Installation of the Linux operating system and detailed instructions for basic operational commands

Background: Using a virtual machine to install a Linux virtual machine using a VMware Linux version: centos-6.7-x86 self-Download: Centos-6.7-x86_64-bin-dvd1.isoOpen VMware-FILE-"New Virtual machine-" Select typical-Next-"Select the third install

Those things in the Linux network that receive the "binary" stream---The recv return value and the Strlen Library function dialog

1. PrefaceMany friends in the development of network programming may have encountered such a problem, in the process of receiving binary stream data, using the Strlen library function to getThe binary data length is not accurate. Why?? First, the

Linux Delete special character files

1. How to delete the file name with "-"Use--(2 bars)#touch---%f-%t#rm---%f-%tRm:remove regular empty file '-%f-%t '?Use absolute Path and tab special file name#rm/root/-%f-%tRm:remove regular empty file '/root/-%f-%t '?2. Delete files that contain

The use of the Linux nohup command

When applying unix/linux, we usually want to let a program run in the background, so we will often use & at the end of the program to let the program run automatically. For example we want to run MySQL in the

The process of learning Linux (iii)

Communication between processesEach process has a different user address space, the global variables of any one process can not be seen in another process, so the exchange between the data must pass through the kernel, a buffer in the kernel,

The Linux platform based on the DR model of LVS construction

One: Dr Mode workflowVs-dr:virtual server via direct Routing directly routed virtual server650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float: none; "Title=" Image [9].png "alt="

Linux Department of Science notes

1 pwd Print the current directory location2 mkdir Creating a directory-p recursion to create a parent directory that does not exist-M setting property permissions for a directoryMkdir-m 777 Testa # Create a testa directory with 777 permissions3

Automatic deployment of DNS scripts under Linux

DescriptionI use the Red Hat 6.5 system, IP is can ping out of the network, although in practice, but there is no use, but for learning shell programming and school exams are very useful, nonsense not to say, on the code:#!/bin/bash#201

Execute script parameter acquisition in Linux

Linux variable $[#,@,0,1,2,*,$,?] Meaning$# 是传给脚本的参数个数$0是脚本本身的名字$1是传递给该shell脚本的第一个参数$2是传递给该shell脚本的第二个参数[email protected] 是传给脚本的所有参数的列表$* 是以一个单字符串显示所有向脚本传递的参数,与位置变量不同,参数可超过9个$$ 是脚本运行的当前进程ID号$? 是显示最后命令的退出状态,0表示没有错误,其他表示有错误Difference: [email protected]

Basic Linux Concepts and operations

When we use Linux, we do not deal directly with the system, but through the Shell's intermediate programs. In order to realize the input and output of windows in the graphical interface, the Linux system provides us with Terminal Simulator terminal,

Linux system commands the Three Musketeers of awk

command name:awkRole:Processing of text and dataDetailed Description:Awk is a programming language that is used to process text and data under Linux/unix.The data can come from standard input (stdin), one or more files, or the output of other

Introduction to Linux Commands

Linux learning a heavy task, for beginners, see more like the stars of the command, let people shy, then say the Linux command some introductory learning, I hope I can give the people to see Help.I think the learning of Linux commands is divided

Linux system commands the Three Musketeers grep

Command name: grepCommand function:Text Lookup or search toolDetailed Description:You can also search for text with regular expressions and print out the matching rowscan also be used to filter and search specific strings, using very flexibleCommon

Linux--ftp Set-up

First, the FTP serviceDefinition of 1.FTPftp://File Transfer Protocolsoftware provided by the 2.FTP protocolIn the rhel7.2:Vsftpd3. Deploy the FTP serviceServicesVim/etc/yum.repos.d/***.repo #设置yum源figure: Settings for the Yum source650) this.width=6

Linux RedHat 7 Common Commands Summary

Linux RedHat 7 Common Commands Summary 、、、-----------------------Conquer Linux starting from the terminal-------------------------------------To clear the terminal in Linux:Type clear[Ctrl] + [l] = clear the terminal.[Ctrl] + [u] = clear when moving

Linux operational ENGINEER1.3 (configuring SMB Sharing, configuring NFS sharing)

ENGINEER1.3Configure the SMB shareSamba Service BasicsPurpose: Provide a shared folder for clientsProtocol: SMB (tcp139), CIFS (tcp445)Building a basic Samba service Installing the Samba Package #yum-y Install Samba2. Create a shared

zabbix-Monitoring Linux Servers

First, Zabbix monitoring1. Turn off the firewall[Email protected] ~]# Systemctl stop Firewalld[Email protected] ~]# systemctl disable FIREWALLD Close SELinux [[Email protected] ~]# sed '

"Linux" "Services" "Docker" Docker File

Docker Images:Docker commitDockerfile: Text file, image file build script;Dockerfile: Consists of a series of specialized instruction sequences used to construct a new image file based on the underlying image;Directives: Select the base image,

Linux multi-threaded concurrent server programming (thread pool, FTP server)

Share the network disk download: Password: IRFKContent IntroductionThis course from the most basic process, threading concept of gradual deepening, through the combination of theory and practice, so that students

Cacti monitoring Linux and Windows disk IO

Cacti monitoring Linux and Windows disk IOTags: cacti linux disk io windows disk IO original works, allow reprint, please be sure to use hyperlinks in the form of the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise,

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