A summary of Linux development issues using VS2017

① , after reinstalling the virtual machine development environment, generate the project with the following error:1>------Started Build: Project: Asf_plugin_gd_trans, configuration: Debug x64------1>validating Architecture1>validating


Firewall-firewalldFIREWALLD Service is the default firewall management tool in RHEL7Features:(1) runtime configuration (2) permanent configuration (3) Support dynamic Update (4) zone area conceptMethod: command line :firewall-cmd

LINUX FTP Service Configuration documentation

First, the FTP Active Passive mode introductionBefore you begin, you need to understand what the control plane is and what the data plane is. The control plane is the connection established before the data transfer, such as the TCP three handshake

Customize a simple Linux system

Customize a simple Linux systemProduction ideas:Add a new hard disk, set up two partitions, a save/boot, a save/, create file system and format. Note that now our hard drive is to be able to unplug and install to other machines to use, otherwise

Linux cut, awk, grep, sed

Cut is a selection command that analyzes a piece of data and takes out what we want. In general, the selection of information is usually for "line" for analysis, not the entire information analysisCut [-bn] [file] or cut [-c] [file] or cut [-DF]

Linux control structure

Note:Format 1, Format 2: one condition one command;Format 3: One condition two commands;Format 4: Two conditions three commands, note the wording of the condition.Example 1:#!/bin/sh#ifTest#to Show the method of IfEcho-e "Enter the first

linux-file, directory Management

Directories and Paths . This layer directory .. Upper Directory -Previous working directory ~ Home Folder ~ account Specifies the user's home folder, accounts--name CD Switch Directory PWD (Print working directory)

Linux Server Performance Stress test

For newly purchased servers, you need to perform the necessary performance tests. Here you select the Unixbench tool for performance testing. The records are as follows:1) Installation and useThe following script uses the latest version of the

Linux clusters and LVs

Clusters and LVsCluster:A group of computers interconnected by high-speed networks and managed in a single-system modePrice many servers are centralized to provide the same service, and the client looks like there is only one serverA relatively high

Linux command ps aux | grep xxx Detailed

To monitor and control the process, you must first understand the current process, which is to see the current process, while the PS command (process Status) is the most basic and very powerful process view command. Use this command to determine

Linux self-study note--nginx Basic configuration

1. Basic ConfigurationWorker_processes auto|3; Specifies the number of cores to use, the default auto, or the typical self-core number-1, which can be lscpu to viewEvents {Worker_connections 1024; Maximum concurrent connections, maximum concurrent

Linux Introduction and centos6.x system installation

About LinuxI. History of UNIX and Linux1 in 1965, the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), GE (GE) and T Bell Labs jointly developed the Multics project, with the goal of developing an interactive time-sharing operating system

Linux Memory Cache/buffer Profiling

Query free memory/memory usage status in Linux system View/remaining memory view  How to calculate the amount of memory used and the amount of idlePhysical used memory = actual used memory-buffered-cache= 24752-2839-15049Physical free memory = Total

Linux Common commands

1, PWDCD  function : Displays the absolute path of the current working directory2. cd  function : Switch to the established directory  format : cd destination directory  Example : Cd/root  Remark :CD (or CD ~) to quickly switch to the current user's

"Linux" CentOS7 add a common source

The official CentOS source removes some copyright-related software, so you want to install the software or manually download the installation, or use a different source. Below I recommend the common two sources, these two sources basically can

Linux---hack root password

for the network security has been our goal, large to the enterprise database security, small to personal account security, so we all need password (that is, password). In daily life and production, for, QQ, we can get back through the mobile phone

Linux device driver fault location guidelines and examples

Linux device driver fault location guidelinesLinux device drivers a wide range of knowledge points involved, want to write a general fault location method guidelines, is a difficult and not easy to do the work. Limited to the author's experience, it

/lib/ld-linux.so.2:bad ELF Interpreter: No that file or directory

[Email protected] client]# export path=/opt/crosstool/mipsel-linux/bin/:$PATHSee if they are well-equipped[[Email protected] client]# envpath=/opt/crosstool/mipsel-linux/bin/[Email protected] client]# Mipsel-linux-gcc-o a

[LINUX]-LNMP Installation steps

------Building Nginx Web Platform-----First, install Nginx1. Configure IP AddressSlightly2. Compile and install Nginx[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install Pcre-devel zlib-devel[Email protected] ~]# useradd-m-s/sbin/nologin nginx[Email protected] ~]#

[Data synchronization] Linux synchronizes data with Windows

Experimental environmentService side: Linux Centos 6.8 ( Client:windows ( sideFirst, installing rsync Service Setup boot from # yum Install xinetd rsync-y# chkconfig xinetd on# chkconfig rsync onsecond, set up

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