306 MySQL # #

Build WordPress personal site under Linux

WordPress is built on the lamp environment. Here is the CentOS 7 wordpress version required for PHP and MySQL. WordPress version 4.7.4 database mariadb-5.5.52, php-5.4.16A combination of Lamp:linux+apache+mysql (MariaDB) +php.You need to shut down

The similarities and differences between the Linux at-T assembly syntax format and the Intel Assembler syntax format

Since the vast majority of domestic programmers have previously only been exposed to the Intel format of assembly language, there is little or no contact with the-T assembly language, although these assembly codes are Intel-style. But in Unix and

Kill lui lei dog---linux no:13 linux standard input and output and standard error

Standard input generally refers to the mouse or keyboard input content and then through the Linux kernel processing, standard output is more simple, the computer monitor see the content that is the command after the output, which is called the

Linux user groups and file permissions

Linux system is a multi-user multi-tasking time-sharing system, any user who wants to use system resources must first request an account from the system administrator and then enter the system as this account.On the one hand, the user's account can

Top dynamic Display in Linux

OneTopis a dynamic display process in which the current state can be refreshed continuously by a user key. If the command is executed in the foreground, it will monopolize the foreground until the user terminates the program. More accurately, the

View/Modify system time zone, time under Linux

One, view and modify the time zone of Linux 1. View current time zoneCommand: "Date-r"2. Modify the setup Linux Server time zone method ACommand: "Tzselect"Method B is limited to Redhat Linux and CentOSCommand: "Timeconfig"Method C applies to

Asynchronous recycling of sub-processes under Linux

BackgroundWe know that when a process fork out of a child process, there is no child process to recycle, then the state after the child process has finished running becomes a zombie process.We can use wait and waitpid to reclaim the child process

Linux under Basic commands (i)

Accumulate knowledge every day will have growth, as long as pay in the near future will have a harvest, may come back later, but must be expensive in insist, today's first blog, such as the unexpected situation I will send every day, this is my

Linux command--1

have been learning Linux, but a little day fishing two days means, now hope to write blog form, accumulate more knowledge, but also hope to help the same in the Linux pit of the small friends ~PS: My notes focus on popular, a lot of commands 100

Killing Thunder Dog---Basic operation of files and directories of Linux No:10 Linux

We are often in the system operating files and directories, then we will first study the file and directory of the basic operationThese are commonly used commands, and we all have to play clear ...We first use PWD to test ...The PWD is mostly

Framebuffer application programming practice of Linux Driver Development (i)

1. Framebuffer application Programming(1) Open the device file(2) Obtaining device informationMacro-defined commands in/linux/fb.hImmutable information Fscreeninfo, using the IOCTL parameter has a Fbioget_fscreeninfo macro name, indicating the use

Linux programming to your program back door

Switch (args[0][0])//parse instruction to see what each instruction corresponds to {case ' d '://display switch (args[1][0] {case ' Q '://display queue show_mq (FD); Break Case ' d '://display

Implementation of Ping for Linux programming

void Icmp_pack (struct icmp* icmphdr, int seq, int length) { int i = 0; Icmphdr->icmp_type = Icmp_echo; Type fill loopback request icmphdr->icmp_code = 0; icmphdr->icmp_cksum = 0; Note that it is important to fill in the 0 first!

Custom Message Queuing for Linux programming

typedef struct MSG_HDR_S { uint32 msg_type; UInt32 Msg_len; UInt32 msg_src; UInt32 msg_dst; } msg_hdr_t; typedef struct MSG_S { msg_hdr_t Hdr; Uint8 data[100]; } msg_t;Here is an explanation of the message

Getting Started with Linux bash

1#!/bin/Bash2 3#shell使用的熟练成都反映用户对Unix/how proficient Linux is used4 #shell There are two ways to execute commands: Interactive and batch processing5#常见的shell脚本解释器有bash,SH, CSH, etc.6#chmod+x./hello.SH#使脚本具有执行权限7#./hello.SH#执行脚本8 9 #交互输入Ten Echo

UIO mechanism of Linux device driver (basic concept)

There are two main tasks for a device driver:1. Accessing the device's memory2. Interruption of processing equipmentFor the first task. The UIO core implements the Mmap () capable of handling physical memory (physical memory), logical

"Reprint" The understanding of the inode of Linux

This article turns in is the blogger in order to review later. Please visit the original linkHttp://www.cnblogs.com/itech/archive/2012/05/15/2502284.htmlFirst, what is the inode?To understand the inode, start with the file storage. The file is

How to send mail to 163 mailboxes in Linux

Linux send and receive mail1. First make sure your Linux server is able to ping through www.baidu.comPing www.baicu.com2. Apply for a @163.com personal email3. After entering the mailbox, make the following settings.1. Home electric shock Settings,

BITVISESSH-free root for Windows vs Linux file Transfer

Virtual machine,,, quality a little bad, everybody look!-------------------In the case of not getting the Linux root account, WINSCP and other tools are unable to implement the file transfer, at this time we can borrow bitvise SSH;:

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