Primary Learning Linux Unit sixth

# # #第六单元 # #One, file Properties viewLs-l the size of the FileName directory property (the sum of the characters in the file name)-|rw-r--r--. | 1| Root|   Root| 46 | OCT 1 05:03 |filename— ————————— — ———— ———— —— ———————————— ————————1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Linux Systems build NFS and share to Aix

First, the Introduction of NFSNFS is the abbreviation for network filesystem, which is the networked file system. A contract for the decentralized file system, developed by Sun, was announced in 1984. The function is to enable different machines,

The reason that the current directory needs to be run under Linux is added.

Run the file in the current directory under Windows, and you can run the file directly by entering its full name. For Linux, however, the./file name must be added to run. Puzzled at this point, the final review of aInformation to figure it out.1. In

Linux DNS Installation configuration

Yum installs DNS software:[Email protected] ~]# yum-y instal bind Bind-chrootConfiguration:1: Master profile: (Declaration forward parsing and reverse parsing and zone files within the file)[Email protected] ~]# cd/var/named/chroot/etc/[[email

Linux Basics---Understanding of atime,ctime,mtime

There are often cases where the file's time attribute is used, and there are three file-related time attributes under Linux. Atime,ctime,mtime. I also often confused, each encounter will be human flesh search, leisure time to prepare this knowledge

Full version of Linux installation


Yum Updateyum Install screen wget iptraf-ng unzip openssh-clients subversion git man setuptool system-config-firewall-tui Ntsysv Vim links bzip2 pcre-devel zlib-devel networkmanager-tui mariadb-server gcc-c++ make vim/etc/ssh/sshd_ Config#begin

Linux Learning Three: Archive and file system compression and packaging

Archives are compressed to make files more convenient to transport over the network and to reduce the amount of hard disk usage. The principle of compression is that the file is stored with a lot of space is useless, and compression is to release

Linux modification Time

Modify the system time.There are two Linux system clocks, one is the hardware clock, that is, the BIOS time, which is the time we see in CMOS setup, and the other is the system clock, which is the kernel time of the Linux system. When Linux starts,

The difference and format of ps-ef and PS aux under Linux

Http:// Displays the system process command PS, the most commonly used are ps-ef and PS aux. What is the difference between the two? There is not much difference between the two, to

Uninterruptible Sleep (D) status for Linux processes

First, explain the reason for the D status.Illustrates how a process runs, first, at run time, when the process requests some services from the kernel, the kernel suspends the program and puts the process into the parked queue, which usually stays

The first chapter of the Linux command line and script programming encyclopedia

1,2,linux Kernel: Memory management, process management, file management, device management.Where memory management such as:View the system's memory status through the command cat/proc/meminfo. View shared memory, semaphores, message queue

One of Linux learning

Linux Learning Article One: Linux basic operationsI. Copying files and directories1. copy files or directories using the CP commandCP source file (folder) destination file (folder)Common parameters:-R recursively replicate entire directory tree-V

Installing Nginx under Linux

What nginx is:He is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server.1. Download Nginx pcre Library (note the location of the download my location is/usr/local)Unzip file: TAR-ZXVF pcre-8.40.tar.gzAccess: CD pcre.8.40To install the C + +

Linux entry record: 15, Linux network basic configuration

First, Ethernet (Ethernet)Ethernet (Ethernet) is a computer LAN technology. The IEEE 802.3 standard of the Organization for the Standardization of Technology establishes the technical standard of Ethernet, which specifies the contents of the

File management of Linux basic commands

BASH Shell to manage files=============================================================Create, copy, delete, move, view, edit, Compress, findContent Summary:Linux directory structureFile location pathFile ManagementA: The Linux directory usually

The--sed command for Linux commands

Programming Ability:Script programmingGrep,sed (stream programmer), awkSED basic usage:Sed:stream EDitorLine Editor (full screen Editor: VI)SED: Mode spaceBy default, the original file is not edited, only the data in the pattern space is processed,

Linux User Configuration sudo permissions (Visudo)

sudo works as follows:1, when the user executes sudo, the system will actively look for the/etc/sudoers file to determine if the user has the ability to execute sudo2, after confirming that the user has the ability to execute sudo, let the user

The meaning of virt,res,shr under Linux

Title's three fields are explained below the man top, but they are somewhat ambiguous, and it is difficult to understand how they are specific to the resource usage of the process. After reviewing the information, summarize.VIRT: 1. The

Linux entry record: 17, Linux text/file processing commands

First, file browsingCat View File contents More page to view the contents of the file (only page down) less view the contents of the file as a page turn (can page up and down) Head view the first few lines of the file (default 10

Use commands to quickly view host serial numbers for Windows and Linux

As operations personnel, you may encounter the serial number of the statistics machine. For Windows and Linux, you can quickly view the host serial number using the following command.One, enter the Linux command line mode:Dmidecode-s

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